Lichen sclerosus and Why Borax is my new best friend

It’s difficult to talk about this – and this is why it has taken me two weeks to write one blog! After just telling my husband the diagnosis, lichen sclerosus, and that I had been prescribed ‘a cream’ for it I hadn’t mentioned it again even to him – and even though, over the course of four or five years, the symptoms got worse and worse.

Back at the end of October, the symptoms had become excruciating – and the ‘cream’ useless. I had been told that as an auto-immune condition there was nothing else medicine could offer apart from suppression of the symptoms by the ‘cream’ – a corticosteroid – classified as a ‘potent steroid’.

So, what is Lichen sclerosus? It is an auto-immune condition that affects mainly children and post-menopausal women. (Yep, tick that last box)  As I am sure you know, and auto-immune condition is one in which your own body turns on itself, destroying cells, and in this case making the skin thinner, prone to blistering, swelling, soreness, irritation and inflammation. Though, thank goodness, it isn’t infectious at all.

Lichen sclerosus also has a favourite location for this disruption of the skin – and this is why I (and many other people) don’t generally like to talk about it. It affects the skin between the buttocks and reaching forward to include the skin around the vulva. In people who have had it for decades it can even result in atrophy of the flesh.

By the end of October I was in pain all the time, especially when sitting, and every time I needed to use the toilet I faced the agony of cleaning and drying myself, and the area affected seemed to be extending. Now Corticosteroid must be used sparingly – frequent reapplication is not acceptable – not desirable – as Corticosteroid also THINS the skin!

I positioned a mirror to look – the skin was red, shiny, swollen, cracked and blistered – no wonder it stung to blazes!

This is where I am surprised at, and ashamed of, myself. I have been looking into natural ways of supporting the body and brain by supporting the health of your whole system – but I hadn’t looked for a natural way of dealing with Lichen sclerosus. I had been ambushed by the fact that it was considered an Auto-immune condition  – and, therefore, I knew that meant it wasn’t curable.

…  or did I?

 After all, hadn’t I been reading about other auto-immune conditions that had been helped by natural means – by a rebalancing of the gut-bacteria, specifically. However, I have already gone down this route for the sake of my brain, and I hope my gut-bacteria are now in a good balance and are being ‘fed’ the food-stuffs to keep them happy. I would say that in other ways my body was feeling better tuned and functioning well.

So it was, that feeling desperate, I began to research whether there was a natural way to help the condition . . .  and there was!

I read so many pages, so many personal responses. I read of people with this condition who were in a much worse state than I was – whose body had suffered permanent changes that were life-affecting. I also read of those who had found the answer – or an answer. And it involved my new friend Borax – also known as Sodium Tetraborate. I read around the subject – finding out lots more about Borax (especially about uses – click here) and it’s uses, trawling sites for negatives as well as positives – until, convinced it was worth a try, I sent off for some, it was only £5.95  a kilo – link here.

First it said, once you have obtained your borax have a bath – with one tablespoon of borax and one of bicarbonate of soda – just for relief. OH MY! That was SO GOOD, just in itself! That alone was enough to convince me to take the course.

Then there was the taking of borax in solution every day for a fortnight. This was in a specific high dose: One eighth of a level teaspoon of borax to be taken everyday, dissolved in one litre of (warm) spring water – consumed over the day.  Followed by a life-time of a much lower dose of borax –  every day – forever. AND the mandatory taking of a magnesium supplement always – as the borax needs that to work effectively. Magnesium citrate is easily absorbed but can also act as a laxative so I researched and decided on magnesium glycinate (click here) – which is also easily absorbed but does not have that side effect. (magnesium oxide – often sold in supermarkets – is very poorly absorbed)

(NB. This site I looked at also advised (click here) adding one eighth of a teaspoon of ground Himalayan Pink Salt to the Borax – so I did this too … to begin with, until I had the odd reaction of tingling in my face – that seemed to be caused by an overdose of sodium – so I dropped the pink salt and continued with the borax – the odd reaction faded away.
Himalayan pink salt is often recommended by natural health bloggers for ailments – and I wonder if someone was trying a belt and braces solution that worked for them – but overloaded my system with sodium? My verdict – I believe this works just as well with Borax only)

ANYWAY…. On day 5 – when I was drying myself I thought ‘Oh! What? My skin has gone numb in one small place.’ So I checked with the mirror to see where this numb area was. It turned out it wasn’t numb at all – just healed-up and looking normally pink, surrounded by skin that was still screaming at me – it only seemed numb in comparison.

Over the remaining time of the fortnight this small normal area grew – until all the skin looked pink and healthy and did not hurt any more. The swelling had gone down too – and it was only then I realised how bad that aspect had actually been.

One other thing I used over that fortnight was a simple ‘cream’ I made-up myself. Without the corticosteroid cream there was no slippery barrier to each inner cheek rubbing against the other and causing pain. So I used two rounded tablespoons of coconut oil (which is a solid at room temp) melted it (in a small lidded pyrex bowl in the microwave, watching it carefully) and mixed into it one level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, one level teaspoon of Borax and 3 drops of lavender oil (essential oil) The dry ingredients are dissolved into the warmed oil and constantly stirred – even as it begins to solidify. The essential oil added before it solidifies but after the oil has cooled a bit.  This then sets to a hard ‘cream’ – so I would scrape off a little and it would melt on my skin providing the lubrication on the sore skin with the soothing qualities of the other ingredients.

Three months down the line and there has been no more pain, I still take the 3mg dose of borax each day [1 tsp of borax dissolved in 1 litre of water – kept in fridge and only 1 – 2 teaspoons of this solution taken each day in water] and use a little of my own ‘cream’ especially after showers or baths.

This *borax treatment is such a blessing that, despite the embarrassment, I have to share it – even if only one other person with Lichen sclerosus gets some relief from the symptoms – then it would be worth it.

UPDATE >>> I have written an update TWO years on … Click Here to find it!

A good LS support group on FB based in USA, started by Allicia who found and followed this blog post, it has over 3,000 members from all around the world – you see – we are not alone in this.

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*borax etc –  as with any chemical – do keep these safely away from children 🙂

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ppps  still happy with the new borax and bicarb hair treatment – and my hairdresser said that my hair felt thicker, and yes – this came out of the LS treatment too! See this blog post for info – click here


141 thoughts on “Lichen sclerosus and Why Borax is my new best friend

  1. This is fascinating. .. well researched and thank you for sharing. I haven’t quite reached that particular tick box yet, but have stored this in my memory banks for future use if needed.
    Glad to hear the hair thing going well too… I haven’t found the time or inclination to try it yet, but I don’t leave the conditioning as the last part of my shower routine any more!

  2. I grew up using borax for washing my hair. My Grandmother used to put it as a first wash and then rinse my hair before using shampoo. My long hair always looked shiny and in good condition when using borax. I am sure Grandma used this for other things too.

    • Thanks for your comment, Naomi, That’s amazing, I had never even heard of it, and it mainly seems to be used in the USA rather than over here, at least, nowadays. I wonder why it’s use faded out? Best – Ann

  3. Hi, the jury is still out on the link between LS and autoimmune. I was diagnosed almost 20 yrs ago and like you have used a steroid, mine being clobetasol. I am thinking about trying the borax after reading many posts in the past years about it. Up until a few months ago I enjoyed a long remission by using topical hormones, clobetasol and emu oil. I am convinced our disease is more hormonal related and is aso affected by the inflammation created by eating a processed diet in combination with food sensitivities causing toxins to leach in to the body through the intestines.

