Kitchen resistance training

It’s not what you  are thinking… I am not talking about training yourself to resist food!
As you’ll know if you are following my progress on Fat Woman Thinning? I am not actually dieting.

This is about Exercising In Your Kitchen! And if you’ve been following my blog series Fat Woman Thinning?, you will know I am not keen on going out to a gym to exercise (more of which another day) and have created my routine to fit in with my busy life, with exercises carried out within my home.

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So, what I like about this video clip (and some of MizFit’s other you-tube videos and her blog)  is that she doesn’t rely on specialist equipment – doesn’t mean she doesn’t use some – but, like in this video, soup-cans, chairs, dish-cloths and other stuff gets used to help maintain fitness.

Well, this really has started me thinking. I was lucky because son #3 had left spare sets of weights in the barn and I just raided them, but would I have gone out and bought this stuff before I knew it worked.. would I coco.. so I started thinking what I could find around that would still do the job if I didn’t have his weights.

I have come up with some– they’ll feature in a blog soon – in the meantime – what do you think? What is there around your house that will act as weights for resistance training? Would you feel daft ‘lunging’ across the kitchen?

Your comments or thoughts are very welcome, I really want to hear from you.


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