the tidy bed vs the healthy bed

Do you always make the bed in the morning?                I do… or rather I did.

Tracey Emin's My bed courtesy Andy Hay via Creative Commons
Tracey Emin’s My bed courtesy Andy Hay via Creative Commons

I don’t like a bed looking like Tracey’s  😉

Now, I’ve known about dust-mites for a loooong time. I thought I understood what they like and don’t like – how to change pillows / bedding etc often enough to keep their numbers and, more importantly, their frass to a minimum (the eponymous dust – which is really just their faeces, dead fellows and our dead skin cells).  I knew about their relationship to asthma and other allergies and knew I didn’t really want to encourage the pests but, somehow, I’d missed this ‘new’ info the first time round (2005) so I’m glad it re-surfaced recently.

Anyone who knows me knows I am not a tidy-freak… but a made bed – yes, that was something I liked – it seems to start the day on the right note – even if I can’t manage to be tidy all day 😉

Then last week I read about what the dust-mites don’t like (example here) and what can even kill them off sometimes – drying out! It seems it is much better to let the bed get well and truly aired – they do not like that at all, they need the moisture – from our bodies – held in by the covers – and without it they suffer.

Dust-Mite – courtesy Arkhangellohim via Creative Commons

It turns out that I wasn’t alone in liking a tidied bed to start the day – when this news was circulating again a week ago there were loads of comments roughly saying ‘I hear the message … but I’m still going to make my bed because I don’t like it looking untidy’

  … BUT … the dust mites !!!!

So … not a neat-freak – but yes I like the bed to look tidy. The solution?

I now swish the covers back to lie neatly folded over the end of the bed, draped to almost touch the floor – pull the bottom sheet tight and give the pillows a shake. Sometime, much later in the day, when I happen to be in the room, I will waft the covers and duvet right back over again. Tidy – Tidy. WP_20151006_10_38_07_Pro

Okay, so if I were showing someone round the house (as I do occasionally at the moment as we are ‘on the market’)  I’d make the bed conventionally – but for everyday it is fine – the day still feels like it is off to the right start… and, if the research is right, then far fewer dust mites thrive in-between our sheets.

Have you ever suddenly changed a habit of a lifetime?

What are your bed-making preferences?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you


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