A little pampering … perhaps?

Well I hadn’t actually included a massage and a pedicure on my 6 in 60, though they both fit into my criteria. ie, things I have not ever done / experienced before. This may seem odd to those of you who often indulge in a little ‘pampering’ but there it is, I had never had a massage, not had any brave soul ventured near my feet to give them the once over.

Truth is that my feet are not my favourite part of my body. They are, and have always been, an odd shape and suffer from having a high arch and being wide. Add to that the genetically curled under fourth toes, and the leathery sole induced by my choice of wearing sandals both summer and winter..  and you probably have a pedicure nightmare.

p ready
setting the atmosphere
p table
massage tables

However, having been invited along for a ‘hen day’ for my prospective new sister-in-law, I duly signed up for both the massage and the pedicure!

The massage was very relaxing, however,  I found that I really wanted to ask so many questions, but couldn’t as it would have spoilt the relaxing atmosphere, which, as this was a ‘hen-do group thing’ would have meant spoiling other peoples relaxing moments. I wanted to know if the masseuse ended up with aching hands, whether masseuse often suffered with arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome in later life, why she seemed to count carefully down my vertebrae before swooshing her fingers down from spine to side of the back, how comes her hands seemed to generate so much heat from her palm as they traversed my back and if she could feel any tension or not within my muscles, (she didn’t seem to stop and work on any places in particular, though I know others were told there were knots and had them ‘kneaded away’.)

p getting grips
getting to grips with my funny feet

We also had time to indulged in a nice swim while we waited for our turn, which I always enjoy! Then came the time for the pedicure. I was quite surprised that there was no soaking of the feet involved, but then as we had been swimming perhaps our feet were already softened. The filing with a fairly coarse emery board was fast and tickled the ends of my toes. The blocks that were used to rub away dry skin and a layer off the hard skin was effective. I couldn’t help wondering if the girls really ought to be wearing a mask as they certainly seemed to be a dust created, perhaps it isn’t a dangerous one? The massaging of the foot with creams was surprisingly pleasant and not ticklish at all.

p finish touches
finishing touches

Then came the nail lacquer. Now, I decided to go for a burgundy to match the dress I will be wearing for the wedding, but also opted for a layer of sparkle so they’d go well with belly dancing (which you all know I love!) Now I just have to avoid kicking something and chipping it before the big day!

So… if I count this as one of my 6 at 60 … the question is ‘would I do it again?’ Well, to be honest, probably not. It was a great as part of a really fun day with a super group of ladies, but I don’t think I’d go for a massage and a pedicure on my own (unless to ask all those questions!). Did I get anything else out of the day? Well, yes, and this is what is so great about being an author, just about anything you do, try, learn or experience is great fodder for the creative brain, adding dimensions to your characters!

Do you love a massage or a pedicure?

What is your favourite ‘beauty treatment’?

Do share, you know I love to hear from you!


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