    • Hi Dee,
      Thank you for your comments … it helps everyone who has this to know that we are not alone. (I have had a number of ‘private’ emails too – so we definitely are not!)
      Taken that LS occurs usually in children and post menopausal women I suspect you are right – there is an hormonal element (which does not stop it also being auto-immune) but with the link to other auto-immunes, of inflammation – particularly from gut-biome related ‘incursions’, I would not be surprised at that either. However, in my case, you’ll have seen from my other posts that we’ve been living a mostly ‘good-life’ style (home produced foods – cooking from scratch – few (junk) processed foods) so, apart from the ‘wheat’ factor – I wasn’t sure how the inflammation could have come from that direction.
      All I know is that the Borax and magnesium worked for me (and continues to do so) and that it is worth a try – besides – if it didn’t work there would be no harm done (unlike the steroid creams which, by thinning the skin further, do harm). Most certainly the borax and bicarb baths are good – and probably a little is skin-absorbed that way anyway. However, I think that taking the magnesium is also key! One, it makes the borax ‘work’ and Two, magnesium is indicated in helping straighten-out hormone imbalances – so if our LS is hormone related this can also only help.
      Thank you again for commenting – and, if you try it I’d love to know if it works for you – especially if it does! Our bodies are all so different, made up as they are from our own unique set of DNA, so nothing is guaranteed – but is definitely worth a try.
      best – Ann

    • I agree, I too have had LS for about 20 years. It actually has been doing better long term still have those flares every now and then but overall it’s seems to being doing ok. I just turned 50 by the way and I do believe it’s the gut health gone awry with the hormones. I’ve had two periods a month for a couple of months and sometimes no period at all recently. I am going to try the borox internally. My good friend is a certified health coach and he told me to use the borox internally he said in a small does it would not hurt. Also putting it on externally halted all my recent flair up in its tracks and already looks much better. It’s a saturated solution that a lady came up with it works like a miracle. I also use a 50 mw laser.. I think it’s mw anyway. It also helps infuse and regenerates the skin on a cellular level. That is just a pointer laser but it gets the job done too.

      • Hi Karen,
        Thanks for your comment.
        I think that borax baths and the borax cream (or the saturated solution you spoke of) could be enough to control the condition if caught early enough, through trans-dermal absorption. One correspondent had been following my blog as she likes my novels, and had recently been diagnosed with LS when I wrote this blog. She just does the baths and the cream and it has stopped it progressing and has cleared the early signs and itching. (So she’s not had need to take it internally) However, once someone has had it for a few years it needs more drastic action, and taking it internally at the recommend levels is it! Hope it does the job for you as well as it has for me (and others)
        Best – Ann

  4. Thank you Ann !
    I would much rather send a email but I found you on a Google search and can’t find a email link on here.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Ethel, Thank you for responding anyway … if you would still like to send an email (to ask questions or anything) you can send it to ann@ annfoweraker .com (close up the gaps – it’s written like this to stop spam robots picking it up) Why not sign-up (top of page) to get my blog sent directly to your email 🙂 then any developments will come your way …
      🙂 Ann
      I found your message to me via my facebook page and have answered there. 🙂

  5. I too have LS. I’ve been treating it for two years with bio identical hormone replacement therapy and Clobetesol. Overall everything has been good. But I had a bad flare a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure why. Started reading about Borax and figured I had nothing to lose. I found your blog just today and like your combination of creams. I’ve been using the borax for a few days and will add the magnesium glycinate. Wish me luck. I feel good about the borax.

    • Hi Angela,
      It’s such an uncomfortable affliction, I do hope this remedy works for you too. The magnesium is important as it activates the borax in your system, plus magnesium helps balance hormones too.
      I would love to know if it is as effective for you as it has been, and continues to be, for me.
      Thank you for contacting me

      • Hi Kathy,
        Unless Angela has set up an alert if someone replies to her comment, she may not see it. However, if you want to see if this has worked for someone else, scroll down to Victoria’s comments, starting Oct 14th (2017) all the best Ann

    • Hi Det,
      Thanks for your questions.
      I do not follow a specific candida diet – though I have been following a low-carb diet for many, many years and they do have similarities. I haven’t suffered from Thrush and I didn’t consider the LS to be the same type of condition. As for coffee – I have never drunk coffee as I just do not like the smell or the taste of it – so I am sorry I do not know if it is a good idea to give it up or not.
      The white patches were the least of the problems with my LS, but it was in that earlier stage, with the terrible itching that comes with it, that LS was diagnosed by my GP (who happened to be a skin-specialist) However, later it was the cracked skin, the blistering and the swelling that hurt the most and drove me to despair and then to finding out about Borax. When all that went the white patches (which had been early signs) were nowhere to be seen. All in all it took between 2 and 3 weeks to clear completely – and (with the life-long very low Borax dose plus magnesium) it hasn’t made a reappearance so far 🙂
      Hope this helps
      – best Ann

  6. Hi Ann,
    I have been using borax also for LS, for a few months, I found the remedy online here:
    I was diagnosed with LS about 18 months ago and used the steroids maybe a handful of times before giving up and looking for natural remedies and causes.
    I was taking borax internally, for a few months but stopped for a while, just for a break. I use sitz baths with a cup of borax and magnesium, sea salt and water as hot as I can bear. I massage the area in the direction the vulva is designed to loosen up any fusing that may be occurring, sneakily as it does. I know it works as there have been times when I can feel the skin starting to fuse again and I take the borax bath and it comes undone.

    I told my doctor and I told the vulva clinic, they keep cautioning me, its so frustrating as it works and they do not listen.
    Although the last time I had a vulva clinic appt the nurse lectured me and THEN examined me and was surprised! She suddenly did an about turn on her diagnosis of LS, saying I looked normal and maybe I could stop everything and see what happens.

    The thing is, I do think I have LS, but I have managed to keep the effects at bay.

    I have also given up sugar, wheat and alcohol ( although occasionally I have a drink ) This has also made a difference.

    Borax stops the itching, I apply estradiol now and again to the outer area, small amounts, low levels. I am 56 and menopausal.

    I use coconut oil to lubricate so the skin is not able to stick together in the first place.

    Thank you for listening 🙂


    • Hi Jaqueline,
      Well done you on looking for a natural cure earlier rather than waiting years (as I foolishly did – believing it to be auto-immune)
      Yes it does work! And, yes, I can see that the professionals may just think it was misdiagnosed – or that it went into spontaneous remission, as it challenges what they have been taught.
      However, I say, if you have LS – try this (the borax remedy as per the websites cited). If nothing else the borax and bicarb baths are the best relief going – and I don’t think the health professionals can say anything against that!
      Coconut oil is a great lubricator – as you’ll have seen I mixed bicarb and borax in with melted coconut oil to make a lubricating balm – and that also works well.
      I do not think the borax is a cure, it doesn’t claim to cure as it does say to keep on the low dose (with magnesium too) for LIFE to keep the symptoms away – but I can do that – after the agony of the LS I find that no bother whatsoever!
      Keep sharing the love – let other LS sufferers know that there is another way!
      Best – Ann

  7. Thank you Ann!

    Yes, it is SO important we do share and converse, I was gobsmacked to leave the womens clinic at Melbourne womens hospital with no recipe for emotional support or access to support groups and little information. I was also not directed to a dermatologist and have not been guided to do that even now? The whole scenario is quite archaic.
    They diagnosed it as being a psychological issue before they had even examined me? At which point it was quite embarrassing on their part.

    I will definitely try the remedy you mention, I came online just to get the recipe and discovered you had replied! Bonus!

    I am lucky in that I do not have the terrible symptoms, pain and itching, or the horrendous tearing ( thus far ) I just experienced a lack of sensation, which has also improved.

    I will keep you all posted

    Onward and Upward!


  8. Hello Ann,

    Thanks for sharing your story. Can I ask how many milligrams of magnesium you are taking on a daily basis? I’d like to give this routine a try.

  9. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your question.
    I take 200 mg of magnesium glycinate (two 100 mg caps) which is 50% of the Recommended Daily Allowance. The rest should easily be made up if you eat a varied diet with plenty of veg.
    Hope you find this routine useful.
    Please do not hesitate to ask further questions or make comments about how it goes.

  10. You should, Dear Lady, warn your readers that borax is poisonous and the government has ruled it may not be sold in retail stores: not even Boots have it on their shelves. Of course, health and safety never checks the benefits versus the costs. As one of your readers has commented, it is a good water softener. I think it is important to treat it like poison ( the effective ingredient in ant killers) and label it so and keep it well away from little hands! Of course, it ought to be available from your GP, but BIG PHARMA rules!

