My Christmas Card to You

Here we are – Christmas is right upon us!

wp_20181215_002At last I sorted out some decorations – from the boxes labelled up to fit the old house – to find I used a fraction of them in this new smaller space.

The tree is much the same though, even if it has to stand on a small table and hide behind the sofa.

I have only to make my Christmas puds (as per the recipe given last blog – ideal for Last Minute Christmas Puddings!), cook the gammon and attend Christingle and I’m ready for the big day!

So here is my Christmas Card to you all, dear readers, wishing you a HAPPY CHRISTMAS …

Christmas Cardwp_20181223_009

This is my Christmas card,
filled with bonhomie,
hiding complexities.
In a winter world,
who wouldn’t want
the sun to rise again,
grow stronger every day,
to feast and make merry
to stave off the dark?

We know that it may be
that His birth was not
in the winter months,
no deep, crisp snow lay
round about the stable,
or else the shepherds
would have been home,
not out upon the hills
watching for angels.

We know that the date
was stolen from wilder
gods, man chosen,
powerful, implacable,
impressive, logical.
So how strange to find
God in a baby’s guise
weak and vulnerable,
born to teach love – and die.



Thank You so much for reading, commenting and staying with me through this past erratic year – much love to you ALL – Ann


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4 thoughts on “My Christmas Card to You

  1. Wishing you a blessed Christmas Ann, a time to reflect, to take all the positives and rejoice. Have a good start into the New Year and may it be filled with days of enjoyment and peace. xxx

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