RECIPE for Junket – a dessert often given to invalids or children (clotted cream is a Cornish or Devon speciality cream – thick with a golden crust)


2 pints milk
1 tablespoon caster/superfine sugar
2 teaspoons rennet (or follow instructions on bottle for amount to be used)
1/4 teaspoon powdered cinnamon or nutmeg
1 tablespoon brandy or rum (optional)
clotted cream (optional)


– Warm the milk until it feels neither cold not warm (blood temp)
– Put it into a large serving dish and stir in the rennet and sugar.
– Add the brandy or rum. (if used)
– Stir once or twice and leave in the large bowl or or pour into smaller dishes – leave in a warm room to set.
– When set, cover with clotted cream (if used) and sprinkle with cinnamon or nutmeg.

7 thoughts on “JUNKET

  1. I have used the best Jersey full cream milk, caster sugar, and two teaspoonfuls of Langdales rennet. I have followed the instructions to the letter, but the milk, apart from separating into curds, does not fully set. I assumed that it should set as firmly as crème brulee say, or mousse, or am I wrong?

    • Hi Stephen.
      Junket is very delicate, more so than creme brulee or mousse, both of which I would characterise as having a density that is absent from junket. A junket will split as the spoon cuts into it, releasing more whey as it does so.
      A Junket, when formed, should be simply a set bowl of milk, looking just like that. . .very still milk. The whey should be barely visible at the edge, if at all. If you have a large rim of whey it is possible that the milk was too warm when the recent was introduced which would cause too much shrinkage.
      I hope this has helped
      Regards – Ann

  2. Hi Ann my aunties been making junket for years !! She s always used stone’s rennet!!! You can’t buy it anymore!!
    She’s got another rennet , but tried 3/4 times and cant get it to set !! Shes a farmer’s wife !!!

  3. Langdales rennet is useless. It doesn’t work. It’s vegetarian as are all the versions you can buy in the shops. You need an animal rennet which you can still get from an online cheese making website…..the vegetarian stuff just doesn’t do the job!!

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