    • Hi David, Thank you for your email and your concern. Yes, I agree, like all things potentially dangerous this should be kept away from little hands!! I may add a bit to the post. As for adults, in the links in the post it goes into the nature and any danger of this product. .it seems it is as dangerous as table-salt. . which is dangerous in quantity, especially to children.
      And yes, if it works and is cheap and easy to use, it won’t be endorsed by big pharma!

  11. Thanks so much for your blog and all this worthwhile info. I couldn’t find Borax powder in the shops so searched on Amazon and have bought Borax Substitute. Is this the same thing? Don’t fancy drinking it so will make the solution up and apply directly and see how I get on. Thanks again

    • Hi Nicola.
      No, borax substitute is NOT the same, I have no idea what is in it and is probably focused on the laundry aspect. I do not suggest you use it at all.
      What country do you live in? Maybe I can find the right type of Borax out there for you.
      If UK my link (the red words £5.95 a kilo) will take you to where I bought it.

  12. I have LS and I just discovered the use of borax as a natural remedy for this condition. Then I saw your article and now I have to try it! Im in so much pain when I walk and so uncomfortable. I hope this really works for me, I will cry if I can get some relief! Thank you for this article!!

    • Hi Brittney,
      Thank you for your comment, I know from some others that this has worked for them, as well as me, so I really hope that it works for you too.
      Take care to use real borax, the correct quantities, and it is essential to take magnesium too! The coconut oil ‘cream’ may also help especially if the LS affected areas rub.
      Please do let me know how you get on. best Ann

  13. Thank you so much for posting this. I was just diagnosed and am horrified and in so much discomfort. I read about the possible positive effect of borax. It is wonderful to hear a success story with it. I literally was diagnosed 3 days ago — it came on so suddenly the day after my annual pap exam. My doctor didn’t even see it but it has gotten really bad really fast. I havent even looked into support forums yet but I feel there should be one. It’s a terrible affliction. Thanks again for sharing your experience!

  14. Hello
    This is fascinating. I have been diagnosed with LS for some months now. i was also told that it was incurable and perscribed the cremes. But I also discovered this Borax recipe and have been using it exactly as you have said with one exception. It said to add pink himalayan salt. But I lost my recipe and am down to my last few doses in the jar! It has been extremely helpful to me but my nurse practitioner really cautioned me against taking it internally. But as you and many others I was desperate so I did it anyway and am so glad I found the relief. LS is a serious condition and I’m so happy for this simple but effective remedy

  15. Hello again

    I just went back over your remedy and saw that you also had added the pink Himalayan salt. I guess I some how skipped right over that in my haste. just wanted to clarify that.
    – Sara

    • Hi Sara,
      The place you probably found the recipe the first time is in my blog as a link (words in red) that say’ The site I looked at also advised’ click on that and you’ll find it. However, at the dose it suggested I found the Sodium totals (from borax plus pink salt) too much for me, and dropped the pink salt. The resulting relief from symptoms was still effective, and continues to be.
      From what you say I’m guessing it works for you too, as you want to carry on! All the best for a LS free future! Ann

  16. Hi Ann.
    I was diagnosed with LS back in October last year and we noticed it while I was pregnant with my 3rd little one and were able to biopsy it and send it in after he was born. Now I’ve gone through many steroid creams and none worked and let’s face it no one wants to use something that can cause more harm than good. Anyways before I found your testimonial I had already started the 1/8tsp borax and 1/8tsp Himalayan rock salt in a litre of distilled water. I’m on day 11 today. My question to you is that you state it took approximately 3 months to be symptom free. Did you start the maintenance after the 2 weeks of the drinking the 2 litre a day or form you drink the 1 litre a day for 3 months until your symptoms subsided?? Also I’ll be making your recipe for relief of coconut oil and borax and baking soda today! Can’t wait to try it.

    • Hi Samantha,
      I had considerable relief by the time I finished the first level course (which I did for 16 days as I’d divided each teaspoon into 8 – twice, one teaspoon for each week = 16 days worth) so I went straight onto the maintenance dose after that, and have remained on that ever since, along with the magnesium. (You are taking magnesium too?!) Has your LS begun to clear at all yet??
      Getting the borax to dissolve as much as you can when making the cream is key, and keep stirring until almost set.
      Hope it all helps, do contact me again if you have any other questions
      Best Ann

  17. Thank you Ann!
    Yes Iam taking magnesium as well as zinc. My LS has gone down to just super itchy. I did have hard skin but everything now is normal feeling just itchy. Like a crazy mad woman haha. I’ll keep doing it over a 16 days and then start the maintenance and go from there. Hoping the crazy itching will subside woo. Thanks so much for your quick response and I’ll make sure to dissolve the borax as much as possible when I make the cream 😊😊

    • Hi Samantha,
      I have seen, elsewhere, people who have done maintenance for a month, then, if all symptoms had not cleared, done another high dose for a couple of weeks before returning to maintenance, so keep that in mind if it doesn’t totally go.
      Also, as you may recall me saying, I really think it pays to have sorted out the gut bacteria. (Which I had been working on for preserving good brain function anyway before I came across the borax treatment.) I am convince that good gut health helps us in the fight against autoimmune conditions as well as any triggered by imbalances in our systems. Do look at my blog here
      You may find the blog post called Cold Turkey shampoo interesting too. 🙂
      Hope all goes well. Ann

    • Hi NJP
      thank you for the thank you – I am hoping this means you tried it and it works for you – or maybe just that the blog was encouraging.. either way – thanks Ann

  18. Hi Ann,

    Thank you so much for this blog, I was just recently diagnosed and I am in pain, and going crazy with it all. Started with the crazy itchy and now I seem to have it all the bruising, blistering swelling. I am changing my diet and just came upon the borax bath which I have been doing for the past 4 days what a relief!! I read and then now cannot find the paste that you make with the borax and water I believe it was, can you tell me that and can you put it on the blistering I’m afraid too because it hurts quite a bit.
    Thanks so much for your help

    • Hi Penny,
      So glad you are finding the borax and bicarb bathing a relief! As I said – it was that which convinced me to do the whole treatment – taking it internally as per the directions, too.
      As for the ‘paste’ – I didn’t use just borax and water (you may have read that somewhere else?) I made up a coconut oil, borax, bicarb and lavender oil ‘cream’. (see below) This provided the ‘slip’ between the blistered surfaces so they did not rub and scream at me, as well as bringing the borax and bicarb to the skin. Easy to make up – just remember to keep stirring to dissolve as much as possible and so that the borax doesn’t drop out to the bottom of the mix as it cools. Just as it thickens, add the lavender essential oil (otherwise the heat would drive off the essence). I use this a little of this everyday even now. I hope this helps
      X Ann

      “One other thing I used over that fortnight was a simple ‘cream’ I made-up myself. Without the corticosteroid cream there was no slippery barrier to each inner cheek rubbing against the other and causing pain. So I used two rounded tablespoons of coconut oil (which is a solid at room temp) melted it (in a small lidded pyrex bowl in the microwave, watching it carefully) and mixed into it one level teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, one level teaspoon of Borax and 3 drops of lavender oil (essential oil) The dry ingredients are dissolved into the warmed oil and constantly stirred – even as it begins to solidify. The essential oil added before it solidifies but after the oil has cooled a bit. This then sets to a hard ‘cream’ – so I would scrape off a little (I use a plastic spoon) and it would melt on my skin providing the lubrication on the sore skin with the soothing qualities of the other ingredients.”

  19. Thanks for this post. I can’t seem to tolerate borax externally as it irritates the skin down there even in little amounts. Isn’t taking borax internally toxic ? The side of the borax box I have says do not take internally.

