Mini Mille-feuille – Finger-Buffet dessert

Mini Mille-feuille – makes 40


1 pack All Butter Puff pastry (ready rolled)

Half pint double cream – whipped

Half jar of seedless raspberry jam


Take out puff-pastry – roll to flatten only.

Measure – trim to discard wavy edges – you should be able to make 48 rectangles of 2” x 1”

Cut with a sharp knife and place on greased baking tray in hot oven (200 degrees C fan – 220 standard)

Bake for 10 mins or until risen and golden.

Remove from oven – slice open sideways, tipping tops to one side, return to oven for 2 mins to crisp soft pastry.


Remove and leave to cool.

When cool spread a little jam on the base of each one.

Using a piping bag with insert but no piping nozzle, pipe along inside of top section.

Place on top of the jammed base and set onto serving dish

Finely dust with icing sugar when all completed.


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