October Nature Notes – a study in slugs

I don’t know what the term for someone who is afraid of slugs is.. a gastrophobe, perhaps, but somehow that sounds like someone who doesn’t like eating well .. however, if you are a sufferer from this condition I suggest you approach this blog with caution.

In fact – if you do not like slugs – scroll no further down this blog. I tried to get a fluffy bunny photo – but the bunnies would not stay put long enough for me to get a good picture of them! So  I have provided an Autumnal Photo – of the changing colours in our trees to create a buffer between you and the slug pics! And if you are one of my FWT cheerleaders, I’ll tell you now this week’s result – of half a pound down! There, now if you are a slugophobe you can leave the blog in good conscience. See you next week   🙂


Ah! You are still with us! 🙂

This year, what with it being so wet and all, the slugs have been having a great time and none more so than when the apples started to fall.

I was looking up the collective noun for slugs – I know weird – but I felt they needed to be referred to by their collective noun as they converged upon a hapless apple. On one of the question-and-answer sites someone had said ‘they don’t hang around in groups – so there isn’t one’. Having observed them over the past few weeks I would say that as long as there is food involved, they do!

So, I started by being a bit shocked  by them – like woah! Look at that! And took random shots of apples that had come under attack like these below, and yes – there was an apple once under that first lot! If you are more fascinated than repelled, these conglomerations of slugs bear looking at more closely. (As a collective noun I quite like the idea of a ‘conglomeration of slugs’ – it beats ‘cornucopia’ that I saw suggested elsewhere – I think a cornucopia ought to be filled with good things – or is that only me?)