    • Hi Melissa,
      When you say borax irritates even in little amounts – are we talking about amounts like a level table-spoon in a bath of about 10 inches deep? Or in a cream? Or used in direct contact? Did you try the borax and bicarb bath – in other words? That is the least amount of borax contact.
      As to taking borax internally, first check you have a box of pure borax (NOT a substitute – and not one with extra ingredients (such as scents) If it says 99% pure then read on:- Go to this link HERE – yes it is about borax and arthritis rather than just lichen sclerosus – I’d say read it all, it is very interesting – but at least scroll down and read the section called Toxicity Issues. (By the way – I followed up on many of the links and, independently, on other aspects of this report as I was sceptical at the beginning!) You will find that it is less toxic than table salt.
      I only report as I found, how you use the information is up to you – I just felt that it seemed so wonderful that this worked that I couldn’t keep it to myself – and I have had a few people come back and say how wonderfully it worked for them too! (some people have only contacted me via emails) one even after suffering with LS for 17 years!
      Do read the piece linked – and then decide you way forward.
      Hope you find a way out of LS 🙂 best Ann

      • Hi Ann,

        I’d be very interested to speak with the person who suffered for 17 years on her journey, her symptom progression, and most importantly, her healing!! I’m in my 12th year and it is AWFUL. I’m all the worst pics on Google images combined. I’m 38 years old and really struggling. I’ve just started borax topical saturated solution and soaking days ago and excited to see some (ever so slight) improvement. Am interested to try ingestion, but am concerned as I’m still nursing my baby. We shall see what the future holds!

        • Hi Abby,
          12 years ! that’s awful! Obviously I can’t give you anyone’s contact details – but I can tell you that the lady who had suffered for 17 years was an older lady (late seventies) She did not go into great detail but she said she was in a lot of pain from it – and, like me, the borax taken as per the doses and the baths really worked for her (also the coconut oil and borax ‘creme’ – though like many others, she came back saying the borax remained gritty – which it does if you don’t get the oil warm enough) – and that she was ‘in remission’ and taking the maintenance dose and the magnesium glycinate.

          Now, as for you being still nursing – I would be inclined to only use it externally (you will absorb some transdermaly) until you finish breast-feeding (just in case – as babies are very sensitive to salt levels and it is a type of salt)
          I would have thought that the magnesium glycinate would be ok though – in fact it is recommended by some breastfeeding sites – though if you are in doubt – check with a health professional. The magnesium is important to helping the borax work.
          I wish you well and hope you find some relief from this horrible condition.
          Do let me know how you get on.

  20. Hi Ann — thanks for your response. I actually just put like 1/4 teaspoon in a sitz bath and its still irritating. I have similar results with baking soda. Might be too basic or something?

    Where would you get pure borax? The only type I see is the Mule’s Borax in the detergent section of Walmart.

    • Hi Melissa,
      Thanks for your message. Sorry for the delay in answering – I’ve been looking back through emails and on the web.
      Firstly – the 20 mule team borax (unavailable here UK except through chemist suppliers) IS the pure borax – so you are fine with that – if borax is what you need.
      What concerns me is that the borax or bicarbonate of soda is hurting so much. I have had a long conversation with another lady via email (living in Australia) who had been diagnosed as having LS (her young child also). They also found the borax (and the bicarb) very stinging!! After a long saga – involving a biopsy that showed no LS … and various other misdiagnoses and a change of doctor she was diagnosed with Group A streptococcal vaginitis. (the symptoms of which can be mistaken for LS and see Link HERE are often not considered in adult women)
      I just wonder how sure you are of your diagnosis. When you look around the web – LS is often misdiagnosed (both as and as not)? A second opinion maybe – with a special dermatologist – if you are not certain? Though I am aware of the cost implications if you live the US of this..
      Otherwise – all I can suggest is using a little coconut oil to soothe the area and make it slippery against the other skin – as I can only report on what I found myself with LS and this remedy in the original post.
      Hope this has helped a little

      • Also – noticing you say a ‘sitz’ bath – how much volume does that hold? I used 1 tablespoon (ofeach) in a full-sized bath filled to about 10 inches.. that is gallons of water!! maybe if the sitz uses only 4 pints or so then even half a teaspoon is too much? Just a thought – maybe start much lower and work up?
        X Ann

  21. Dear Ann,

    is it normal that the selfmade coconut-borax-natron (it is nearly the same as soda) cream burns a littel bit?

    Thank you so much for sharing your expirience about LS and Borax with us all!!!

    • Hi Anja,
      Thank you for your email 🙂
      I hadn’t come across Natron – but have just looked it up in a couple of places. It seems it can be used in baking instead of bicarbonate of soda but it isn’t the same
      This from wikipedia: Natron is a naturally occurring mixture of sodium carbonate decahydrate (Na2CO3·10H2O, a kind of soda ash) and around 17% sodium bicarbonate (also called baking soda, NaHCO3) along with small quantities of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate
      As you can see it is basically – chemically – NOT the same. I would not be happy substituting natron for bicarbonate of soda.
      As to whether the mixture for the cream – made using bicarbonate of soda – borax and coconut oil – stings, well in the early stages when the skin is raw and split – yes a tiny bit – but as soon as the healing starts any stinging goes.
      I hope this helps.
      (p.s. where do you live? – that natron is more usual than bicarb? – is it Germany by any chance?)

  22. ..i forgot to ask you – > when did you start with the magnesium?
    We have magnesium citrat at home. Can you recommend this too oder should it be a m.glycinat?

    Thanks again!

  23. Hi again Anja,
    You start the magnesium at the same time as you start taking the borax solution internally. Magnesium citrate is ok — except it is also a laxative. If you do not want that side effect then you need another magnesium that is bio-avalable – which is why I chose the magnesium glycinate. at 200mg per day (2 x 100mg capsules)
    Hope this helps

  24. Now I’m a little confused..
    We ‘ve got a package labeld
    ‘Natron – NaHCO3 (Natriumhydrogencarbonat)’
    Ad it to my bathwater sometimes . Feeling extremly relaxed after it!
    Thought Natron is the so called ‘soda’.. But anyway.. Thanks for your fast response Ana!

    I’m from Austria. Not that far away from germany 🙂

  25. Hi Anja,
    Hmm, I’m confused too – obviously the same actual chemical compound has been given to this despite it being suggested that it is different!

    Maybe use the cream with only the borax to be safe if it stings too much with the natron added?

    Do let me know how the treatment goes – it helps me help others!

    (Austria! – I had read that people moving to Germany and looking for Bicarbonate of soda for cooking had been told that in Germany they used natron instead – maybe in Austria too)

  26. Yes I´ll keep you up to date!

    oh okey.. i says that..
    Sodium Bicarbonate = Natriumbicarbonat NaHCO3
    Natriumbicarbonat is just an outdated term of Natriumhydrogencarbonat or Natron.
    Natriumbicarbonat NaHCO3 (ph 8,2) ≠ Natriumcarbonat Na2CO3 (ph 11,6)

    Well we use both for cooking! 🙂

    The cream stings for a maximum of half an hour.. after that I do not feel anything and the itching is gone too.
    3 times used today. It helps really..
    Today I started with the borax-water drink as well.

    best Anja

  27. Hi Anja!
    Oh the itching. . .such a relief when that eases up!!
    Hope all goes well with the borax water. . Look forward to hearing progress.

