Here’s to 2019 … may it be Kind to You and Yours

New Year – weird how we treat the turning of one PARTICULAR DAY over to the next as something special.

Head of Janus (Vatican Museum) (CC wikimedia – Louden Dodd)

We all know this is a man-made construct – if it were nature-made New Year would begin the day that the daylight begins to lengthen. But no, here we are looking at the last day of December and the First of January – named for that old god whose visage faces both ways – Janus. (hint – it’s all the Roman’s fault)

Yet – yet – New Year’s resolutions abound. New hopes spring up, that THIS year we will achieve something different, THIS year we will manage to keep one of our resolutions (see Hint on how to KEEP a resolution, here) , THIS year will be better!

After last year – all I am wishing for, is that THIS year will be KINDER – to everyone.

We all need kindness in our lives. Being kind and receiving kindness, assumes a love for everyone, a ‘getting-on’ together. What is not to like? But it isn’t enough to just wish, is it? We need to do something about it, so, how can I do my part in the generation of this KIND YEAR that I want to see?

My resolution this year will be to join the many, many others who already actively seek opportunities for random acts of kindness (ideas here). Not that I don’t do some already, I have my ‘set of  kindnesses’ – they are my base-line, but I don’t make it a habit, I’m not always looking for the opportunities  – my resolution means I intend to look, everyday, for more – and every random act of kindness above my base-line is a winner. (It is a firm and flexible resolution = achievable)

Kindness costs little or nothing, a smile or a helping hand, but ranges up to whatever you feel you can afford or do in a given situation.

So, right now I am wishing YOU ALL, dear readers, a wonderful and KIND 2019.

What resolutions did you make?

Or, why you did not make any resolutions this year!

Do tell – it’s good to share

best – Ann

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