Hello Blog, it’s me – been a long time …

Hello Blog, it’s me – been a long time … I’ve missed you.

I missed a lot of things in the past nine months. I tried, I really did, but a blog a month was all I managed – why? Well, I didn’t want to write about the main thing in my life back then as it wasn’t only mine to write about, but now, now that my dear and lovely Dad has passed away, and I am just resurfacing, I can say – yes, looking after Dad took most of my ‘spare’ time and all of my emotional effort to remain cheerful and upbeat for him at times when I really wanted to cry. He always hated to be dependant in any way – and I could not let any strain show for his sake.

Taken just before his 90th birthday

So we saw him though operations and radiotherapy and the realisation that the cancer had come back into his lymph nodes and that nothing more could be done. He had his last wish and died at home in our lovely old house, where he’d lived for the past twenty-seven years, having seen his grandsons arrive from all over the world to sit with him in the last days, hold his hand, talk or watch old episodes of Dad’s Army with him when he was really tired.

Yet, he was 91, an age he’d never expected to reach when he was young. He’d had a varied and interesting life and had achieved much.9781909936904-Perfect_FINAL copy Sadly he never got to see the second volume of his memoirs in print – but he did write it, and I will edit and have it published. However, this second volume only takes him from 18 years to 28, so I will have to add a little to fill in the remaining years even if only in bullet pointed highlights. This is one of my targets for this year, even if my own writing takes a back seat.

I don’t think many people expected to do a music hall sing-along at the funeral tea – but that is just what one of his grandson’s arranged. You see, Dad had been talking about this song two Christmases ago, and it was found and played to him … with resulting laughter all round. Here’s a youtube link to a video of him listening to it:

And this is the original – so you can hear properly what the hilarity is all about.(Note:it pauses half way through to turn the record over!)  Dad would have loved it, proper Cockney humour and a proper old-time sing-along!

So that’s where I have been and what I have been doing while I’ve not been talking to you, dear blog readers…

What has the past nine months brought you? Happy times? Sad?

Do share – because I really do like to hear from you



Happy 2014 – and a gift for You…

As I write it is already New Year’s Eve … 2014 is almost upon us.  Along with just about every blogger I know I can’t help but glance back over the year. As an Author it has been a interesting year – with, at last, finishing The Angel Bug and getting it published! This meant that I had to get out there and do what I find difficult – blowing my own trumpet –  and get myself radio interviews and pieces in the local papers.

Then there was the next step of working with Pendown Publishing to get The Angel Bug released as a paperback – this was a whole new learning curve.

In the future we plan to publish each of the other full length novels as paperbacks too – as this has taught me how many people like to own the solid copy – even if they have already bought and read the ebook!!!

So lots to look forward to on the Author front and,  as time and the blog will reveal, also on the home front too…..

THANK YOU ALL for sticking with me and the blog all through 2013! It’s good to know that I am not just writing words into the ether! It has been great to read your comments, to get to know some of you a little better, to explore the things that trigger a memory or ring a bell with people from all over the world.

So as a New Year gift to you, my readers, I’m offering you an ecopy of Some Kind of Synchrony  cover

Just contact me via the contact-ann on annmade.co.uk (you just need to make sure you enter your email address really carefully – so that I have it accurately – and in the message say which version you need for your ereader – mobi for kindles, epub for most of the others, or pdf – if you are going to read on a computer)  That’s it – just ask for your free new year present before the 14th Jan – and I will email it to you – though, of course, when you’ve read it, I’d love a review posted on amazon!!

Here’s wishing You All a Happy, Prosperous and Peaceful 2014 filled with joy and plenty of time to read.


It’s a small world now….

There are a lot of problems with the internet I know, but lately I’ve been thinking how good it can be….

To start with I have two of my four sons currently on the other side of the world in Malaysia and Thailand.

Add to that, the son who lives in Malaysia is there with his lovely wife, from Sabah, and their 3 sons – our only grandchildren.