  28. God Bless You Ann!!! I am so thrilled I found your post, you have no idea (or maybe you do!!)…I am going to go get the ingredients today and start right away! My LS has been getting worse and worse, and I’ve been feeling desperate. I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • Hi Victoria,
      I hope it works for you as well as it did for me!! That first borax and bicarbonate bath was great!
      Taking it internally, just make sure you understand the dose before you start, and don’t forget to also take the magnesium (2x100mg daily)
      Good luck, I look forward to hearing from you, any queries do ask

      • Dear Ann,
        Four days in.. and I’m seeing GREAT improvement!!!
        I’m following all your guidelines…and determined to live itch and pain free!
        In the “maintenance phase” are you still doing the baths daily? How long have you been using this method?
        Best Wishes,
        From smokey California…

        • Hi Victoria,
          That sounds GREAT! Thanks for the update 🙂
          Answers: it’s been a whole year now since I began the borax treatment! A whole year without that pain and itch!
          In the early days, I did do the baths daily, then, after the skin returned to pink I only did them if it felt a little tender. (Which, as the skin was so new it did some days)
          Then I just took to adding a tablespoon of borax and bicarbonate every time I bath (about once a week – showering in between). (It always feels good and it’s a great mix for really getting your skin clean!)
          I do use the cream I made up still, especially if I know I have to sit down a lot in a day, like at big meetings. And I only use the borax and bicarbonate for cleaning my hair, no more shampoo with dubious ingredients! (See blog called Cold turkey shampoo)
          Hope it helps! And Thank you for updating anyone who sees this blog, it can give such encouragement to try to beat LS

  29. Hello again Ann!
    Well…I’m two weeks in and the change is ENORMOUS!! By doing the daily “3 prong attack:” (ha ha…) The soaking; the topical; and the injesting, I’d say I’m about 80% FREE of discomfort and itching; and the periodic pain (stabbing shots of pain) is entirely gone. To say this is life-changing is an understatement. I’m so deeply grateful to you for being so brave to put this process out there for folks with L/S. You’ve literally changed my life. Now I can dance at my son’s wedding next week with no pain or itching!!!!
    I know we all have different body chemistries, but I really hope other readers try out this method as well. I had tried soooo many other natural remedies for two years and none had worked for me, til THIS one! I’ve decided to continue on for one more extra week with the initial approach…and then move to the ongoing (forever) maintenance program.
    I sent you a big warm virtual hug from California.
    So grateful,

  30. OH Victoria!
    I am overjoyed to hear this! And delighted you will be able to dance at your son’s wedding next week without the pain! Thank you for the virtual hug – each time someone gets the benefit from trying this solution I am so glad I wrote this blog post.
    And bless you too for sharing your results – it does help others uncertain about trying.
    Here’s to a L/S pain-free future.
    X Ann

  31. Hi Ann,

    Great post. I was recently diagnosed and was very upset about using a strong steroid cream. Giving this a try instead. Thanks so much for one more confirmation that it works. When you speak of putting 1 Tablespoon each of Borax and baking soda, do you refer to a sitz bath or a regular full bath? How long do you soak for? Thanks so very much for your sharing and help.

    • Hi Debby,
      The Tablespoon of borax and bicarbonate was in a standard bath, with enough water to soak the appropriate areas of my body, so about 8 inches deep water. ..
      As for how long I soaked, probably about 10 mins.
      BTW, I now put the same amount in my full bath, about once a week when I soak (and read) for an hour 😉 (showers in between) and also use borax and bicarb for hair washing (see blog post, cold turkey shampoo)
      Hope this helps
      Best Ann

    • Hi Laura,
      Yes I did, the skin was very thin and would tear or split causing acute pain! I am now a year since I began this treatment and the skin no longer splits. I would say I’ve been pain free with sex for the last six months, though we’ve been careful and I choose to lubricate a little with coconut oil. (Didn’t fancy using chemical lubricants) Everyone is different, and as I’d left it so long before trying this and had been using the steroid cream, my skin was really quite thin in that area!
      Hope this helps

    • Hi Shirley,
      Yes, that is borax (sodium tetraborate) and, apparently, is 99% pure.(Not available in UK laundry aisles, but is in USA and Canada I understand.)
      Hope this helps

  32. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I just read through the entire thread – it’s so encouraging to hear everyone’s experience with LS and borax. Ironically, I recently cleaned and scrubbed my bathtub with borax…if only I had just gotten into the tub with it! 😀

    • Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your comment. It is indeed encouraging – it might not work for everyone – but for those that it does it was worth writing and sharing! Hope if you give it a try that it works for you … if so – please do share your results here as it helps those who are looking for a way to rid themselves of this unpleasant condition! Don’t forget the magnesium along with the borax treatment – it helps it work better and helps your body balance your hormones too.
      Good luck and keep in touch – best Ann
      p.s. and at least you know where to get borax from!!

  33. I’m so hopeful that this will help me. I’ve had this issue for as long as I can remember and am 29 now. I ran out to buy borax and already took a bath with it and I feel relieved already. I’d already be so uncomfortable after my normal bath of Epsom salt. It is truly debilating and suffering in silence is the worst! I’d literally trade a limb for it to be gone.

    • Hi Missy,
      Sorry for the delay in showing your post, Christmas a bit manic here. Glad you found the borax bath helpful, it was what convinced me that this was worth a try taking it too, in those carefully measured small doses. And don’t forget the magnesium 🙂
      Do keep in touch and report how it goes.
      All the best for a LS free New Year – Ann

  34. Thank you for your blog! My poor mum has suffered and has now had her V lasersed because of undiagnosed LS. She is in agony every day, and has lost her quality of life. I have bought borax from the eBay site and I will be passing on your info. Also, as it is hereditary, I am going to be ingesting the borax as a preventative measure.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I really do feel for your Mum, having been there!
      Start with the borax and bicarb bath, and if happy with that then she can move on to ingesting it at the dose shown, but don’t forget to take bio-available magnesium too!
      If your Mum reads the whole thread she’ll see plenty of questions and answers, but if she reads nothing else, let her see Victoria’s from October (18th and 29th) this year, it may inspire her.
      Here’s wishing her and everyone a LS free New Year.
      Best- Ann

    • P.S.
      Though there is a suggestion that the propensity of LS is to run in families – from what I have read it is not been identified as specifically hereditary, so you could well be fine. However, if you are going to take the borax as a preventative measure I think the maintenance dose is fine. X Ann

  35. Hi Ann,

    Thanks so much for your informative posting. Curious to know if you have spoken to any many with male LS or BXO that have tried your method? If yes wondering if they had any success.

  36. Hi David,
    Thanks for your query.
    Though I was aware that LS affected some men as well as women I have not had any male with LS contact me so far.
    The method isn’t actually mine* – I found it here (though re-read my post re: pink Himalayan salt) I read this and then read as much as I could around the subject (with a little scientific background to help my understanding and discernment of the various sources of information out there) With the answers that gave me (ie it wasn’t going to kill me in the very low doses suggested) and with the wonderful relief that the bathing in the borax and bicarb gave me – I decided I would try it internally as well. Having tried it and been AMAZED by the result – I left it (albeit on the maintenance dose) until I was 3 months clear before I wrote about it. As I said – because I felt that it was so painful and uncomfortable (in many ways) that if it could work for others I really had to share what I had found worked for me. (*the ‘cream’ = coconut oil, borax, bicarb and lavender oil is of my own concoction though)
    As for if it would work for men who have it – I can only say – I don’t see why not. Perhaps it would be good for a male to also try the bathing first – and if that does no harm – try the ingesting – taking care not to exceed the doses suggested. Sharing results is so helpful to others out there seeking help – as I have found since this blog post. I had thought – if only one person gets some benefit it was worth sharing these intimate details – it has been many (including those who contact me directly by email) but not everyone. For instance, one lady who found the borax baths stung unbearably who went on to a second diagnosis which showed it wasn’t LS after all!
    Anyway – I hope this answer helps in some way.
    Best – Ann

  37. Hi again Ann. I have read that very recently it’s been discovered that LS runs in families, so it is hereditary. My mum’s LS was not at all itchy. She had white lesions but nothing else, not even pain. Which is why she didn’t know she had it, probably for many years.
    Thank you again.

