Any Recipes that I have mentioned and / or written in my blog posts I have collected together here – go to the drop-downs where they are in sections.

Generally they are my own recipes, in that I have changed the basic recipe to either work better or easier, or US measures to UK, or to work in a Microwave, or made them up myself  – hope you enjoy them:

3 thoughts on “RECIPES

  1. Hi Ann
    I have read your blog and comments on LP. My daughter has just been diagnosed and it is very distressing. I believe it is linked to hormones as she recently had a baby followed by a spell of suspect cells which were removed from her cervix.

    I have advisex her not to use thesteriod cream for all the reasons in you blog. At gbe moment olive oil is providing relief. I am going to pass the borax remedy to her along with taking flax seex oil and a good probotic. Hopefully a vombinedapproach withbetter eating will give relief and help.


    • Hi Donna,
      I suggest she tries the borax and bicarbonate baths first to see if they give relief, if they do, then go on.
      Best Ann
      (Ps., Not sure why you commented in Recipes, anyone looking for the LS blog please look on the sidebar for Lichen Sclerosus)

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