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Wo Wo.. (tail wagging)  Hello (smiles)

Don’t tell my pack-lady but finding the lap-top unattended I’ve grabbed the chance to stage a take-over to warn you about a video that my pack-lady’s pups made of me over the weekend!

I mean, there I was being exercised entertained as usual by my pack-lady, you know, my favourite game where she throws these rings for me, I’ve got five of them, love to gather them all up and gallop back with them to insist she does it all again.

She’s not bad at it, has a knack to make them whiz along the ground – I like to chase them like that! (It seems chasing these is ok, pack-lady doesn’t like it when I chase rabbits the same way – especially when I catch them!) But enough of that! Oh I was having fun, even though her pups were standing round getting in the way! Usually they are great fun, giving me lots of fuss and games, but that afternoon they weren’t playing with me.

Later I heard lots of laughing and music and sneaked my paws onto pup-twos lap, then worked my way up to see the screen pup-three was working on. There I was, catching my rings, as usual, but now a figure of fun for everyone.  Just look at what they did!!!

I appeal to you… don’t laugh at me .. I just love doing this, chasing and catching up my rings! (appealing look – waggles eyebrows)

I asked my pack-lady about the video – she said it was just a bit of Cornish fun… and she wanted people to find her blog  If that’s all it is I guess I don’t mind, after all my pack-lady likes to play and my motto in life is ‘play with me!’ 

What do you think??


4 thoughts on “Canine-take-over – Bonny’s blog

  1. Hi Bonnie – loved your blog. We also live in Cornwall (not very far from you incidentally) so we thought we would share something with you, something which we don’t think you quite realise. You know the throwing of the rings thingummy? Well, we fellow canines know how much we enjoy that sort of thing, don’t we, but did you realise that the humans actually enjoy is as much, if not more than us? My owner seeks out our toys and calls us to her to so that we can retrieve them which incidentally is always at the most inconvenient times we’d like to add, like when we’re asleep by the Aga, or when we’re watching another member of the pack eating something and hoping that they’ll drop a small crumb for us starving canines to demolish. Sometimes I have to “play ball” just to humour her, even when I’d much rather stay asleep by the Aga dreaming of pheasants and the like. P.S. It’s very irritating when you bother to fetch your toy, and you thoughtfully drop it into her lap, and do you know what? She’s concentrating so much on that square, noisy thing in the corner that she doesn’t throw our toys for us!!! I give her the evil eye, which never works, and then I move deliberately so that I’m between her eyes and the black box, and do you know what? She just looks around my head as if I’m nothing!!! I try picking the toy up again and dropping it on her chest where she can’t possibly ignore it, but it’s absolutely incredible when she still completely ignores it! But I’ll give you a clue as to how to attract her attention – lick behind her ears, and she’ll soon get the message! But it’s a small price to pay for all that love and attention, isn’t it. Anyway, back to zedland where I’m going to dream of a field full of pheasants, and lots of Pedigree Chum! Happy retrieving, Jed and Ruby Cox

  2. Bonny says:
    Wo-Wo Jed and Ruby, luckily found the lap-top left open on the coffee table – got to be quick – pack-lady has only gone to make a cup of tea. Thanks for the low-down that the human-pack like playing too. Somedays you wouldn’t think it – especialy when I want to play ‘I’ll run off with the toys and you chase me’. My pack lady stands with her hands on her hips and uses ‘that’ tone of voice that makes me put my waggy tail down. I soon sort it out though by coming back and giving her my toys, seems to make her happy. Thanks for commenting – It was great to hear from other canines – might have to do this take-over again – woof! Bonny

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