    • Hi again Rachel,
      Ah, Thank you, I’ll have to look that up. If you can remember the reference please do email me with it. Strangely, though no expert and really only initially sharing my experience, I now feel I need to know as much as possible, since people find my post and contact me. Thanks – Ann

  38. Hi Ann, I have been reading your post on Borax for LS. I want to try this although I am afraid to sit in the Borax. I have open wounds on my butt cheeks. I will buy a sitz bath to use. I am not sure how much borax do I put in a sitz bath? Thank you for all you do. Teresa

    • Hi Teresa,
      If you have a full sized bath then I would do it in that first. Make it even a bit deeper than I suggested if you are concerned (say waist deep when sitting rather than just covering your legs) and still use the 1level tablespoon of borax and one of bicarb. This way you would get a low, gentle dose to try the first time.
      I had cracked skin when I first tried the baths too!
      If you do not have a full sized bath then I am not sure of the amounts for a sitz bath, but I’d start with something like half a level teaspoon of each, as I believe the sizt bath holds less than a gallon.
      Whichever, dissolve the borax in pretty hot water, then cool it, as it can be gritty if the water is only warm.
      Do let me know how you get on, and feel free to get back to me if you have any other questions
      All the best – Ann

  39. Hi Ann
    I’m having a biopsy next week to establish if I’ve got LS. It’s very mild if that’s what it is at the moment but I’m gathering as much information as I can in case as am terrified of it getting bad like so many poor ladies are enduring. I’ve heard so many good stories about the Borax baths and was also given the same link as you posted to buy some.
    Would you say to start the treatment even if my condition isn’t that bad? Do you think it would prevent it from getting any worse? I’ve heard it can reverse fusing too.
    So pleased to hear it’s helping so many ladies and well done to you for posting this blog!

    • Hi Debbie,
      Thanks for your comment.
      I can only speak from experience and from what others have reported back to me, but if I had just been diagnosed I’d certainly start the borax and bicarb baths straight away. They will not harm and, if it is LS, they will relieve.
      As an example, one lady who contacted me via email) in her late 70s, who had just been diagnosed came upon my blog only a couple of weeks into using the steroid cream, so started using the baths and my coconut oil, borax, bicarb and lavender oil mixture/cream and it cleared it up and now controls it completely (doesn’t use the steroid cream at all) just the baths and the coconut etc mix regularly* and the magnesium tablets. (*some borax will be absorbed transdermally and the magnesium boosts its effect as well as helping to balance hormones)
      So I would say it is worth trying that to start with, though the area they take the biopsy from will be hypersensitive to anything! So try the bath before you have it done, if possible, to reassure yourself that it doesn’t hurt, as after, before full healing, it might. If the baths prove painful while biopsy site healing then, I’d definitely get taking the magnesium tablets and maybe the very low dose of borax liquid.(maintenance level = 1teaspoon dissolved in one litre of water, kept in fridge, and just one or two teaspoons taken each day)
      Hope all goes well for you, please do report back as this helps all of us LS suffered.
      Best Ann

      • Hi Ann
        Thanks for your prompt reply!
        That’s a good idea to try the bath before my biopsy, it’s next Thursday so hopefully I’ll be able to get some in time.
        I’ll most definitely keep you posted.
        Thanks again.

  40. Hi Debbie,
    I have used this one* with anyone in the family who has had to have antibiotics – usually just one month to kick start everything – then eating the right foods to keep them growing and happy – see this blog post for info on this:

    *(Dr, Mercola, they contain the right mix of bacteria and I have family evidence that their capsule does manage to get the bacteria past the stomach acids!) link below

    Hope this helps

    • Thanks Ann
      The Borax arrived today so at least I can try before my biopsy now!
      Was thinking about the patch test and where to do it as it might react differently on my vulva to another part of my body? Do you think if it’s ok on my skin it’ll be fine on my vulva?
      I’m hopeful!


      • Hi Debbie,
        Hmm, I didn’t do a patch test, and unless you ran a 8 – 10 ” deep bath with a tablespoon of borax and bicarb dissolved in it, then used some of that water for your patch test it wouldn’t give a true response, as higher concentrates would be too strong.
        But if you want to try a patch test. . as for skin to try – there’s not much as sensitive as the vulva. . .but I’d go for the inner elbow, an area that doesn’t get hardened by life and easy to see at least.
        Or, you could try the bath at a level table spoon of each, or a deeper bath as a first try?
        No personal experience to go by on this one – but I hope it helps.
        Best Ann
        P.s. I see the next person on comments just come in (see below – Lorraine) has just tried a bath with no ill effect. 🙂

        • Hi Ann,
          Think I’ll give the bath a try anyway tonight..I’m sure it will be fine.
          I’m a bit anxious about the drink you think as I’m in the early stages of LS the baths will be enough to stop it progressing?
          I think I’ve spoken to Lorraine before on the Facebook support group..fingers crossed she has success too!

          • Hi Debbie,
            Make sure the borax dissolves well in some really hot water then add the cold to sitting in temperature. (it dissolves better in hot!) the first time I added it to water at sitting-in temp and there were the odd gritty bits in it that hadn’t quite dissolved! Still no harm though! Just relief!
            If the baths go well you could see if it prevents it spreading – I’d still take magnesium though! If it doesn’t then go for the ingesting – it’s no more toxic than table salt and at these levels that is not toxic either.
            Let me know how the bath goes 🙂

  41. I’m starting today, just had my first bath with borax & bicarb & drinking my litre of water with 1/8 tsp of borax. I will get the magnesium tomorrow . I’ve had LS for about 10 yrs & I’m so desperate. I’ve also suffered with thrush my whole life (I’m 54) & have MS! My body is a trial to say the least but, if I can alleviate some of the LS symptoms then I’ll be happy. Thank you for continuing to share

    • Hi Lorraine,
      Hope it goes as well for you as it did for me.
      Yes, the magnesium is important too, hope you were able to get a good bioavailable type.
      Do let me know how it goes.
      Best, Ann

  42. Hi Ann
    I’ve make your coconut, baking soda and borax paste twice now and it seems to be grainy, is that ok? Not sure if I’m mixing correctly. Also do you know if there’s another way to take the 2 week borax drink, such as a pill supplement? I have seen Boron online, but not sure if it’s the right strength and as effective. Thank you!

    • Hi Cat,
      Thanks for your comment, it is quite difficult to get the borax to dissolve in the coconut oil. I usually get it quite hot (not so hot that it would scald you if it splashed)Stirring ALL the time it is cooling, until set, is very important. Even then it can still feel a bit grainy, but mostly dissolves as it melts on the skin. I hold a piece between my fingers to melt before applying, any grains left I can exclude from applying.
      As for boron, if you carefully follow the instructions you will have the correct, low, dose. I am not aware of any tablets that could do the same. There is more info on the link in my blog post where it says ‘i read around, and found out more here’
      If you give it a try, do let me know how you get on, it helps others.
      Have you tried baths with borax and bicarbonate yet??
      Best, hope it works for you as well as it has for me, Ann’m

  43. Hi, there is a laser treatment now called MonaLisa Touch which has good results, but doesn’t get rid of it. Also, you are more prone to getting LS, if you have thyroid issues, and vitamin D deficiency. I am trying the magnesium atm, to see if it helps with flare ups.

  44. Hi Bronwyn.
    Hmm, the laser treatment sound a bit scary to me, especially if it doesn’t actually get rid of it – but I know how desperate we can get because it is so very, very painful, unpleasant and ‘unknown’ (so we often suffer in silence).
    Vitamin D is a must! After all it is essential for healthy skin — and this is what we are dealing with here – skin under attack!
    I am sure the magnesium is important for helping to balance hormones and for increasing the power of the borax solution (on the maintenance dose as well as the initial dosage)
    I hope it helps you as it did me … and here I am, now eighteen months LS free ! (and it has stayed that was despite the huge stresses of close family deaths and other aspects of my own health have put upon me)
    best – Ann

  45. Dear Ann,
    I’ve started the sitzbaths and the magnesium glycinate supplements, also the creme, but find it too gritty! Maybe heating the oil more might help dissolve the grains better?
    I am concerned with ingesting the Borax, since it has been banned in literally all countries. Is there safety information by any reputable institution? You mention that it is no more toxic than table salt and I would LOVE to believe you. Where did you get this info????
    Thanks, Marieluise


    • Hi Irene,
      Sorry for the delay, I’ve been away without internet.
      I’m assuming you meant ‘concoction’ but not sure how you mean “does it affect the ‘bowels'” as Lichen sclerosus is a skin condition.
      Mine did affect the area surrounding the anus and vagina and up between the buttocks, if this is what you meant.
      All I can say is that following the doses exactly I have now been free of the symptoms of LS since the time I completed the first stage of this treatment in nov 2016. (I continue to use the maintenance dose as recommended)
      I hope this helps. Do write back if you need further clarification.
      Best Ann

  47. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for your response. I thought as much as you for the nursing. Better to not ingest it at the moment. I have made big improvements to my diet, added ferments, removed all grain, and it has definitely helped my digestion. Hoping that at least better digestion would allow my body to heal better also. I have to add in the magnesium, just have been slow to place the order as I went ahead and bought big bottles of both emu oil and vitamin E. I wish I could try your creme, but I can’t seem to tolerate coconut or olive oil. Not sure why.

