And the winner is … (please imagine here – if you like and as you’ll know from earlier blogs, I don’t .. a ticking clock or tension-causing notes of music)…..

Ok, I give in – can’t bear it any longer … .random  number 23  the winner of the Kindle  in my Win a Kindle draw is Deborahkennedy2 @******** (a blog entry)   *** This entrant has been contacted via email many times but with no reply-  if  do not hear from her by the 10 /9 /12 it shall be deemed that she has chosen to refuse the prize and I will have to re-draw for this prize ***


First runner-up gets an AnnMade Nero Slate cheeseboard and this goes to random  number 3019 Sarah Lamb (a FB entry)


Third prize of and ecopy of Divining The Line goes to random number 3502 Anita Allen (a FB entry)










Fourth prize of an ecopy of  Nothing Ever Happens Here goes to random  number 2612 Daisymoomoo@********* (a blog entry)







and the Fifth prize of an ecopy of  Some Kind of Synchrony goes to  random  number 1051 Michaelaeloise@********* (a blog entry)







FREE   (for a limited time)

Just click  the link to get taken to where all you have to do is click on CONTACT ANN – put in your name, email address and the message ‘Kindle draw entrant – please send me an ecopy of Leave to Appeal in *pdf * mobi * epub   (*please choose which version you would like) For more details on my novels and novella see under BOOKS on the same website.


Thank you all for entering and I hope you’ll remain with me for both the interest in my blog and the other smaller draws and competitions that I run on a regular basis. Congratulations to all the winners!!!
*** This entrant DeborahKennedy2@….  has been contacted via email many times but with no reply-  it shall be deemed that she has chosen to refuse the prize and I if  do not hear from her by the 10 /9 /12 I will have to re-draw for this prize ***


added 11/9/12

All prizes must be claimed within two months of the draw taking place and so by virtue of not claiming deborah.kennedy2 has effectively refused the prize.And so today I visited again and put in the details and called for a random number!

The new Winner of the Kindle Draw is  No: 1675 – LindsayHuggins a Fb entry

Please contact me with your address to receive your prize.   I shall be contacting you directly with this request as well.



Time for a Slate Clock and this week’s FWT? results

A few weeks ago I realised that one topic I had not blogged about specifically was slate-craft!  Which is strange, as it is an activity I do A LOT !

Most of you will know that this blog is also linked to the website (and to the Facebook page of the same name).  Now I write whenever I can, but creating handcrafted slate-ware is my ‘day job’.   It’s a small business that I have built up from nothing over the past 5 years and AnnMade slate-ware has a good name amongst top chefs and restaurateurs as well as individuals from all over the UK and even as far afield as the USA, Holland, Eire and Australia.

My carefully hand polished and food-safe olive-oil conditioned Slate Plates were specifically asked for by Michelin starred Chef Richard Corrigan for his show on Channel 4, ‘Cookery School’, and they have been used multiple times on The Great British Menu, both in the heats and at a banquet. These and specialist shaped or sized bespoke slate cheeseboards or plates have been made for many chefs and hotels including Marcus Waverly at the Berkley. You may have guessed, I’m quite proud of my little business.

However, I also make a lot of other products for both home and garden, some of which are one-off items, sometimes made from reclaimed slates from Cornwall, notably the famous Delabole slate. This slate weathers well and after a couple of hundred years shows beautiful patterns and markings caused by inclusions of minerals like iron pyrites (fools gold)

While I was busy making a new slate ‘natural sun’ clock using a piece of reclaimed Delabole I decided to take photos as I went along to show you the process and get at least one specific blog into that topic!

Now ‘natural sun’ is just my name for this particular design that I created, where the hours are marked by slots in the slate creating a sun-ray effect to the edge, and each one is unique as each slate is different.

Hope you found this guide to making this type of slate clock interesting.  And talking of time – there is still just time to enter my great Draw to Win a Kindle (or 1 of 4 other prizes) Just click on the link to get all the details, and if you have already signed up make sure you tell everyone you know about it, so they can have a chance too. Only 147 places left!

Finally, for my great cheerleaders who are encouraging me in my quest to lose weight through resistance weights exercises carried out at home and taking less than 15 mins a day (want to know more? click here) .. the results for this week are in. Now you will recall that last week I lost 2 pounds (and was very pleasantly surprised at this stage) well, this week there was no change on the weight front. So still at 10st 1 lb and still tantalisingly close to that 10st goal!  However, the inches moved a little – both measurements, relaxed and pulled in tight were down a quarter of an inch. Considering that the pulled in tight measurement didn’t move last week I am happy with this.

What do you think of the process of making this design of clock?  Do you work in a similar craft?  I just love to hear from you folks!




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