The shoe dilemma – and the activity you didn’t guess.

Well, it seems no one was willing to take a guess. Perhaps the clue wasn’t big enough.

Garden cloggies ? .. or .. Flip-flops … perhaps?

So what did I do on Friday ? … I went along at the crisp time of 9am for a golf lesson. Yes, GOLF… well at 60 that seems to me like the sort of activity people might take up. After all my friend (of whom I have spoken before) who took up belly-dancing on her sixtieth was already playing golf.  I have been belly-dancing for YEARS … so this is the the obverse of ‘what crazy thing can I try?’ –  ‘what expected thing can I try?’

Now, those of you who know me will understand when I say I really wasn’t sure what to wear on my feet. I tend to live my life wearing sandals… yes even in the Winter. As I have got older I do not always wear them when it is raining (or when my feet are likely to get wet – as on grass) because this is the only time that my feet ever feel cold and I may be weird but I’m not daft. So my footwear wardrobe consists of flip-flops, everyday sandals, high-heel sandals, hiking sandals, trainer/fitness sandals (trainer type sole – but sandal top – which, incidentally they won’t let you wear in a gym ‘in case you drop something on your toes’ – I stopped going) and then a pair of ‘motor-bike’ style boots for wet weather. For the record I also possess garden cloggies (black with sparkles) and proper farmer-type green wellies (proper mud and all) and hiking boots.

Now, the hiking boots always start off fine… but very soon my feet overheat and, I presume, swell a little, as the boots then become tight and uncomfortably hot. (NB. larger sizes just flop about so not an option) This is the reason I do not ‘do’ trainers either. I thought the cloggies or Wellingtons would be going a bit too far on the casual side.. so ended up wearing the motor-bike style boots. I figured that at least they didn’t have too much of a heel (to damage the green) and they looked respectable.  The other four sensible people on the day wore trainers!

Jason putting us through our paces – golf course scenery in the background

This is a special introduction course run by Jason, one of the the professional golf coaches, at St Mellion International golf and country club, which is less than 2 miles from where I live and, along with the special offer to try golf, was as good a reason to go there as any. This first morning was not raining, but the grass was wet and there was a chill wind blowing. The golf-course is set in the heart of the Cornish countryside and is a lovely place to spend an hour or so. It was obvious how popular it was as a steady stream of golfers set off on their rounds over the time we were on the practice putting green. For that is what we were to learn the first morning.

Our class of wanna-be golfers

So, we learnt how to hold the putter. How to putt different distances, 5, 10, 15 and 20 ft. and then how to pace these distances out so when walking from your ball to the hole ( to remove the flag) you could also decide how to hit the ball to putt it the correct distance.

On the way we learnt various gems of golfing etiquette. Just the sort of thing that every newbie needs to know and would, perhaps, fail to ask.

I have to say – I am quite looking forward to my next lesson though may have to find something more conventional to wear on my feet 🙂

Golf does seem to be a very respectable sort of game … I’m wondering whether my main character in the novel I am writing at the moment (A Respectable Life) might be a player of this sport .. if not her, then perhaps her husband. You see, you never know where inspiration can come from or what information you learn on the way may find its way into a novel… the whole of life is good research material 🙂

Any thoughts on Golf and golfing?

or even footwear 🙂

Do share – you know I love to hear from you!


5 thoughts on “The shoe dilemma – and the activity you didn’t guess.

  1. I don’t play golf so I consulted my husband who is a very keen golfer of many many years.

    His advice:
    Wear good lace-up running shoes, NOT flip flops. You don’t want to turn an ankle or slip badly. Wear loose cotton pants or shorts or a comfortable skirt.( Should I say trousers?) not jeans–they are forbidden on many US courses and tee shirts likewise. I’m guessing that it is ditto in the UK. You will need pockets for your wooden tees and your golf glove.

    He gives you his best wishes and hopes you enjoy yourself enough to continue with the game.


    • Hi Erika,
      HaHa… no – even I didn’t think flip-flops would work well … but the running shoes are a problem, not only do they always over-heat my feet but it is rare that I can find a pair that even fit. I do have strange-shaped feet and most trainers and even shoes do not accommodate them well. (the motor-bike style boots are wide and so do fit)
      And yes, trousers not pants over here – HeHehe I am certain that I’d be banned if I turned up wearing only my pants (knickers) !
      Thank your husband for his good wishes … I have five lessons in total so I think its a good trial to see if I like it.

  2. Keep going with the golf lessons. I started at 50, 16 years ago, and love playing so much, and I play regularly on a course not that far away from you! It’s good to keep active, and it’s a sociable game, generally played in wonderful surroundings in the fresh air. What’s not to like?! Enjoy.

    • Hi Val, thanks for the comment! I have five lessons in this trial and think that it will give me a good idea as to whether I like it enough to continue or not. Certainly being out in the countryside and fresh air is a bonus for any activity! So which course do you play on? The same one, China fleet or another ‘over the river’?
      curious now – Ann

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