Ann’s Pavlova ( or Vacherin )

Ann’s Pavlova ( or Vacherin  – not the cheese!)  

These might look like meringues but they are an adaptation I have made of a Vacherin – which is a type of meringue made with icing sugar (usually whisked once but over hot water – my method seems to work just as well and be less of a bother)

Picture – 9 inch pavlova on annmade octagonal slate cake plate

Makes a 9 inch Pavlova base or 40 half mini meringues

2 egg whites

4 oz of sieved icing sugar.


Whisk the egg whites until in stiff peaks.

Sieve the icing sugar and add to the whipped whites.

Whisk again until the mixture returns to stiff peaks

Either scoop into a piping bag and pipe small meringues onto a  greased baking sheet  (makes about 40 halves)

Or line the base of a 9” sandwich tin and grease the sides (or line a baking tray , draw a 9” diameter  circle, grease the sheet, spread or pipe the mixture over the area of the circle – adding a little more towards the rim.

Bake at 160 C or 140 C fan oven or Gas mk 3 (until palest fawn)

15- 20 mins for the small

1 ½  – 2 hours for Pavlova

Allow to cool gradually – I usually turn the oven off and allow it to cool before removing the pavlova bases.

To decorate use either 4 – 6 oz Cornish Clotted Cream or whip at least a quarter pint of Double Cream (taking care not to make too thick – nor runny) and spread evenly and thickly over the top.  Decorate with slices of soft / softish, fruits.

For mini-meringues. Whisk 1/4 pint double cream, place in piping tube with rosette nozzle. Pipe on one half – squeeze lightly as you stick the other half on. When all 20 paired up, place on a wire rack over a late. Melt a little chocolate (4 cubes) in a pyrex bowl in the mircowave (this takes very little time – about 2 mins – give them a shake every 30 sec to make sure they do not burn)  Drizzle this over the meringues in thin zigzaggy lines and leave to harden.

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