FAST Egg breakfast – mini-omelette in Microwave

Almost every day I eat an egg for breakfast – and it is so FAST and so EASY that I am sharing it with you here in case you have never cooked one this way.

Break one egg into a small dish suitable for a microwave (ie not metal and can take heat) I use a small cereal bowl,

Add about half as much milk as there is egg and whisk well with a fork.

Microwave on full power for about 1 min 20 sec  (this varies according to the size of the egg)

that’s it! – turns out like a mini omelette (without any cooking fat involved or pan to clean – eat straight from the bowl with a teaspoon if you like)

On mine I spread about quarter teaspoon of marmite.

Marmite? Well, yes, for two reasons, 1, I like the taste and that way I do not miss adding salt to the egg, 2, Marmite has good vitamins including Folic acid which we all need especially at or after menopause.


By the way – in case you hadn’t heard – eggs have been re-instated as a GOOD thing to eat – they have only just realised that the cholesterol in eggs is GOOD cholesterol and so is helpful to your body as well as giving you a great protein rich breakfast that staves off the hunger pangs for longer and it naturally comes with vitamin D and a whole heap of other goodies including Essential fatty-acids included – what’s not to like!

Don’t just take my word for it – have a look here for all the technical stuff!

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