Family hug
Keeping in-touch

Without Skype it would be such a long time between seeing the grandchildren they wouldn’t know who we were when they next met us… as it is they recognise, chat to and make funny faces at us all here – both their gran and granddad and their great-gran and great- granddad.

The son in Thailand keeps in touch via facebook messages- he leaves them for me – I leave them for him – as their time is eight hours adrift from ours and his internet access does not always coincide. When they do we, too, skype chat – it’s good to see him when we talk.

Even the boys in the UK are on the other side of the country and their FB profile posts keep me up-to-date with them along with the messages we share. They, of course, are close enough to phone when we want to talk.

Then there are online courses you can take – and it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, or the people leading the course are. These can be webinars or standard ‘email’ courses – but whichever, they are open to you on the internet.

Which brings me to the smallness of the world.

A while ago I did an online course – which, as part of the proceeds from the course, we, the attendees were offered our ‘own place’ to hang out. We had a facebook page dedicated to that particular cohort of the course – and were given a link into the ‘mother facebook group’ of all those who had done the course before and, now, since. Part of the idea was we would not need to be alone when we stepped out into the blog-o-sphere – we could support and converse with others.

Now, the course was led from America, and the group I was in was mainly Americans, a few Australians and from the UK, me, but it didn’t matter – many of us joined the group and do converse, support and read each other’s blogs and facebook posts. Such a one is an Australian who had commented on my blog or FB posts, and I on hers – Ellen.

Then came this October when Ellen came to the UK for a long visit with the end aim of attending a writer’s conference in Brighton. Before that she and a friend were travelling around the West country. This is how it was that when she was in our area I offered to show her a few places nearby (Cotehele, Dupath Well, our C12th church, etc), saying that she and her friend could stay for a couple of days. All of a sudden this online friendship became a friendship anyone would recognise, they even came to the bellydance class with me 🙂  … and the world got that little bit smaller.

Have you made online friends across the world?

Do you ‘bless’ skype, facebook et al for helping keep your family in touch?

Do share, you know I love to hear from you


Red-pen’s Revenge

This week, I have managed to take myself on a short break, just for the week and just across the channel to France, and I am leaving you in the (?)capable hands of my proof-reader, so if you notice any mistakes then please let me know so that I can ask for a refund on her fee! So over to you, Krissi…..

……Thank you Ann, I think…..

Hello everybody! Golly gosh, I really feel as if I have jumped up two grades in school and been put in charge of the pencils and chalk all at once! Ann is taking a well-deserved break, and has asked me if I could fill in (gulp!) blog-wise ….. so here I am.

Red-pen's crew
Proof-reader’s arsenal

First of all, I must admit that I am not totally new to blog writing, I have my own at
but when compared to Ann, I am somewhat of a novice. Well, let’s be honest here, Ann was the inspiration behind me joining the blogosphere, it is entirely her fault!

As Ann said, I am her proof-reader, which means that I get to read her novels before they are published, and aren’t they good? I know some people who think that their work doesn’t need to be proofed, “The spellchecker said it was fine…” they will say to me. Ouch! I really have to bite my tongue when I hear that! There is just so much more to proof-reading than spelling checks, as any of you who may have read a poorly-proofed book or article might agree.

Not being a proper writer like wot**Ann is, I have no experience of the creative side of writing. Ann has tried to describe her creative thought process to me as something akin to watching a film. The film plays in her head and she has to write what she sees and hears to tell the story. I think that is fascinating! Having very limited imagination, as I do, that sounds to me like magic. I like to think that I have a good memory, so I can write about things I have experienced, but summoning them up from thin air….nope, can’t do that.

I’m not sure how much faith I have in astrology, but I am a Virgo, and one of the things that Virgos are supposed to be, is perfectionists, is that a pain, or what! I do so wish that I didn’t get bothered when signs outside shops advertise “coffee’s and tea’s” or “apple’s and banana’s” but I do! (Just between us, apostrophe’s (sic) and their misplacement, are the pebbles in my life’s shoe) but anyway, the point I was trying to get to, is that, as a (sort of) perfectionist, looking for mistakes is easy peasy for me to do because I don’t need to look for them, they jump out of the page right at me! This is a double-edged sword, mind you, inasmuch as all mistakes jump out at me, even when I’m not supposed to be looking for them, however the bottom line is that proof-reading for me is sort of the same as story writing is for Ann, we both do it because it’s what we do!

