Microwave Black Currant Jam

My microwave Black Currant Jam (makes 5lbs)

2lbs black currants (picked over to remove stalks – if using frozen, make sure they are fully defrosted overnight, defrosting by MW seems to make the skins tougher

3 dessert-spoons water

3lbs sugar

1, Place blackcurrants and water in large* Pyrex or similarly heat proof microwave safe bowl, covered, 10 mins on high power to soften fruit and release pectin.

(*large enough to hold at least twice the amount of fruit you are putting in it)

2, Add sugar and stir in well.

3, Lid off, bring up to the boil again in MW on high – about 6 mins.

4, Stir well and put back into MW to Simmer for 8 mins ( Simmer or med > low power)

5, Stir well, and put back into MW to simmer for 4 mins and check for set (place a teaspoon of jam mix on a cold plate – pop back in fridge – will show a set if the jam skin forms wrinkles and feels thick when finger is pushed though it when cool)

6, Into well washed jars pour about 1 cm (half an inch) of boiling water, place in microwave on full power for 3 – 4 mins until the water boils in the jars. Take care and tip them out well and stand to evaporate the last bit of water while you re-heat the jam mix

7, If a set is demonstrated by your test – return jam mix to microwave and heat until bubble appear then remove from microwave and ladle into hot jars. (if no set then simmer for another 3 mins and retest, continue until a set is demonstrated)

8, Cover with clear jam-covers as per instructions with the packet, and label.

9, Enjoy!


12 thoughts on “Microwave Black Currant Jam

  1. brilliant. I only had one pound of blackcurrants as the birds had taken. the rest. I used 1.5 lb of sugar and reduced the timings by 25 per cent. made just about 3 jars. thanks

  2. I had just over 2pounds of black currants in the freezer when someone forgot to close the freezer door and everything defrosted. I didn’t want to throw away my lovely home grown produce so tried your jam recipe. Thanks so much the jam is the best I’ve tasted in years. Just like what my grandma used to make. Can’t wait for next years harvest.

    • Oh No! Freezer door left open – disaster! So glad you could rescue your blackcurrants this way – and yes, it does make a really tasty jam and so easily! Hope you choose to sign-up for regular blogs 🙂 best Ann

  3. huge crop of blackcurrents picked today, found your recipe and made one lot. So easy and very good, so shall make some more! Thankyou

    • Thank You – love to share what I have discovered / developed over the years – and love using my microwave for all sorts of REAL cooking 🙂 and Love to hear when it works for others too 😀

  4. When you say microwave on high what wattage were you using, no mention is made of the wattage, if it is a higher watter, then the time will be different to a lower wattage.

    • Hi Wendy, You are correct. My microwaves are a 1000 w and a 950 w (yes, I have two!I use by me for all veg cooking, many casseroles etc) I would suggest that you add an extra minute for every 100 w down, as a rough guide. You will be testing the jam anyway, every batch is naturally slightly different anyway.
      Happy jam making! Hope this helps.

  5. I made some of this yesterday and had some today. I must admit I found it far too sweet for my taste. I have made blackcurrant jam in a saucepan before so I think I will stick to that recipe.

    • Hi Carmen,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You could reduce the sugar a little in this recipe and use a recipe designed for a saucepan but reduce the water content in that recipe too. Personally I find the sharpness of the blackcurrants works with this quantity ok.
      On a different point, many shop jams use glucose-fructose syrup which tastes less sweet but are actually worse for you than sugar (as your body doesn’t recognise it properly) however, we get use to this different taste. It also means that, once opened,these shop bought jams will go off (ferment or grow moulds and have to be refrigerated), which is what the high level of sugar is meant to prevent.
      Do let me know how you get on with your original recipe when used in the microwave, as it can help guide other users.

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