Summer like it used to be…

Well, here we are – enjoying a bit of summer as it used to be. ‘Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer’ DOG patio water

Why is it that the dog, when thirsty, prefers to drink the water from the dishes under the patio pots instead of her own water bowl brimming with fresh spring water (note – we are on a spring – I do not buy bottled water to give the dog LOL)  (Email-readers there’s a video here – please click into the blog title to see the 7sec video)

This unaccustomed heat has had the memories rolling. I recall days (well they felt like days) playing over the fields. The field next to where I lived usually flooded in the spring – meaning that the wheat didn’t grow in certain areas. In these ‘blank’ places the wildflowers grew. There would be whole large patches filled with poppies, dog daisies and cornflowers, and you could walk (carefully, so as not to damage any wheat) along the tracks to end up in them, hidden from view.

Then, later, after harvest, there were the straw bales to turn into castles and forts, for imaginative play.

There was the small stream half way between our village and the next, where it would be good to take a ‘picnic’ (anything we could scrounge to eat or drink from our respective parents). We’d sit on the two-plank bridge and dangle hot feet in the trickling water, eating whatever and talking nonsense.

My memories are of a country life, living on the edge of a small village in Berkshire – how different they might have been if my parents had not moved out of the east end of London when I was on the way!

What memories do you have of childhood summer days?

Do you think the weather has really changed that much over your lifetime?

What did you get up to?

Do share – you know I love to hear from you !


3 thoughts on “Summer like it used to be…

  1. Summers don’t seem to be the same any more. I remember helping with the hay & straw baling with my dad and the local farmers, they all turned in to help each other, and always a jolly time was had. Is it that as children we only remember ‘sunny days’ or has the weather changed? I loved helping to load the bales on the trailers, driving the tractors and riding on the combine harvester going round and round the fields. If I was lucky I was able to drive the tractor & trailer alongside the combine to offload the corn into the trailer. Happy memories.
    I can also remember walking the village lanes with my 2 friends, one of us would be riding a bike, one riding the pony and the other of us on stilts! We all shared and had great fun.

  2. What memories do you have of childhood summer days?

    I reside in a country where there are no climate changes. So throughout the entire year, we are just experiencing “summer”. But I have been to some places where one is able to experience the 4 seasons(summer, winter, autumn, spring). Coincidentally, summer is usually the most enjoyable, in my opinion. As the weather is warm and hot during summer, water activities are extremely popular. I love to sit by the beach and suntan. When I finally cannot tolerate the heat, I will jump straight into the sea without hesitation, just to cool my body. Of course, there are definitely many fun and thrilling activities to participate in during summer. But I will just name one.

    Do you think the weather has really changed that much over your lifetime?

    The weather has indeed changed over my lifetime. Summer seems to be ‘super summer’ as the highest temperature recorded in some countries ( during summer) is approximately 40 degrees celsius. It is unbearable, in my opinion. If Im not wrong, global warming is the main cause of it. Nevertheless, water activities still continue and I will always enjoy them.

    • Thank you for your interesting comment! Where do you live Hixsa? My son and daughter-inlaw. live in Malaysia and it is summer there all the time too.

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