You may be familiar with the idea that one cannot proof one’s own writing….even proof readers can’t. Very often, as the author of a piece of writing, you know what you mean to say, and when you read it, that’s how you read it, but a different pair of eyes might easily see a mistake, or a repetition, or quite simply where what you’ve written doesn’t actually say what you were trying to say. (Does that make sense?)

Anyway, I think that like so many other areas in life – with creative writing, we have habits, mistakes which we make again and again. Just as a writer has a writing style, so they also have a mistake-making style, and I’m hoping that Ann won’t mind me sharing with you her trademark mistake, so to speak! Hyphens, hyphens hyphens! If I had a pound/dollar/currency unit of choice for every hyphen I had ‘red-penned’ from the first draft of any of Ann’s novels into oblivion, then a rich woman I would be! When going through “The Angel Bug” I even threatened Ann, saying that I was going to remove the hyphen key from her computer keyboard! Conversely, sometimes (albeit quite infrequently) I have to insert a hyphen – and it does tickle my funnybone when that happens. (Sad, moi??)

So, I hope this has given you a little insight into my little corner of the Ann Foweraker world, enough to tide you over until Ann’s return next week, rested and rejuvenated after her recreational respite!

Let us know what your bête noire is, are you an apostrophe nerd like me? Or a hyphenaholic like Ann?

Do you think that correct spelling and punctuation are still relevant in 2013 and the world of the instant message?

We’d love to hear from you, and why not hop over to auntykrissi.com and take a look at what’s there! Oh, and I’m available for proof-reading commissions, just get in touch!

**whereas I might be a sort of perfectionist, I do like to keep a sense of irony in my writing. Of course I know that “wot” isn’t a word, and that even “what” would be incorrect in this context, but, like the Persian rug weavers who intentionally inserted a ‘mistake’ into their work, my ‘wot’ makes me imperfect, keeps my tongue firmly in my cheek, which in turn keeps my feet firmly on the ground and me firmly in the real world. (I hope)


New experiences? … all grist to the mill

You may have heard (even literally if you live in Cornwall) that during the past week I had an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall about my new novel ‘The Angel Bug’!
I was offered a telephone interview as Radio Cornwall is situated in Truro which, for those of you out of county, is in the West of Cornwall, whereas I live so far to the East in Cornwall that another couple of miles due East and I’d be over the river Tamar and into Devon!

Well, it would mean a long trip there and back (never mind the cost of the fuel!) and all for a ten minute interview – but 1,  As a writer you garner experiences where you can, gather your feelings and impressions, make notes, take photos, and pack them away for a day when one of your characters walks into just such a situation, and 2, I felt I’d work a better interview face to face – rather than on the end of a telephone – and as it was my first I did want to mess it up. So I went to the studios instead.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
BBC Radio Cornwall Studios
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
The Truro river, looking away from the city, beside Phoenix Wharf

BBC Radio Cornwall’s studio is situated at Phoenix Wharf, on the river at the edge of the city centre – a lovely setting as you can see.

I was early … I am nearly always early … can’t bear being late! And I was nervous – I have to admit this. I can stand up and talk to a class – I can address meetings as president of the WI or as Secretary of this group or that… but to be ME as myself – Author – no other ‘hat’ to hide beneath – this makes me nervous – definitely out of my comfort zone! Add in that this was a live broadcast and, obviously, I wanted it to go well .. and well.. you may understand how I was feeling.

I had ‘packed’ for the session, a bottle of water (filled with water from our spring at home) mints, tissues, glasses, some notes, a camera, lip-balm…so my small handbag was bulging with ‘bits’ when I arrived at the studios.

I waited, chatting with the receptionist, and then the presenter popped out to say hello; Tiffany Truscott, looking younger and prettier than her official photo shows her, was warm and welcoming and that made me feel a little better!

