What are YOU reading?

Do you like reading?  I freely admit that I love reading, and have done so from a young age.  And I guess, if you are reading this, you probably do like reading, though I am well aware that there are many people who, though competent readers, do not read for pleasure.

So, what do you like reading? I am a generally a fiction reader.  I love to lose myself in a good story, well told.  However, I will read a weak story if it is written well and I will read a well-paced and interesting story even if it is poorly written. Actually, if I start a novel I will almost always finish it, giving it every chance to impress.

My dead-trees 'To Read' pile (with glasses always to hand!)

Recently I’ve been reading a collection of newspaper columns put together by their author as a book. This was given to me, otherwise I would probably never have chosen to read this book, however, I was pleasantly surprised. Caitlin Moran writes columns for the Times that veer between the amusing, mildly eccentric and the serious point of view.  It all depends on what she can find to write about that week (as she cheerfully admits). She even wonders if the role of the columnist is to give the letter (or email) writers something to rail against, commiserate or laugh with, or, even, for certain men of a certain age to ‘get off on’.  I found myself agreeing with some of her serious columns and going ‘oh really, tehe!’ at some of her sillier ones – but they were all entertaining ‘tooth-brushing’ reads

WHAT? Tooth-brushing reads? What are they? Well, it’s one of the ways I find time to read (as a very busy woman!) Cleaning teeth, if done properly, takes TIME, so I clean my teeth and read at the same time. A book with short chapters is ideal for this. I know, weird, but works for me 🙂

On the kindle I am reading two books at the moment. One is a writing craft book and the other is Jasper Fforde’s ‘One of Our Thursdays is Missing’ .

This is a fantasy novel set in ‘book world’ populated by characters from all the books ever written, their scenery and stories. They have to be ‘on hand’ to be read whenever a book is read in the real world. Like other Jasper Fforde books, you just have to get your head round the concept the book works under – but they are very clever with many smiles of recognition. The more you have read, the more you will find these gems in any of his novels.  And reading lots and reading widely is very important for any writer – so I can tell myself that this is ‘work’ no matter how much I am enjoying it ;).

The writing craft book needs a bit more time – as it has exercises that I (sometimes) do.  So I read this one when I can see quarter to half an hour free and am somewhere where I can jot down a few answers. Needless to say this means this book is taking longer to read than the Jasper Fforde which I use for reading at any short gap – waiting in the doctors, a quiet moment at a market, waiting for something to cook (that I daren’t go off and leave) – all sorts of odd moments. And because it’s on the kindle I have the font set larger than normal so I don’t even have to go and find my glasses before I can read!!

I am a (relatively new) member of Goodreads (book lovers group on the internet)  and occasionally get my act together to update my reviews of the books I have read. On Goodreads you form book-reading friendship groups and can follow another member who you think shares your tastes so you can pick up good recommendations from their reading list too. Like I said – I almost always finish any book I’ve started and so can usually find something to say about a novel, and then, having written the review I may slide into the Amazon page for the same book and leave a review there too.

It’s not that I’m that keen of spreading my opinions about books – it’s just that I am very aware how important reviews and ratings are to the Authors (at least to those of us who are not mega already) .  Amazon will ‘grade’ a book’s popularity by how many reviews it has got (as well as the star rating)  – so I will try to leave reviews there too – and hope that my readers will do the same for my novels.

So what are YOU reading? What was the last book you read?

Do you review?  If so, do you post on Amazon or Goodreads or somewhere else?

Do you read the reviews of a book before you buy?

How do you find time to read?

Do share your favourite reads  – we are all blog friends here – and I love to hear from you


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