What’s in YOUR wardrobe??

Yes, I’m still on a high about having The Angel Bug as a paperback in my hot little hand!  It is also available from  my website  and on Amazon!

But as I promised normal blogging resumes this week – and I have been delving into my wardrobe. Now my wardrobe is the repository for not only clothes but also for handbags, my belly-dance bag (filled with wraps, coin belts, anklets and bracelets) another bag full of my ‘over-spill’ belly-dance accoutrements, a couple of rucksacks, one with ‘walking gear’ crammed into it, a leisure rucksack with sun lotion and insect repellent in it ready – just-in-case. Under a shelf snuggle the walking boots, flip-flops, high-heel specials and other shoes, a bag of dressing up clothes and other random items I’ve crammed in there – as they might be useful one day. Plus, hanging on the inside of the door, a hanger with about twenty scarves draped from it.

washing line crop
“Hmm .. black, black or … black?”

However, one of the things I did recently was to sort out my clothes by colour.

NO, not something I’ve ever done before. However it made me realise that my clothes ‘palette’ is very limited.

There is A LOT of black (in all its shades) then there is a range of reds on the burgundy end of the spectrum rather than the scarlet, then, in small but about equal amounts Cream and Turquoise. Finally there are the ‘mistakes’ Odd items in Blue, not my colour, Green, DEFINITELY not my colour and White – not good.

Many (many) years ago we had a colour therapist living in the village – and at a colour party I had my colours ‘done’. I was already into burgundy reds … and this turned out to be one of my colours (luckily) and I have carried on in the same way. As for the black … well it is so versatile and with a ‘trademark’ scarf of one hue or another slung around my shoulders it can be lightened and alleviated.

Now, I really do believe that some colours do suit certain people more than others… and we saw it time after time at that session as the swatches were draped around shoulders. Faces went from healthy to sallow just with a change of fabric colour.

Recently I heard someone say that as the years roll on you need to check whether your colour-match has changed as your skin tones change … perhaps I need to check 🙂

What are your favourite colours for wearing?

Have you ever had your colours done?

What else is in your wardrobe?

Do share, you know I love to hear from you.



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