    From the soaks and topical applications, I am seeing unfusing!!! Currently on both sides of the labia and my clitoral hood adhesions. While such a huge positive, it is very PAINFUL. The new? skin is raw and hurts! I also can’t tell if I’m unfusing, healing, unfusing more… or unfusing, fusing again, unfusing again. Could you tell a difference? I’m using the oils to lubricate throughout the day and photographing so I have a record, but I STILL can’t really tell. Just going to carry on. Might be unable to tell for sure after lengthier treatment. I didn’t get this bad overnight… so, slow and steady!

    • Hi Abby,
      Absolutely! It will take time – as the condition took time to develop so far. Hopefully you can find a non-petroleum / mineral oil you can tolerate to act as a carrier for borax, that should would to help deliver borax topically. Yes, it stings, but if you say, it is like raw skin once infused, if can keep the new skin from touching the other new skin with a cream or oil layer it will resist the re-fusing. Someone mentioned using savlon cream, which is mineral oil based, but apparently worked for them. Maybe even creams you have to hand for baby, like zinc and castor oil, anything you can tolerate that keeps the recently infused skin separate.
      Do let me know how it goes, and when you finish nursing, consider the full treatment.

      • P.s. Do try to get on the magnesium glycinate as soon as you can, i am convinced, from other reading, that magnesium is very important in this process, plus it is recommended for nursing mothers.

  48. hello, and huge thanks ann. can you say how long you keep
    the maintenance dose in the fridge for, a particular period of time or
    just until it is used up…in other words does it “go off”…..
    hope you can answer your a very busy seeming lady!

    • Hi Pat,
      Thank you for your question.
      As long as you keep it in the fridge, you can just use it to the end. There’s nothing in borax that can ‘go off’ – and the rest is water. If concerned about the water, you could make up half the quantity at a time.
      Best – Ann

  49. Will you please send me the way you take it internally. I think it’s an eighth of a teaspoon in a liter but I need to be sure and for how long and the maintenance amounts. Thank you for helping us all. LS is horrible for me.

    • Hi Stacey.
      The specific high dose: One eighth of a level teaspoon of borax to be taken everyday, dissolved in one litre of (warm) spring water – consumed over the day. Do this every day for a fortnight.
      (we dissolve in warm water as it dissolves easier that way)

      ALSO take Magnesium supplements (I suggest Magnesium glycinate) at half the recommended dose for adults, everyday.

      The maintenance amount: 1 tsp of borax dissolved in 1 litre of (warm) water – then kept in fridge, BUT ONLY 1 – 2 teaspoons of this solution taken each day in water or juice. For life.

      Hope this helps – and hope that this helps you as much as it did me. Do report back, to help others.

  50. I was so frustrated with the itching down there. I’m still not sure what I have, nothing’s been diagnosed. I’ve tried anti fungals mostly as prescribed, but none of them worked. So one day, out of sheer frustration, I applied a foot cream from the Indian brand (bad brand, many of their products have been withdrawn by the govt authorities), Patanjali. To my utter surprise, the itching stopped miraculously. When I checked the ingredients, there it was :Borax. So I did a bit of Googling and landed here. Thank you so much for this. I’m following your treatment plan now and I’m so, so happy now.

    • Hi, A,

      Hope it works for you as well as it did for me.
      It isn’t my plan, just the one I found worked. Don’t forget to take the magnesium supplement too.
      Good luck, please let me know how the healing progresses
      Best Ann

  51. Thank you for this story.
    I am a Dutch male of 46 and also have LS. Not on my penis, but in the perinanal area (very rare for a male to get LS in this area, guess I hit the ‘jackpot’).
    I noticed it a few years ago. Don’t know how long I have it exactly.
    I’m definitely gonna try the borax. Don’t want to use the steroid cream.
    I have a big white spot on my anus, although I never felt any real pain as all you ladies are describing here.
    Recently the itching started and I noticed that my skin where the spot is feels different, tighter and hurts when I touch it.

    I have tried castor oil with lavender oil and that helps with the itching, but not with the tightness of the skin. For me the most embarassing thing about LS is the white spot. I hope it returns to it’s nomal color when using the borax.
    I’m gonna take the borax internally and will try the baths. I’m almost certain I have a lot of cleaning up to do in my gut.
    I hope the borax does the trick.
    I also read taking borax also raises testosterone in males, so that’s a good thing too because I work out four times a week.

    • Hi Ron,
      You are the third male sufferer to contact me (others by email) so you are not alone.
      Ah! the itching is where it starts to make itself felt – and as you say – it starts to feel tender. At least it seems you are in the early stages. Have you been formally diagnosed with LS?
      If the baths ease the itching and tenderness then, hopefully, the internal dosing will help too. However, every person is different – so nothing is guaranteed, sadly. Take care to measure the borax for the internal doses carefully, stick to the protocol, and take the magnesium which makes the borax work more effectively.
      Please do report back – as it helps others. I hope it works for you – as it has, and continues to work, for me.
      best – Ann

  52. Hello, Ann … Just found this site and I intend to read through when I get the chance. But can you recommend a good Borax to buy in the US? Many thanks!

    • Hi Lisa,
      You are fortunate in the US, as borax, good 99% pure borax, is available to you as 20 Mule Team Borax, in your laundry aisle. Just make sure you don’t get a scented varied or a borax substitute.
      Hope this method works for you as it has for me. Oh, and don’t forget to take a bioavailable magnesium too as it magnifies the borax and helps balance hormones.
      Do let me know how you get on.
      Best, Ann

  53. The fortnight does didnt work for me the first time. Can i try it again? I am keeping up with the smaller doses each day. I tried the no poo. Worked great. Hope the borax will work on lichen too.

    • Hi Jane,
      I’m sorry to hear the first fortnight didn’t help.
      As to your main question – yes, you can repeat the high-dose fortnight, but I suggest you wait at least two weeks from the end of the first high dose session before you start – do continue with the low-dose until then.
      Unfortunately, the borax remedy doesn’t work with everyone, though it does help many! If the borax and bicarb baths help then it seems to be more likely that the internal doses will help too. You said you tried the no-poo (which I take to mean using borax and bicarb instead of shampoo) but not whether you tried bathing in borax and bicarb baths or whether that eased the condition at all.
      Do let me know how you get on
      Best – Ann

  54. I just want to share my experience and it may help others. I went to my family doctor back in February and he diagnosed me with a Yeast infection……I treated that for about 2 months and didn’t get better. I finally went to my gynecologist and she diagnosed Lichen Sclerosis and treated me with an vaginal estrogen cream and the Clob for the outside. I did slightly better for a few weeks and when I went back 3 weeks later, it was better. Not long after that I had what she called a “flare up”. Well it’s been flaring up for five months. After reading this blog as well as a couple of others it occurred to me that this was a skin disease and maybe the best place to go would be a Dermatologist. I found a female Dermatologist that specialized in skin diseases of the vulvar area. It took a while to get an appointment but I finally went about 10 days ago. The first thing she said after looking at me is this doesn’t look like Lichen to her. Now, I had looked at myself with a mirror and I did look like the pictures I had found online, but I’m not a specialist. She said she thought it looked like Psoriasis. She did two biopsy’s from different areas and called me yesterday, it’s Psoriasis not Lichen. The only thing that has made me more comfortable is the Borax and Baking Soda baths that I found on this site and I am still doing that twice a day. I am going back this Friday to have the biopsy stitches out and to work on a treatment plan. Make sure you get a biopsy, that is the only way to truly determine what you have. My gynecologist never even mentioned it and I have been to her 3 times.