I was soon called through to the ante-room to the studio and after a short time was taken through into the Studio.

Having been sat down by a mike, I settled my glasses and notes down where they would not rustle (not that I had time to refer to them in the end anyway).  Tiffany then asked me a few questions – to warm up – as it were, making me feel a little more relaxed. Now whether this was also being monitored for sound levels or what I have no idea, but it seems likely.

The record  she was playing finished and she introduced me and ‘The Angel Bug’ to the whole of Cornwall…. well – I’m not going to write it all here.. Just click start > and listen TO THE 10 mins YOUTUBE AUDIO CLIP BELOW !! IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON THE EMAIL CLICK ON THE MAIN BLOG TITLE ABOVE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE BLOG WHERE THE CLIP CAN BE HEARD!! (the youtube links do not go through the email version)

There will always be things I would have liked to have said, that I didn’t, or names and words I should have memorised, that eluded me at the time – but in the end I felt it went well, that it was good, and I can tell why Tiffany is so good at her job – she made the interview process feel so natural – like a conversation (albeit with time pressures).

Have you done anything recently that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

Did you feel drained or energised by the experience?

What did you think of the interview? Do share – you know I love to hear from you!


The weirdest thing …. PRIZE RE-DRAW

So this is the weirdest thing … the winner of the main prize has not contacted me back to give me an address to send the prize to. The draw was made on the 10th of July – it is now the 10th of September.

The winner drawn on the 10th of July was Deborah.Kennedy2@ …    This much information I placed on the blog and then sent an email to the full address, asking for her to send me an address to send the kindle to.

No reply.

I repeated this a number of times that week.

And the next.

Then I wondered if my blog address was getting sent to her spam bin – so I sent the message from two other personal addresses as well and, thinking that she may not have been entering the draw ( as perhaps ineligible by virtue of living outside the UK  – how can you tell just with an email address?) asked for any reply – and waited

No reply – and no notifications of being unable to deliver the email either.

I have done this regularly since, the last time Monday.

As you will have noticed I have placed an appeal to contact me before today on the end of each blog – and her email is still signed up to receive the blog … and I have posted appeals on Facebook and Twitter too.

However, at last we come to it.  All prizes must be claimed within two months of the draw taking place and so by virtue of not claiming deborah.kennedy2 has effectively refused the prize. And so today I visited Random.org again and put in the details and called for a random number!

The new Winner of the Kindle Draw is  No: 1675 – LindsayHuggins a Fb entry

Please contact me with your address to receive your prize.   I shall be contacting you directly with this request as well.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised – after all the National Lottery says that 68 million pounds is left unclaimed each year – that is an unbelievable amount – they can’t all be lost tickets. Even Premium Bonds who, like I did,  contact people directly, have 39 million in unclaimed prizes.

Have you ever found that you’d won a prize but forfeited it by not claiming on time? Or had a winning raffle ticket at a local event, but kept quiet about it because you didn’t want the only prize left?

Finally, an update for my wonderful FWT cheerleaders – results for the past week are another half a pound down! So I am now at 9st 9 and a half pounds (that’s a long way from the 12 st on Jan first!) Waist measurements have remained the same this week – so the weight must be coming off other places – like my thighs 🙂



And the winner is … (please imagine here – if you like and as you’ll know from earlier blogs, I don’t .. a ticking clock or tension-causing notes of music)…..

Ok, I give in – can’t bear it any longer … .random  number 23  the winner of the Kindle  in my Win a Kindle draw is Deborahkennedy2 @******** (a blog entry)   *** This entrant has been contacted via email many times but with no reply-  if  do not hear from her by the 10 /9 /12 it shall be deemed that she has chosen to refuse the prize and I will have to re-draw for this prize ***


First runner-up gets an AnnMade Nero Slate cheeseboard and this goes to random  number 3019 Sarah Lamb (a FB entry)


Third prize of and ecopy of Divining The Line goes to random number 3502 Anita Allen (a FB entry)










