At last … Spring’s sprung!

I’ve not actually been doing Nature Notes this year ( after all, one year can be much like the last in nature-watching) but over the weekend I really felt Spring had Sprung!

Friday was the first day the new kids went out on the grass and I wished I had my camera with me as they bounced and sprung all over the place – kicking up their heels so high they threatened to flip right over. A video of that would have been good!

It feels like the garden flowers have all started blooming at once, the large sweep of daffodils in the orchard have at last burst into bloom, and everywhere there are large clumps of primroses, celendines and, if you look in the right places, violets. And our first Swallow has returned …













On Saturday I went to the beach for the first time this year, along with two of my sons and their girlfriends (down from London for the weekend).  A few hardy people went in the sea swimming (sans wetsuits) others, with wet-suits on, were surfing, the sun was bright (though the wind a little chill) and the dog had a whale of a time. She appropriated a hole, dug previously, as her ‘nest’, enlarged it a bit to fit and spent time retrieving cuttle-fish bones ( of which there were many on the beach, and take them back to her den.





Finally,  just for a bit of fun… the dog kept scooting the sand back when she was digging her nest out more …  it looked a little like she was doing a moon walk .. only 7 seconds – but enjoy:)

What makes you feel like Spring has sprung?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you!


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