    • Hi Jaqueline,
      I was lucky that the second GP I saw was a dermatologist before being a GP, and it was she that diagnosed LS. However, you are right, not every doctor knows what they are looking at.
      It’s good that the borax and bicarbonate baths ease your situation, even though diagnosed as psoriasis.
      You don’t say if the dermatologist has prescribed anything else to treat the psoriasis?? I note that the basic level is a steroid cream. . .just as for LS. (And steroids thin the skin – just like LS does!)
      Personally, I’d stick with the borax. I have read of this very same treatment (as described for LS) being effective on Psorasis. Make sure you take the magnesium, that’s essential.
      Good luck, if you try the full treatment, please do let me ow how it goes.

  55. Hi Anne,
    Is it okay to do the borax and bicarb soaks if you have a minor bladder prolapse? I do dead sea salt soaks already.. I’ve had LS for 12 yrs and I’m having the worst flare I’ve ever had.

    Thank you

    • Hi Kimberley,
      I’m not a doctor, and have no experience of bladder prolapse, however, if you are doing dead sea salt soaks already with no problems I would have thought it should be ok. Maybe begin with level tablespoons in a 8 – 10 inch full bath, and if you have no problems, up it to the rounded tablespoons. Always, if in doubt, consult your doctor, but be aware, many doctors know nothing about borax, and cursory internet searches will highlight toxicity that isn’t accurate above the actual levels.
      If you try it, do let me know how you get on.
      May I encourage you to take extra bio-available magnesium, also vitamin D, as these help with balancing hormones and skin integrity.
      Best Ann

  56. Hi Ann,
    It’s me again! I took a bath in borax and bicarb today and it seemed to help. How many times per day can I bath in the borax/bicarb? And have you ever used restore, its a blend of essential oils.. Its just a little harsh. I applied emu oil after bath as well. Is emu oil a good oil? Hoping this works this horrible!!
    Appreciate you soo much!!

    • Hi Kimberley,
      Glad to hear the borax and bicarbonate bath felt good. I used to only do it once a day. However, I can’t see why you couldn’t bathe morning and evening.
      Are you thinking of taking the borax treatment internally (as described in the blog?)
      I don’t know about Restore at all, but some people have told me emu oil has aided them. Some have used,Coconut oil, with or without added borax, or a simple moisturiser. (Just to give slip between sore skin surfaces)
      As you will know from the blog I found the treatment worked for me, I still take the maintenance dose, and when I have a bath (as opposed to showering) I always add borax and bicarbonate. Also use it for hair washing. (See blog before)
      Here’s hoping it works for you too – though I acknowledge it doesn’t for some 🙁
      Best Ann

  57. I dissolve some organic borax in a spray bottle and spritz the affected areas after I go to the bathroom and blot with a washcloth. I also mixed some organic lavender oil with castor oil and rub that on the areas before I go to bed at night. In the morning after I shower, I rub Doctor Butler’s Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment (got on Amazon) on the affected areas. This ointment is especially good at eliminating the severe itching. It also works the best for healing the lesions.

    The above regimen will keep the lesions at bay and helps tremendously, but I find if I slack at all, I am back to open sore areas with pain and itching. I used to have shiny white hard edges on the labia that are now normal. I have only had LS for about 2 years but I have come to realize that it will be a daily routine for the rest of my life. I will not take steroids for it and this seems to be working okay.

    • Hi Erin,
      It’s good that you have found a regimen to ease and control LS symptoms. We are all different, and what works for one may not for another. As you are using Borax as a spray – I wonder if you’ve tried the ingesting course? Or if you do the borax and bicarb baths? And are you taking Magnesium (glycinate – or other bio-available) I would really recommend that!! As well as Vit D3 in the months when the sun is to weak to make sufficient Vitamin D via the skin.
      You are certainly right to say that it will be a life-time daily routine – LS doesn’t go away, and yes, the steroids may feel better initially but I think do more harm than good in the long-run. I wish I’d never used them for so long before I discovered the borax treatment mentioned, as I think the skin-thinning and fusing would have been far less.
      I wish you well, sharing our LS information can only help others suffering from LS.
      Best Ann

  58. If you’re interested in a wild and fascinating read, I recommend to anyone the work of Grant Genereux. He had eczema (plus a host of other autoimmune comorbidities) and did a little research. He found that Vitamin A might be a bit problematic (or, toxic). He went on a zero vitamin A diet and has gotten rid of his skin lesions, his CKD, and wrote a couple free e-books describing what he’d found.

    Here’s one of his blog posts:

    And here’s a link to his first e-book:

    I’ve gotten rid of all of my IBS symptoms after 12 years of suffering by using his ideas – so I think it is well worth a read!


  59. Dreadful condition. Something that helps in addition to these excellent suggestions is this: take a large plastic drink cup, fill with water as hot as you can deal with, cup your hand in or under the genital area and pour the water over that area. Blog, don’t rub! Dry. The relief is immediate and lasts for a few hours. Adding organic caster oil, Ann’s formula, emuaid max cream, lightly(avoid a lot of rubbing) is healing , and gives more lasting relief. I have read that hot water increases red blood cells to an injured area, it also increases circulation! The borax is something I will try! At night I use a strip of felt with healing magnets encased – in that area and it stops the stinging, especially if I have rinsed with hot water.
    Pro offers the strip under ‘miscellaneous’.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your in put – anything that helps is worth sharing.
      (sorry for the delay in posting – I think your email address might have sent it into the ?spam folder)

  60. Ann, this just a question for you. I have suffered with this since 1990- diagnosed with a biopsy, so it is not candida. I am using the borax and tonight used the borax and soda and vinegar for my hair. But to LS. I have seen measureabke relief even before reading your blog. I had been rinsing with hot water, blotting and using Perrin creme complex but also taking cbd hemp oil to see if I could sleep better and am suspecting the cbd oil is healing LS. (Hope) but will continue with the hot rinses, creme and borax. Do you have an oppinion about cbd.oil.

    • Hi Carol,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I have no personal experience of cbd oil, though I see from others on the FB group (also as a clickable link at the end of my LS update blog . It is a closed FB group – so only other sufferers see what you post on there. It might be worth joining to talk cbd oil with those who use it.
      I am not an expert … just someone who suffered from this horrible condition and, having found something that worked for me, felt honour-bound to share it. Most people don’t share publicly – as it is rather embarrassing to talk about, but because I went public – my blog is found on searches – and I try to help as much as I can whenever people contact me – as it is good to know that you are not alone in this suffering.
      May you find full healing – x Ann

  61. Ann! I am a believer and this is to thank you. I have finished the fwo weeks of the liter/ lower dose and also appreciate the cream you suggest. I especially like that it is white as coconut fat is used as the base. It doesn’t stain as the Perrin cream does. That cream was eventually helping but expensive and a tan color. I still make sure I rinse with hot water a couple of times a day and especially just before going to bed, as I suggested earlier, and then apply your cream. I am free of LS distress even thru the night! There may be flare ups but you have offered a solution! Avoiding gluten helps me as well. A full bowel also exacerbates the symptoms. Maybe with the borox maintenance dose and your cream recipe, this nightmare is over!

    • Oh Carol !
      Wonderful to hear this – may it go on improving and may you stay in remission forever !!!

      Bless you for returning to let me know (and others who find the blog)


  62. Hi Ann
    I suffer from oral LP and will give your suggestions a try. Moreover, when it comes to borax my 87yr old mum suffered from Paronychia an inflammation of skin around nails. Medical suggestions was at least 6 months of antibiotics …which off course would do more harm than good, we decided against it and then someone suggested soaking the affected areas in Borax…the treatment was a life saver for my mum, with in few weeks the condition was gone. My point is that Borax can help cure many conditions.

    • Hi Marta,
      Definitely, Borax seems to have mady uses and helps many conditions … no wonder big phama want us all to think it is toxic (when its only as toxic as table salt!)
      thanks for your input.
      If you join the US FB page at the end of my blog you’ll find other ladies using borax for LP. They may be able to advise you on how they’ve used the borax.


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