How to make the icing bag.

How to make the icing bag.

1, Cut a square of greaseproof or baking paper.DSCF0014

2,Cut this in half lengthways. (so it will make 2 icing bags)

3, Fold one piece in half, then open out again,DSCF0015

4, Then bring the corner round to meet the base of the sheet at the fold.

5, Fold this new triangle over to make it match the other side, then fold in the remaining piece.DSCF0017

6, Open out the triangle and fold down the long open point to hold the icing bag in place. You can attaches a piece of selotape if you are concerned about it uncurling. DSCF0018DSCF0019

7, After you have put the spoonful of icing in the bag, smooth it down towards the point.

8, Fold the ‘tail , corners towards middle, the folding down toward the icing filled point. Snip the point when ready to iceDSCF0021DSCF0023

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