Making Lists and Spinning Plates

I don’t know about you – but I NEED to make lists.

I have used the technique of making lists for a long time – I blame my habit of acquiring new (hobby) jobs. Sometimes the ‘things that need doing’ for these disparate groups I belong to all come at the same time. To overcome the problem, of trying to keep all the plates spinning, I write LISTS.I love making list

The list usually has to encompass the usual ‘home-running’ type of thing as well – otherwise I could well forget to make bread or cake when it has run out and only realise I meant to do it when I open the bread bin / cake tin at tea-time.

Because of this anyone coming across one of my lists (usually written on the back of an envelope or other scrap paper) would wonder what on earth the person who wrote the list – actually did.

Today’s list went something like this … Remember delivery today / make WI tickets / make WI BB sign-up Chart / Looe Lit Fest brainstorm chart / LLF Agenda / make WI Extra sign-up / Make Yoghurt / Email XXXX / WI Anniversary sign-up chart / email YYYY / write blog / Prep notes for meeting / Edit next ch Dad’s book / …

I then go through the list and number them in order of importance – with some – like ‘remember delivery just ‘there’ so I do not go out without leaving a note to say where to either find someone else or where it could be left if no-one answers the door …  because … otherwise, I may well forget.

As of writing (2.30pm Tues) I have crossed off – to my delight – seven of the above – and by virtue of this writing now am part way through the eighth – and I do find a JOY in each achievement signified by the crossing out!

I have always written lists when time is pressing and I have a lot to do – it gives me a focus – otherwise I can be known to become a panic-butterfly – doing a bit here and there but not completing a single task. However, I feel I need to write lists more now to avoid forgetting things that need doing – and that can be worrying. More of this effect in a future blog.

And what about you? Are you a list writer?

Do you write list to remember or just to order?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you – Ann


4 thoughts on “Making Lists and Spinning Plates

  1. I have List Books… one at a time of course, but I put all the jobs in the book, tick them off as I go and a large tick when a whole page is completed just so I know it’s all done and I don’t need to keep flicking back a page to check. I keep the books too, as sometimes lists will include a useful phone number which at the time I didn’t think I’d need ever again so I didn’t write it in my phone numbers book or add it into my mobile contacts list.
    Inside the cover of each one there is also a List of useful things for reference eg our kids’ bank account details ready for when the bank of Mum and Dad gets called upon.
    I seriously don’t know how people manage without lists… or spreadsheets come to that!

    • Great Idea! I am always hunting for the scrappy list that I also jotted down a phone number or email address on! (Though I may lose the book too, lol) Thanks for the inspiration!

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