Welcome to (funny) Cornwall

As March the 5th is St. Piran’s Day – I thought I’d go with a Cornish  theme for this blog!

st piran's flagHere’s St. Piran’s flag – flying briskly today – but it isn’t St Piran I’m focussing on for a bit of fun – it is the ‘Welcome to Cornwall’ sign that greets you as you cross the border!

It obviously starts with the proper sign – with the Cornish for Welcome to Cornwall underneath the English .

cornwall kernow

Then the wags get going  and it becomes Welcome to Cornwall … with advice for the traveller

cornwall moblie

cornwall wide carcornwall safeAnd the visitorscornwall bodyand a heartfelt plea (or prayer?) cornwall christmasbut my favourite – and it is not a funny – it’s simply …

cornwall heaven

I’m sure you have seen these – scattered over the internet –  funny Welcome to Cornwall signs.  I wondered if they were out there for every county (country) in the British Isles? I have looked – a bit – but they do not appear for other places!

What is special about Cornwall that people have taken this sign to their hearts and amended it to make others smile? Strange that the counties I tried (at random) didn’t have any)

(Note: I’ve seen a few others – but some are a bit rude – so I’ll not share those with you)

I also liked the real one I saw photographed where it said Welcome to Seaton –  Please drive carefully – but someone have carefully covered the word ‘Drive’ with masking tape and written ‘SURF’ instead.

Have you seen any better ones – or ones for elsewhere? Do share!

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