Microwave Damson or Bullace Jam

My Microwave Recipe: makes about 5lb of jam.

2 ¼ lbs damsons or bullace – washed, stalks removed

3 tablespoons of water   (this is the main ingredient difference in using a microwave)

3lb sugar.

Butter – walnut sized piece (it really makes a difference to the finished product)

1, Place bullace and water in large* Pyrex or similarly heat proof microwave safe bowl, covered, 10 mins high power to soften fruit. (*large enough to hold at least twice the amount of fruit you are putting in it)

2, Stir and squash fruit to help release the stones, further 6 – 8 mins until stones come free of the flesh.

3, Using a slotted  spoon lift out as many of the stones as possible and drop into large-hole colander to squash off as much of fruit and skin as possible to return to the fruit pulp – discard the stones ( a few stones remaining in the pulp do not matter and adds to the home made feel of the jam)

4, Re-heat for about 3 mins to bring back up to simmer.

5, Add sugar and stir in well, add butter and make sure it melts.

6, Lid off, bring up to the boil again in MW – about 8 – 10 mins.

7, Stir well and put back into MW to simmer for 8 mins

8, Stir well, and put back into MW to simmer for 8 mins and check for set (place a teaspoon of jam mix on a cold plate – pop back in fridge – will show a set if the jam skin forms wrinkles and feels thick when finger is pushed though it when cool)

9, Into well washed jars pour about 1 cm (half an inch) of boiling water, place in microwave on full power for 3 – 4 mins until the water boils in the jars. Take care and tip them out well and stand to evaporate the last bit of water while you re-heat the jam mix

10, If a set is demonstrated by your test – return jam mix to microwave and heat until bubble appear then remove from microwave and ladle into hot jars. (if no set then simmer for another 3 mins and retest, continue until a set is demonstrated)

11, Cover with clear jam-covers as per instructions with the packet, and label.

12, Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Microwave Damson or Bullace Jam

  1. Sooo easy!!! I don’t think I will ever make jam in a saucepan again! I used wild damsons and even though they are very sour I still used less sugar, 21/4lbs plums to 2lbs sugar, this worked perfectly for me, very yummy. Jam is still warm but everyone in my family munching it on toast as I write.

    • Hey! Great – glad you loved it – yes, SO much less fuss, and easier to clean-up too. I make a Bullace and Apple jam too (with windfalls and fewer bullace) – Just noticed I need to add that to my recipes! (I suspect what you call ‘wild damsons’ – down here in Cornwall are called Bullace – they grow wild in the hedgerows – and are damson-like – but not generally as sweet. (not to be confused with Sloes from the blackthorn though!)
      Thanks for the feedback! Best Ann

  2. I have just poured my Damson jam into the clean jars. I used two and a quarter pounds of fruit to 1kg Jam making sugar. I have only got 4lbs of jam and it seems a dark colour at the moment. Darker than the Victoria plum jam I made last month.
    Is this due to too many minutes boiling and simmering?

    • Hi Keith,
      So Sorry, I missed you email. My email alert has failed me.
      Damson jam is a lot darker than Victoria Plum jam anyway, so that’s not a concern. If your damsons were stone-in when you weighed, then your removed then when cooked, 4lbs jam could be right. However, if the jam comes out like toffee, then it was too long in the cooking. . . Hope it tastes good, whichever. X Ann

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