What’s in a font? Please let me know!

Time has been flying past and the preparations for Nothing Ever Happens Here to be released as  a paperback has been my major project.  Now, at last, we come to the final design for the cover. The original photograph used is still going to be the same. It was taken in the area that the book is set and says (to me) ‘a holiday on the coast … but with dark foreshadowing’.  So the changes are mainly to do with the lettering. My own name will be as it is on the Paperback version of  The Angel Bug…. so we are left with the words ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’.

Here is the problem. Fonts speak. Just the mere shape, density, texture of a font can create a different feel, a different sense in the mind of the reader.

Here are the current three front runners to occupy the space on the front of the paperback. Please help me choose. (You can click on each picture to enlarge in a separate window)

To help you choose, if you haven’t read the novel already, here is the blurb ….

Crime, romance, smuggling and Cornwall all come together in this light thriller set in the early 1990s

Living in London suddenly becomes too uncomfortable for the attractive Jo Smart and her sixteen year-old son, Alex, after he is beaten up, so when they are offered the chance to take an immediate holiday in a peaceful Cornish town they jump at it. But not all is as peaceful as it seems as they become involved in a murder inquiry, drug raid and abduction.
DI Rick Whittington has also escaped from London and the reminders of the death of his wife and child, and through his investigations finds himself meeting Jo and being drawn into the events surrounding her.


So which font fits best, 1, 2, or 3?

Which ‘says’ the right thing to you?

How and why did you make your choice … which may just be a gut feeling?

Do help me out here, you know I love to hear from you … I need to hear from you … Thank YOU!


13 thoughts on “What’s in a font? Please let me know!

  1. If you are going for the “sinister twist” look than font 1 is the best.
    I do like font 2 personally but I think it is more difficult to read especially the “I” and “N” in “Nothing” is merging a bit – I still like this font though.
    But to make it easier to read I think font 1 is better.
    Font 3 is a bit plain.

  2. Firstly, well done on getting the book so nearly done…

    For my money, the second font is the most fitting, initially I thought it was just a ‘gut’ feeling, but analysing it more closely, I think that it could be taken for handwriting, and the sort of thing someone would write on a postcard, rather than “wish you were here”

    Does that help at all???

  3. Interesting: the first is horrid–nothing good about it. The second font is “clever”. I don’t care for it. The third is good–plain and legible but a larger size for the jacket would be even better.

    Oh dear, I do sound picky but you have asked!

    Best wishes, Erika W.

  4. Thank you for the comments so far … I’m pasting in some that came straight to my inbox for all to see:

    I like no. 1
    kind regards Alison

    Number 2 Ann,

    I like the second one… feels like something that could have been written on a postcard… from that holiday on the coast. Second choice would be the first one… I don’t like the last one – puts me in mind of a boring computer font…
    Hope that helps Nicky x

    This is my favourite of your books and I prefer the first font good luck
    Best wishes Clare

    Interesting problem and accurate summary. I have always preferred clean lines – so, version 2.
    Best Regards, Mike R-K

    1 works best for me – more interesting, while still being eminently readable.
    As someone who has worked closely with dyslexic people for many years (currently at Southampton University), I’m aware of how much difference a font can make to them – sans serif fonts are much more readable.
    Best regards, Tony Thompson

    Hi Ann – I prefer the middle one. It has a kind of evilness in the font which is negated in the words, so it makes you want to know more (if you know what I mean). Nina

    AND via Twitter
    @AnnFoweraker number 3. Definitely a gut feeling! Xx Beth

    AND via FaceBook
    Debbie Morella-Haynes I think the second one looks good with the cover, but after I read the paragraph I thought the first one was a better representation of the story.

  5. Hi Ann
    The one that jumped out at me was No 2. No 1 was a bit messy I think and No 3 was just bland and didn’t want me to open the book – it was a statement of fact rather than an invitation.

    No 2 looks a bit scary and I want to open the book to see what does happen!

  6. Hello lovely Ann 🙂

    Number 1 is Number 1! I think it will go well with the murder/abduction theme, as it gives out a ‘spooky/mysterious’ impression!
    Number 2 gives me the impression that it would be a light-hearted fun novel, rather than a dark one, so from my perspective, may not go with the theme, but someone else might see it differently.
    Number 3 is plain but nice as well.

    Good luck with the decision-making etc! xx

  7. I prefer #1 – it looks eerie to me and suits the storyline.
    #2 comes 2nd in choice whilst #3 doesn’t even enter the equation.
    This of course is just my view.

  8. Personally I prefer number 3 as a font I have always loved clean lines. But I am in complete agreement that it doesn’t have the right feel for the story line. I do think that number two fits the bill best, even though I take the point that the letters tend to run together. The font has a ‘hand written by a slightly scarey person’ feel about it, and is a good contrast to the font used in your name. Well done on getting so far with the printing, I wish you every success, you certainly deserve it.


    From the great response to the alternative cover fonts we have taken on board comments, feelings, reasons and ……
    come up with a slight twist. The cover will be none of the above — it will be a hand-written looking version … but one where the letters do not jumble themselves…and one where they are not ‘dancing’ and looking flippant but, instead, have an urgency about them.
    Cover reveal coming up early next week.. I hope, no matter which one of the original choices you liked, you will like the result!
    Thank you all, again! All your responses shaped the results and it was very helpful.
    love and best – Ann

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