Where do you get Will-Power?

I know where and how I get will-power. I have to argue it all through. I will put up as many barriers to achieving my goal as I can and then argue my way through them. This is even better if there is someone else helping me, someone finding the reason why and the methods how, so if I can argue my way around all those and end up with a workable solution then I have my will-power.

That way the excuses and the reasons not to complete what I have started have been defeated at the at the beginning. This is not to say that other smaller sneaky little excuses won’t pop up here and there. They will. They do. But with the big beasties shut out I can give in to the cope with the tricky little ones – one at a time.

So that was me, before this launch into my Fat Woman Thinning? log, I argued it out with my #2 son. We’d both got a special 12 days free deal over the Christmas holidays at the local country club to use the gym and pool complex. After sessions on some of the big fancy machines and a nice long swim we sat in turn in the sauna, the steam room and the jacuzzi, him telling me how I could join the club, work out everyday for an hour and lose the weight. Me: I wouldn’t do it – I can’t afford an hour let alone the extra three-quarter of an hour involved in getting there, parked, in, changed, and then afterwards, showered, out, drive home – no, I wouldn’t do it often enough to justify the cost (not inconsiderable!) and I knew I was too busy to spend all that extra time. We fought over argued it through most days we went there (no – didn’t get there for all 12) until I could see a way to achieve my goal without spending hours a day or hundreds of pounds, and that is when I knew I had found my will-power.

Now, I write this as many people are just starting to ‘give up something for Lent’ and many of these people are not even religious, but it sure needs will-power, and it reminded me of a you-tube I came across with a major weight loser – Chantelle Hobbs and what she said about how she got her will-power, and, whether you agree with her source of will-power or not, she has some sound advice on losing weight.

Those of you who are also writers will know that will-power is sometimes needed to get yourself down to writing that next chapter, or (in my case especially) doing the re-writes and the editing but by sticking with it, using will-power, I have three novels out there and another in the editing stage, and that feels good!

So, where does your will-power come from? And what do you use it for?

I’d love to hear how you get hold of your will-power and what use you put it to!


4 thoughts on “Where do you get Will-Power?

    • Thanks Laird, it is all a matter of what makes you tick and how to tweak that switch in yourself that turns on the will-power. Trouble is, the switch is different for each of us! No one solution for all, but if this way works for you – go for it! 😉

  1. I try to look at it as a problem of motivation. It’s a cup half full/half empty thing. You can frame it as “do I have the strength to resist temptation (to cheat or play video games instead of editing or whatever)” or, “am I properly motivated to improve or achieve (or whatever)”. What am I losing vs what am I gaining. If I focus on my motivation, I find the strength comes with it.

    • Hi Liv, That’s a good way of looking at it! I find ‘results’ motivation really helps with the tangible things I set out to do, but the less tangible (like losing weight) for me needs a different approach. I guess that what gives a person motivation or will-power is affected by many things in their own psychological make-up, both from nature and nurture. Thanks for the comment, good mind-stretching stuff!

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