Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bites – Finger-Buffet Dessert

Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bites (makes about 20)

150 g dark chocolate
7 – 10 Brazil nuts (shelled) (cut diagonally in half – or into 3 if large)
10 ‘dried’ ready-to-eat apricots (cut diagonally in half)
20 salted cashew nuts
7 – 10 cubes crystallised ginger (cut into 20 wedge-shaped pieces)
20 dried ‘ready-to-eat cranberries

Prepare a tray. Grease, cover with clingfilm, grease clingfilm with butter.
Melt the chocolate (either in MW for 2 mins – shaking at 1.5 mins to check – or in bowl over simmering water)
Put 20 teaspoons of chocolate evenly spaced on the tray.
Taking each ingredient dip partially in the chocolate and add to the chocolate drop on the tray.
When all ingredients have been added in the same sort of pattern place in fridge to cool.
When set peel off from the plastic and arrange on a white plate. (or dust a slate platter with icing sugar and arrange on top)


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