Ann’s Microwave Courgette / Marrow Chutney or Pickle recipe

Ann’s Microwave Courgette / Marrow Chutney or Pickle recipe

The never ending question – what to do with excess courgettes (big ones!) or marrows – here’s our favourite pickle – adapted to our tastes and to the microwave. This quantity needs to be split in half and cooked in two batches using the stated container in the microwave. (Half quantities of this recipe is shown on the blog page The Big Courgette Problem)


4lb ( 2kg) of prepared big courgette or marrow  (peeled, seeds and pith removed and diced)
2lb  (1kg) prepared Apple (peeled cored and diced)
8oz (.5kg) prepared Onion. (peeled and chopped)
4oz (100g) sultanas (washed)
4oz (100g)  raisins (washed
4oz (100g) dried apricots – chopped
4 Table spoons Mustard seeds
1 Table spoon Chilli Powder
1 Table spoon Salt
1 Table spoon Ground Cinnamon
1 Table spoon Ground Ginger
1 Tea spoon Ground Cloves
1 Tea spoon Ground Nutmeg
1pt (600ml) Malt Vinegar  (if doing this recipe conventionally use 1.5 pints)

4lbs (900 g) Sugar

Makes about 7lbs / 3kg

Cooking time – 1 hr (per bowl full)

Requires a large (6litre) glass microwave dish ( preferably lidded)

Place all ingredients except sugar into the container and cook on high for 20 mins, Stir, cook for a further 20 mins until fruit and veg soften.

Add sugar, stir in well, bring back to the boil, (about 10 mins)

Stir remove lid and continue to cook on high for 10 minute blocks until it forms a thick jam like consistency.

Sterilise clean jars by adding half an inch of boiling water and put them in MW until boiling.

Taking care, tip out water and allow to steam-dry for a moment

Fill jars.

Cover with vinegar proof lids.

Or  use2 layers of cling film and a layer of greaseproof and replace original lid.

Label and leave about 2 – 3 months to mature.








Hints and tips:

To remove the seeds and pith, halve or quarter the sections of marrow / big courgette – take a dessert spoon and scoop out the pith and seeds with this rather than trying to cut it out. (much as you would with a melon – though that is easier- of course)

If you got all excited by my blog on A Peeling Gadgets – and bought yourself an Apple, Peeler-Corer-Slicer … Use that to peel, slice and core your apples – then just chop through a few times.

Save some jars that have plastic lids as these are good for storing your homemade pickles – as the lids won’t rust with the reaction to the vinegar vapours

The hotter the chilli powder the more kick this recipe has – as I found out one year when trying a new source of chilli powder !!

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