How do you choose your next read?

DSCF0168A couple of weeks back I was talking about reviewing books and I mentioned that a good review can help someone choose what they want to read (as well giving the author a boost – especially newbies and Indies) and it made me think of how I choose my next read … and wonder how you do it.

Right now I am on a Lee Child ‘Reacher’ string … I had read one of these before a while back but I wasn’t too enamoured, then I happened to pick on one last week and enjoyed it so I headed straight back to the Lee Child section and took up the next one I could find.

That’s on the kindle – in hand, on real paper that is – I am reading Predictably Irrational – the hidden forces that shape our decisions by Dan Ariely. The choice of this book was merely stumbling across it when I was moving stuff – it belongs to my second son … but a brief glance through  and I knew I wanted to read it. When, if ever, I shall use the information I do not know, but it is fascinating!

Most recently before these, I read two authors recommended by friends. One was Lisa Scottoline’s ‘Look Again’ – which I followed up by reading her ‘Lady Killer’ as I had enjoyed the first one. The other was ‘Azincourt’ by Bernard Cornwell, which, though I like historical novels, I found not to my taste. Perhaps not enough engagement with the characters, even though they had all the makings of people I could have been empathetic with I felt too much of an outsider, not involved, partly, I think, due to the historical research getting in the way of getting to feel close to them – though I love (and expect) my historical stuff to be accurate I do not want to be browbeaten by it.

Prior to those my reading was a pick and mix; what did I have loaded on my kindle? Ah! An Elizabeth George ‘Inspector Lynley ….’ which I must have loaded a while back after reading another (which had been recommended to me as ‘set in Cornwall’) A Terry Brooks ‘The Measure of Magic’ the second I have read – but wouldn’t choose another,  Snuff – Terry Pratchett – always clever, social and historical commentary in the guise of fantasy and funny with it (I think I’ve read all the disc-world series – except the last). A Sarah Paretsky and, at the same time, three collections of poetry’ (in hand) that have come my way.

So …

How Do YOU choose your next read? By recommendation? By Author? By Genre (all crime or all romance for example) Lucky pick? Whatever is on the library ‘best reads’ shelf?

Which Authors would you recommend and why?

Do Share – I’m looking forward to hearing what you are reading and seeing what you’d recommend!


2 thoughts on “How do you choose your next read?

  1. Gosh! How do you find the time to write, let alone live a “normal” life when you also do all that reading!

    I am the sort of person who will re-read books, but I also have to confess to buying books and leaving them untouched on the bookshelf for sometimes over a year, and actually the last couple of times that I have been in the library, my choice has been hurried by the librarian chasing me out because my time was up (it’s a mobile library, and she had to get to her next village stop!) some ‘happy accidents’ there, latest being Clive Cussler who I had always thought of as a “man’s writer” (sorry) but a friend loaned me one of his, and then in the 45 seconds I had in the library van I saw three more, grabbed them and thoroughly enjoyed the adventures within.

    I have also read Ariely books, I studied psychology and sociology more years ago than I care to remember, and still love those forays into our subconscious selves, scary as they sometimes are! Pratchett…ah yes, I also have some of his as audio books and like to play them to fall asleep to…

  2. Hi Christine,
    It works like that sometimes – you ‘avoid’ a writer because of a preconceived idea …. only to find that you enjoy the stories after all… or, you may try an author one time and not get on with their type of tale – but at another time in your life they suit you just fine because of the other books you have been exposed to in the interim.
    Happy Reading !

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