Fourth prize of an ecopy of  Nothing Ever Happens Here goes to random  number 2612 Daisymoomoo@********* (a blog entry)







and the Fifth prize of an ecopy of  Some Kind of Synchrony goes to  random  number 1051 Michaelaeloise@********* (a blog entry)







FREE   (for a limited time)

Just click  the link to get taken to AnnMade.co.uk where all you have to do is click on CONTACT ANN – put in your name, email address and the message ‘Kindle draw entrant – please send me an ecopy of Leave to Appeal in *pdf * mobi * epub   (*please choose which version you would like) For more details on my novels and novella see under BOOKS on the same website.


Thank you all for entering and I hope you’ll remain with me for both the interest in my blog and the other smaller draws and competitions that I run on a regular basis. Congratulations to all the winners!!!
*** This entrant DeborahKennedy2@….  has been contacted via email many times but with no reply-  it shall be deemed that she has chosen to refuse the prize and I if  do not hear from her by the 10 /9 /12 I will have to re-draw for this prize ***


added 11/9/12

All prizes must be claimed within two months of the draw taking place and so by virtue of not claiming deborah.kennedy2 has effectively refused the prize.And so today I visited Random.org again and put in the details and called for a random number!

The new Winner of the Kindle Draw is  No: 1675 – LindsayHuggins a Fb entry

Please contact me with your address to receive your prize.   I shall be contacting you directly with this request as well.



Canine-take-over – Bonny’s blog

Ann’s Blog BONNY’S BLOG    

Wo Wo.. (tail wagging)  Hello (smiles)

Don’t tell my pack-lady but finding the lap-top unattended I’ve grabbed the chance to stage a take-over to warn you about a video that my pack-lady’s pups made of me over the weekend!

I mean, there I was being exercised entertained as usual by my pack-lady, you know, my favourite game where she throws these rings for me, I’ve got five of them, love to gather them all up and gallop back with them to insist she does it all again.

She’s not bad at it, has a knack to make them whiz along the ground – I like to chase them like that! (It seems chasing these is ok, pack-lady doesn’t like it when I chase rabbits the same way – especially when I catch them!) But enough of that! Oh I was having fun, even though her pups were standing round getting in the way! Usually they are great fun, giving me lots of fuss and games, but that afternoon they weren’t playing with me.

Later I heard lots of laughing and music and sneaked my paws onto pup-twos lap, then worked my way up to see the screen pup-three was working on. There I was, catching my rings, as usual, but now a figure of fun for everyone.  Just look at what they did!!!

I appeal to you… don’t laugh at me .. I just love doing this, chasing and catching up my rings! (appealing look – waggles eyebrows)

I asked my pack-lady about the video – she said it was just a bit of Cornish fun… and she wanted people to find her blog  If that’s all it is I guess I don’t mind, after all my pack-lady likes to play and my motto in life is ‘play with me!’ 

What do you think??


Your Chance to WIN a KINDLE!

As of today … 10th July 2012 – All the places in this Draw have been taken. Thank you to all who have entered .. the results will be published on my blog soon!

I’m so happy that I have a Kindle to give away to one lucky person

but to start with I need to let you know that this draw is ONLY open to residents of the UK, sorry, to all the rest of the world, but this is an actual, newly purchased Kindle and will be posted to the winner. Having said that, you still might like to re-tweet or re-post to give all your UK friends a chance.

How to enter the draw to Win a Kindle!

Just ‘SUBSCRIBE via email’ to this Blog (Ann Foweraker.com). In the box on the left. Important: Notification of the draw and of the winner will be made via this blog

Done that? Then your name’s in the hat!

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There – your name is in the hat twice!

What? You’d like your name to go in THREE times? Ok! you can also Go to the FB page for AnnMade.co.uk (my slateware business) and ‘LIKE’ that page too!

Now your name is in the hat three times!

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How good it that? Your name in the hat Four times for a chance to win a Kindle!


Here’s a great chance to win a Kindle. Go to http://annfoweraker.com/2012/your-chance-to-win-a-kindle/ So Simple  #Win a Kindle

The Prize is This model of Kindle CLICK HERE for details


So here is the New Prize Line-Up!!

