A little piece of cardboard joy

So you will have taken down your decorations by today – or intend to –  won’t you? I did mine yesterday – ‘twelfth night’ – but only because it suited my schedules (not just because I am always confused as to whether the 12th day includes Christmas day or not – honest )  IMG_20160101_140946

Much to my boys’ surprise we had more cards than ever this year. To their surprise because, being of the digital generation, they send a quick facebook message of Happy Christmas / Happy New Year – much as they do one for Happy Birthday when prompted by FB or their on-line diaries.

They laugh and tease me rotten about ‘saving the planet’ by recycling every last bit of paper or card, then joyfully using up these resources to send cards to people at great expense. I can see their point. I could send the money I would have spent on cards and postage to a charity, and send digital messages of peace and joy to everyone instead … if everyone was digitally connected.

Many of our cards come not just to us, myself and husband, but to my mother and father as they have lived here with us for over twenty five years. Many of their friends (those that are left) are not computer-savvy and not available on facebook or even email. It is from them that come the handwritten letters tucked in the card, telling of who has passed away, who still with us, who ill, how the clubs that my parents belonged to / ran are faring etc.

As I collected the cards up five caught my eye, hand-drawn/made cards – and I’m going to share them with you, the first are from a new line in School-fund raising I’m sure. WP_20160105_11_54_51_Pro Once only one child ‘won’ the prize of their design being the chosen one the school had printed in the hundreds in the hope that parents would buy them and support the school funds that way. Now technology means that every child can be the winner – every family can buy packs of cards with the design on that their child made.

Then there are the wonderful creative friends that still find the time to make cards. (I used to make a small number for closest friends – but lately it hasn’t happened early enough and I have resorted to bought cards)DSCF0218

One does elaborate designs all carefully shaded in with dots – and prints them off (the inside of the card is half-covered in a design too!) The other, year on year, finds a new and interesting way of creating a card, frequently using fabric and / or stitching. Both are a treat to receive!

WP_20160105_11_56_40_ProLastly, my pride and joy, a snowman from boys who don’t get to see snow – from my grandchildren in Malaysia – hand made and then hand written by the eldest inside – perfect 🙂 a real piece of cardboard joy.

And that made me think of when my four boys were small and, as I took the decorations off the tree, how designer Christmas trees had come in … and were, maybe, on their way out again.

My tree is pretty retro! As you can see above, no monochrome tree for us – coloured lights and multicoloured baubles abound. This also means that we have had some decorations for over 30 years (quite good policy for reusing rather than chucking) This Christmas I realised our tree may even be coming back in fashion – in a retro sort of way – as I heard Chris Evans on Radio 2 say they had a retro tree – all coloured lights, tinsel and baubles  – and heard someone else say that it was cool now to go retro. It all comes round again eventually!WP_20160105_10_41_26_Pro

These baubles – bought about 1990 – are the epitome of the tree when the boys were young – unbreakable – brightly coloured – spin easily to ‘twinkle’ (which they liked to do) – easy to hang (for small children) and shiny. Every year as I hang them I think of when I bought them all those years ago, when the boys were small 🙂 and that memory makes me happy.

Do you have old Christmas decorations that bring back lovely memories?

Are you modern or retro when it comes to Christmas?

Cards or digital greetings?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you 🙂


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