6 in 60

Six challenges for a Sixtieth year – Not so much a bucket list as a way to make sure I try more, learn more or experience more and different activities as the year goes through, than I managed last year.

OK … so last year (and truth be known the preceding couple of years) were not conducive to doing many new things. I really believe learning new things is life-enhancing in so many ways!

The paddle-boarding was supposed to be one of the 6 in 60 new things to try, but I got too excited about it and jumped the gun trying it out last Autumn and falling for it so much that it formed my major birthday present and some accessories became a few of the other presents too.

I was tempted to still add that one in..but I won’t, I’ll stick to the plan and as I go I’ll be adding the experiences into my blogs.

Now most of these are quite simple or everyday activities. I mean, many of you will have been doing them for years and think them quite ordinary. All it requires to be on my list, however, is for me not to have done the activity, learnt the technique etc, before – ever.DSCF7499

The process has started … to learn to use a camera properly, is one. I am an inveterate ‘point and click’ camera person, relying on my own sense of proportion and trying to get interesting compositions, but understanding next to nothing about light, speeds, exposure, etc.

As it happens my lovely boys and my OH teamed up to get me a rather nice new digital camera at Christmas – one that will allow more than merely a point and click approach. (Daft/nice thing about it is the feel – really solid / serious with nice texture and satisfying sounds) So, though it does have an AUTO mode, I have even more motivation to learn to use a camera properly.

As a reader of the blog you will know that I like to take wildlife photographs – not running cheetahs or exotic birds – more the everyday small wildlife that can go unnoticed, like the slug invasion or the lovely lichens Expect more of that sort but I hope the course will also stretch my subjects of choice as I learn to take quality photographs in many situations.

This week I completed module one theory.. and have the task of taking photographs using only the manual mode.  Some results will be forthcoming … and thereby I hope to learn.

On Friday I start the next part of my 6 in 60 … you’ll never guess what it is! I’ll give you a clue – I think of it is archetypical activity for a new 60 year-old …

So what do you think I start trying out on Friday?

Have you a ‘bucket list’ or similar made?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you!


2 thoughts on “6 in 60

  1. Not wanting to be tooooo picky, but you ate actually in your 61st year……….
    That said, good luck with the learning, and I have absolutely NO idea what number two on the list might be, but look forward to finding out 🙂

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