The first number drawn will Win the Kindle.  

The second number drawn will Win a Nero Slate Cheese board from annmade.co.uk

The third number drawn will Win a copy of Divining the Line (in pdf form so you can read it on your computer or use calibre to convert it  if you have an e-reader)

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So, here’s wishing everyone good-luck in the draw !!

The Fine-Print (in case you want to know):

When the draw is closed a random number will be generated by RANDOM.ORG which will be used to select the winner

Your details will not be made public nor used for any purpose other than delivery of the blog and selection of the winner.

No members of my family may take part in this draw (sorry folks, but if your number were to be the one selected by Random.org it still might look fishy!) But please post / re-tweet as a favour to me anyway – because I know some of you have an awesome number of UK contacts who will be eligible!

To be in the draw you must have subscribed via email to this blog (annfoweraker.com) and still be subscribed when the draw is made. You may then enter additional times by liking the FB pages or following the Twitter profile

The draw will be closed when the targets are fulfilled – basically the quicker more people sign up the quicker the draw will take place.

If you already Like the FB pages or Follow the Twitter profile then these will count as entries as soon as you subscribe to the blog (annfoweraker.com). Thank you for being connected already!

I promise you will not get spammed by me on either Twitter or FB after the draw because I do not use automated posts or tweets and don’t have the time to sit here sending them out all the time either ! Until the draw takes place, however, there will be a number of FB/ Twitter posts a day of the message that got you here, please re-tweet or re-post as often as you like as the faster the draw fills up the faster the draw will be made!

Twitter peeps – I’ll also Follow back

And why am I giving away a Kindle – well I’d just like everyone to know about my ebooks – it’s that simple

Notification of the draw and of the winner will be made via this blog (annfoweraker.com) All  prizes must be claimed within 2 months of notification. I shall make all reasonable efforts to contact the winners directly and through this blog

If you have any questions about this draw just contact me here at the blog.

Thanks for dropping by, and thanks for entering!

* * *

Message: to post or tweet or both (please add any you think will expand the reach – thanks)
Thanks to prizefinder for extending the reach! ThePrizeFinder – UK Competitions Thanks to the lovely people who have posted this on other competition sites including MSE! Keep Sharing – after one month half of the places on this draw have been taken! Lets get a thousand people to enter fast so the draw can be made soon!

Here’s a great chance to win a Kindle. Go to http://annfoweraker.com/2012/your-chance-to-win-a-kindle/ So Simple  #…….



As of today … 10th July 2012 – All the places in this Draw have been taken. Thank you to all who have entered .. the results will be published on my blog soon!



OH my! oh my! Versatile Blogger Award?

Such great thanks to Liv Rancourt  who has nominated me for this award. It sets me wondering if versatile means diverse and unfocused or really multi-faceted, like a diamond. I hope it’s the latter.

If I, in turn, have nominated you, here are the rules to apply:

1. Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award
2. Add an image of the Versatile Blogger Award
3. In the same post, thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog
4. In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself
5. In the same post, include this set of rules
6. Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs
So here goes on the 7 random pieces of information about myself
1, When I’m writing, I play Fleetwood Mac’s album ‘Tusk’, on repeat!
2, I’m often mistaken for someone who is well organised
3, I studied silverfish (the insect – lepisma saccharina) for a year.
4, I never wanted a girl (I have 4 boys… people assumed I was trying for a girl)
5, I won a medal for .22 target shooting when I was 10
6, Jogging makes my head hurt.
7, Love words but have trouble with numbers (this is the last one isn’t it 🙂 )
At last, after a bit of a delay, sorry folks ……. I nominate the following diamonds!!
3, English Mum http://englishmum.com/
12,SM Nonnemacher http://smnonnemacher.com/
13, Julie Kenner http://juliekenner.com/
14,Ian (the pict – scots history) http://iainthepict.blogspot.com/
15,Another Ian (pict – history) http://lastofthedruids.com/



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