Cover-Judging time – Help!

I need YOUR HELP please.

My cover designer has been working on some options for the cover of A Respectable Life – but we can’t agree on which layout would make the reader want to pick up the book most … this is where I hope you can all help.

We all know how important the cover is as, whether we like it or not, a book is first judged by its cover. So … please help me choose – just go to the comments* and say which one would do it for you. (*comments button is on the top right of each post and takes you to a response box – if you have never commented before the post will not appear right away, don’t worry, it will be fed through to me immediately and then appear later) Alternatively, go to my Author facebook Page    (or my FB profile page) where a vote is also set up – via a Like for the one your think will work best. (click on any image to enlarge)

Choice One
Choice Two
Choice Four
Choice Three
Choice Five
Choice Six



























 Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful 2016! will be taking a short break and will return in the New Year – hopefully in a new livery and with a fresh approach… until then

Thank You for reading and sharing with me the past year

Love Ann


4 thoughts on “Cover-Judging time – Help!

  1. Choice 2 for me as the letters are all “un-respectable” tumbling all over the page. Kind of going in a half circle – I love that one.
    Also voted on your facebook page by liking it but could not comment like the other people did which confused me a bit.

  2. My preference is choice number 6. It follows the contours of the background picture making it easy on the eye! Your eye ends at the bottom right making you want to turn to the next page! So read on …
    Hope the festive season is going well. All the best for the New Year. Jean

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