Don’t Panic! There’s still time!

 Have YOU done your Christmas shopping?

                      I mean Have You? HAVE YOU? ….  I haven’t!

                                 Indeed – What type of Christmas shopper are you?

DSCF0088Are you a very organised person? Do you buy throughout the year as ideas come to you?

Sad to say – I’m not one of those.

Maybe you are a blitzer – make a list and blitz the shops notching up scores until the whole lot is got?

No, I’m not one of those either.

Maybe you like to sit at the computer in late November or early December and order everything on-line?

Now, I have to admit I’d like to do this. However, if I am stuck for ideas this doesn’t work very well for me – real browsing would be better at triggering ideas.

I have a confession – I do not like shopping.

There, I’ve said it. I know, I know, we women are supposed to like shopping.
But I mean – who says?? No-one asked me!

I do not even like shopping for things, clothes, treats or gifts for MYSELF – let alone any other type of shopping!

A trip to the shops usually has me returning with either something, which I later decide is not the right thing after all, or nothing – except a headache – which I always come back with. (which is why the internet shopping is attractive – don’t usually get a headache doing that)

More than anything – I do not want to go to Plymouth, our nearest metropolis, and trail around the shops there – it is not just Plymouth – I just do not want to trail around shops in any town or city – it is not my thing.

You get the picture – Christmas shopping is not a joyous time for me – though I love to give gifts that I know the other person will actually want and like!

 For the main presents ‘want’ and ‘like’ are the key words to me – however I am now resigned to the fact that I cannot buy what my loved ones will really want and like and make it a surprise. Oh, yes – I forgot to mention that. I really would like presents to be a surprise. A surprise that also happens to really and truly be ‘Just What they Wanted’ … Yeah, right, in my dreams.

And so … no surprises any more for the big stuff – now the esoteric gifts (climbing gear – for instance) is ordered via a link to the precise item, or a description given that cannot be mistaken in any way, for the more usual things.

However, for ‘secondary’ or ‘stocking’ presents I like unique, interesting, different gifts if I can find them to suit the right people – and so, as I said in an earlier blog, I do frequent local quality Craft Fairs – like the one coming up at Upton Cross next weekend. (4th– 6th) where lovely things and beautiful paintings are to be found (as well as my novels) and these have to satisfy my longing to ‘surprise!’

What kind of Christmas Shopper are You?

Are you a woman and like shopping? (or not?)

Do share – you know I love to hear from you.upton cross



2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! There’s still time!

  1. I am a woman and for the most part I don’t like shopping – that’s why I do as much online as I can.
    Most years I am pretty prepared when it comes to Christmas – I usually manage to surprise hubby with a gift he wants as I make a mental note when he mentions something he’s seen or he likes throughout the year.
    I used to buy gifts for everyone in the family and my friends but now I restrict myself to just hubby and daughter and some token present for my parent and aunties as it really got too much.

    The shopping exception for me is buying furniture – I love looking at houses and buy decorations for mine. We just moved from Scotland to Texas and I had the pleasure to buy all new furniture though the ones I really really would like are far out of our price range, I’m happy enough with what I got on a budget and as I have no longer any nicknacks I love browsing the country stores for cowboys and cowgirls and buy the odd item. Just got myself a lovely slate sign that says “Saw it, wanted it, threw a fit, got it!” with a lovely horse on. Yeah, I’m a bit horse mad so also got a rustic iron made spotted horse with horseshoe hooks underneath. Looking forward to adding to my decoration shopping over the next couple of years.
    I don’t need fashion or beauty products – some rusty nails do it for me 🙂

    • Hi Susi,
      How nice to hear from you again. Scotland to Texas!wow! I’d love to hear why and what you make of the differences. I have a few Facebook friends in Texas and life seems a whole lot different from Scotland!
      I’d love to be able to buy for my husband like you do. . .but no sooner does my husband say he likes something than he goes and gets it.. (though he’s not extravagant anyway). .so there is never anything he actually Wants. To make matters worse the husband’s birthday is in December. . .and so that’s two presents that I have no idea what to get. . .close together!
      Nice for you to start house decorating again as that is what you like. 🙂
      Best Ann

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