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Welcome to Ann Foweraker
– juggling hats and getting to grips

Oh I do like to juggle hats – yes, hats, those things I imagine I am wearing when I go out into the big wide world and DO things. Hats I can hide under – metaphorical hats that give me a role in the group I am in – and I am in quite a few – becasue ‘that’s what I do’.

You’ve got it – you can’t see me because I’m under the hat – so it’s okay for me to be big, bold and brilliant – because I’m wearing a HAT! With a hat on I can get to grips with all sorts of tasks!

I find interest, excitement and pleasure in the simplest and weirdest things. It might be the unexpected colour-mix of chopped veg … that funny video of a dog skateboarding … the new stuff I learnt and just can’t wait to share with someone – everyone –  or the weird and wonderful questions that occur to me when doing the simplest of things!

And – that is what I love to do – share my enthusiasms, my new-found interests and learning  – so , welcome to my blog – I hope you find something to get to grips with in these everyday things.

It is the everyday that attracts me as a writer too. I generally write thrillers – of the type that one reviewer called ‘an English Thriller’. No gratuitous blood and guts, no improbably car-chases or super-heroes … but a story grounded in everyday life with people you may think you know – and into this I throw the bomb of the unexpected – the unusual  – the extraordinary – and see how my ordinary people cope.

Do not be alarmed if you find a scattering of poetry on this blog too – poetry is part of my writing, part of me and has been for many years. I can be found writing and performing with the Liskeard Poets when called upon.

So, a blog that encompasses all that I am, and all that makes me the writer that I am… I hope you will find something to enjoy and thank you for stopping by.

Despite dark clouds on my horizon I have decided 2016 is going to be a POSITIVE year – I am set on channelling my inner pollyanna and subduing my grumpy-old-woman. More than anything I am coming to believe that our own health and well-being can be shaped by our outlook and, though it is good to vent and not bottle stuff up, finding the positive in life enriches, empowers and enables. So here’s to the new year – let’s see what delights we can find.

in best ‘pollyanna-mode’ – HAT with bells on 🙂

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  1. Hi Ann,

    I was wondering if i might please have your permission to use the image on your blog of the sand sculpture in your ‘How to make a sand sculpture’ article? I’m writing a newsletter for New Zealand families and would like to include this image. Is this OK??

    Kind regards,


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