So Close and the Men who Made us Fat

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This week I am doing a ‘maintaining weight’ stage so have little to report on Fat Woman Thinning?  However, I did I watch a fascinating programme on BBC 2  

The Men Who Made Us Fat.

The combination of political and marketing power had very unfortunate side-effects for American citizens, us, here in Britain and eventually the rest of the westernised world. If you can, catch it on iplayer  – the second programme goes out on Thursday so there’s only 15 days left to catch-up with the first! click here for the >  BBC programme 

Watch the spokesperson for the American Beverage Association mouth the same sort of phrases that the spokespersons used to do for the tobacco industry.

See how one idea caught on – against all evidence – so much so that scientists telling the truth were ignored and a whole new industry ballooned to make money by conning us into getting fatter when we thought we were doing the right thing to get slimmer.

And what does it mean if you are a TOFI?

Losing Weight but NOT Dieting

If you have been following my Fat Woman Thinning? you will know that I am NOT dieting – but I have lost 28 lbs in 22 weeks.  I started off explaining that ‘dieting’ as such is usually not a good idea.  How ‘starving’ you body rebounded on you – making your body think it had to conserve every bit of extra energy it could (It does this by converting it to fat and tucking it away in fat cells for use in lean times) Been there, done that, got the (Larger’) T Shirt – before I understood such stuff!

Oh? Are you new to this topic – wonder what I’m on about ? – have a look at some of my blogs under Losing weight in TOPICS – ‘Does this look like a diet to you?’ where I photographed everything I ate for a week,  is interesting! Or run through the drop-down weeks from the FatWomanThinning? on the top bar.

We are all Cavemen at heart

As they point out in the programme – we are essentially, physiologically-evolutionarily, still cavemen. They were hard-wired to get extra calories when they could – like finding a wild bee-hive and collecting the honeycombs – and so are we.  The difference being we don’t even have to climb up a tree or a cliff to get it – we have all the high calorie stuff we could possibly want temptingly easy to pick up and eat – and designed to be so.

And that’s the other part of the equation. Even if we eat well, most of us don’t have to get out there and do hard physical work each day and that’s what is missing.  I was listening to an ex Olympic athlete talking – she said how often people said to her ‘I bet you like being able to eat anything you want now that you are retired from athletics’ and she pointed out that when she was in full training she could eat anything she wanted – as she burned a huge amount of energy every day.  Now, she had to watch what she ate or else she put on weight – and that was with maintaining a healthy level of fitness.

In Fat Woman Thinning I have been following an exercise programme that:  1, Does not take me long.  2, I don’t have to go to a gym or class to do.  3, Doesn’t / needn’t cost much / anything to get started on.

Does it work – look at the evidence.  Which is what the politicians should have done all those decades ago and perhaps we wouldn’t be in the obesity mess we are in today.

Did you watch the programme?  Can’t pick up BBC iplayer and want to know more?  Is it annoying to feel that the populace are being duped by the big food giants?   How do you react to their continued claims?

Any thoughts on any of this?  I’d love to hear from you.


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