Happy 2014 – and a gift for You…

As I write it is already New Year’s Eve … 2014 is almost upon us.  Along with just about every blogger I know I can’t help but glance back over the year. As an Author it has been a interesting year – with, at last, finishing The Angel Bug and getting it published! This meant that I had to get out there and do what I find difficult – blowing my own trumpet –  and get myself radio interviews and pieces in the local papers.

Then there was the next step of working with Pendown Publishing to get The Angel Bug released as a paperback – this was a whole new learning curve.

In the future we plan to publish each of the other full length novels as paperbacks too – as this has taught me how many people like to own the solid copy – even if they have already bought and read the ebook!!!

So lots to look forward to on the Author front and,  as time and the blog will reveal, also on the home front too…..

THANK YOU ALL for sticking with me and the blog all through 2013! It’s good to know that I am not just writing words into the ether! It has been great to read your comments, to get to know some of you a little better, to explore the things that trigger a memory or ring a bell with people from all over the world.

So as a New Year gift to you, my readers, I’m offering you an ecopy of Some Kind of Synchrony  cover

Just contact me via the contact-ann on annmade.co.uk (you just need to make sure you enter your email address really carefully – so that I have it accurately – and in the message say which version you need for your ereader – mobi for kindles, epub for most of the others, or pdf – if you are going to read on a computer)  That’s it – just ask for your free new year present before the 14th Jan – and I will email it to you – though, of course, when you’ve read it, I’d love a review posted on amazon!!

Here’s wishing You All a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2014 filled with joy and plenty of time to read.


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