WEEK 23/24/25/26

OK – so for all these weeks I have been just ‘maintaining’ my new weight – seeing how it feels – deciding if I have gone far enough or if I need to trim a little more. ( the decision has been made)

Now, this is usually the big danger time if you have been on a ‘diet’.  This is the time you ‘let go the reins’ and the weight begins its campaign to regain that ‘safety load’ against the next time you meet starvation.  Oh, yes – once you have taught your body that it might be starved then it will be ready to make sure you never starve again — and build up reserves ready!! (more fat!) But remember I was NOT DIETING – not refusing any particular food, not feeling hungry.

What did I do.?

1. I continued to watch what I was eating – NOT dieting still – just keeping an eye on things – the same food and the same quantities that I was eating before.

2, I continued with the exercises – but only one set of reps of each of the two exercises set for the day

Week 23, 24, 25 and 26 end of week weigh-ins have also yielded 10 st!

Next week I am starting on the full exercises again (2 sets of reps of each of the two exercise set for the day – and hopefully I’ll start to move down in weight again, slowly and carefully – to my next goal.

See you all there 🙂

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