Warning! Nasty things revealed – warts and all!

Think of this as my Halloween blog post – and it won’t seem quite so horrible….

I quite like the programme  ‘Trust Me I am a Doctor’ on BBC2.

Only ‘Quite’ as it does that annoying thing of dashing back and forth between the topics of the programme instead of pursuing one to the end before starting on another. I wonder, is this because all media have been told we have very limited concentration spans or, in a self-fulfilling prophesy, we will all end up with very short attention spans because they only offer us tiny tid-bits and flash around the subjects catching up on each one as they go (in case you have so little attention span you have forgotten!) Rant over.

So, a while back they had a little piece about WARTS. Urgh! Yes, I know. Warts and Verrucas to be precise – or to be less precise – as they are the same thing – really.

Now, this item interested me in particular as a wart had developed on the inside of my ankle. Just in an annoying position where it caught on some of my sandal straps, where it somehow found its way to annoy me – lots! I’d not had a wart anywhere since I was about six – not even a verruca! Not nice – are they? They certainly have the Halloween YUK! factor!

AND  it wouldn’t go away – despite treatments!

I had read (including on our own doctors website) that they didn’t go in for the freezing treatment much nowadays, that the salicylic acid treatment was just as good.

So… I bought a salicylic-acid based treatment and proceeded to treat the wart as instructed. In the position it was in it was very difficult to prevent the liquid running onto the normal skin! This caused some peripheral ‘burning’ and was painful and sore, as it was where the sandal straps go, and therefore a nuisance – but worse, it didn’t seem to have any effect on the wart itself. After repeated treatments and a long time and no change … I bought the Extra Strength version.

This was duly applied, and the result, after many weeks, was the same.

So, after about five months of this, I did ask the doctor – who obliged and treated the damned thing with the freezing treatment. It was ‘painful’ for a short time, but, if the wart was going to go – well worth it.

Over the next few weeks bits seemed to break off from the wart – when, after soaking, it was abraded it sort of peeled off. At Last! I thought. However, it only got to be almost flat – though still a different texture to the skin surrounding it.

Then, inexorably – over the next month –  it grew again – albeit with a rougher and flatter top. Arrgh!

It was then I saw the ‘Trust Me I am a Doctor’  programme – which actually ended with the words ‘try the experiment and report back to us’

What Experiment? Oh! Yes – the one where you treat the wart with DUCT TAPE!

duct-tape with micropore disguise (at end of 2nd 6 days)

We have duct tape – of course we do – but I didn’t run out to the workshop and get some – I kept meaning to – but it was actually few months later when I cut a piece, covered the wart, and then ‘disguised’ it with a couple of layers of micropore tape and left it on for 6 days. After which, the usual soaking and abrading – by which time it was half the size. Much better result then, so far, compared to the salicylic  acid treatment.  Leave it a day then re-apply the duct-tape (and disguise) and wait a further 6 days.  It says to follow this routine at least four times – or for four weeks.

End 2nd 6 days – duct-tape just removed

I have just removed the duct-tape after the second week – the wart is almost flat (and it hasn’t been soaked and abraded yet) – as much as it was after the freezing treatment and weeks of abrading … and I shall complete the four weeks as prescribed. I think this ‘occlusion therapy’ (as it is called elsewhere on the web) may actually work! (wish I’d taken a ‘before’ picture – but then I never expected to be writing about it)

No doctors time, No burning of the normal skin – Barely any cost!

The TV programme is not taking any further submissions – they have thousands from people who tried it out and will reveal their results in the next series. I will be interested to see what they are, and I’ll report back here when the ‘course’ is finished.

Anyone else tried this out there?

Worked? or not?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you 


2 thoughts on “Warning! Nasty things revealed – warts and all!

  1. Of course you could have taken the shorter route – consult a Cornish charmer. Remember NOT to say thank you. They usually ask for your name, date of birth and location. Nothing else. Do try it. It works.
    Best Regards, MR-K

    • Hi Mike,
      I have heard of wart charmers – but wouldn’t quite know where to look for one. Though, perhaps, they are just in the telephone directory – as water diviners were, when we wanted on of them?
      Thanks for the advice – I will bear it in mind if this ever reappears! – Ann

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