All adrift – a smile for Wednesday

The past week – and weekend – have been hectic – and fun. First there was our WI’s 70th anniversary to organise  – properly celebrated with a great night, meal and dancing! Followed by a Saturday night belly-dancing at our group’s Halfla – a party for lots of belly-dance groups – to also raise funds for Macmillan cancer care.

There – excuses made – so here is your Saturday smile – perhaps a Wednesday is a better day to have a smile  🙂

So before Saturday I was thinking about all sorts of anniversaries – and that brought me to thinking about age and being over sixty – and how I wish I had known how to be as confident about myself before now. old purple

But to get here there is the menopause to go through …

hot flashes

and all that comes with it …

50 forgetfulbut in the end I think that this philosophy works for meold hippiealong with the best advice from tigger … tiggerHappy Wednesday


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