A sandy interlude ….

Hi all..  well I’ve had a ‘bit of a week’ not been on top form health wise and family life causing havoc… not to mention having to get the apples picked in for storage and apple juice pressing and various other ‘good-life’ things like making marmalade from Seville oranges I’d popped in the freezer last January (only because I ran out of time for making it back then lol)

Welcome to ‘my’ beach (looking left)
Welcome to ‘my’ beach (looking right)

So, to cheer myself up I’m posting a few of my ‘between the tides’ sand-sculpting photos from my second week’s stay in France this year.  The weather wasn’t perfect for taking a long time in the making but I still enjoyed myself and still garnered comments and conversation from passing French folk, promenading the beach and coming across this mad English woman.

My first – as is usual – was the mermaid… I always do at least one mermaid .. and the French do like a ‘sirène’.  The challenge is always to get a ‘good’ face!  This one .. not bad.. not brilliant.







The next time I hit the beach with a friend – a sand-sculpture newbie – who created an excellent relief version of a dolphin (very difficult to photograph as you just cannot get high enough above it to get the proportions right in the picture) And I had a go at a head of Medusa… yes those are supposed to be snakes for hair…DSCF7142DSCF7135 …click on any photo to see them better.

The next day I was back on my own again and the tide was coming in fast – I could see that it was going to reach the sand-sculptures before the end of the day. I found some lovely long lengths of bootlace seaweed (Chorda filum) – and decided to make my sculpture called ‘The Giant Has Gone Swimming’ whereby I remove sand in giant foot-print shapes and use it to build a pair of giant’s boots, complete with ‘seaweed’ laces.  I then took a picture to show that at the end of  day 3 all the sculptures were still there on the beach … just waiting for the tide to wipe the canvas clean.








The next day, sadly not as warm or sunny, I managed a swift ‘Giant’s Hand’ before being rained-off’ DSCF7159

Which didn’t stop me getting in the sea and body-boarding 🙂 Ah! Now I feel better.

What cheers you up?

Do you sand-sculpt when on the beach (or are you sane?)

Do share – you know I love to hear from you



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I decided it was about time I started a blog… after all I’ve been writing one in my head for ages.

I didn’t realise how tricky finding a title for my blog was going to be, I considered many pithy and wise sounding names, only to find others had the same idea before me. I considered a list, ‘my blog on writing novels, keeping chickens and goats, sand sculpting, body-boarding, slate-ware, belly-dancing , cake-decorating, poetry and life….’ Too long winded I thought, but that’s what its going to be about. My life and my passions within in it…. so welcome to

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