New experiences? … all grist to the mill

You may have heard (even literally if you live in Cornwall) that during the past week I had an interview with BBC Radio Cornwall about my new novel ‘The Angel Bug’!
I was offered a telephone interview as Radio Cornwall is situated in Truro which, for those of you out of county, is in the West of Cornwall, whereas I live so far to the East in Cornwall that another couple of miles due East and I’d be over the river Tamar and into Devon!

Well, it would mean a long trip there and back (never mind the cost of the fuel!) and all for a ten minute interview – but 1,  As a writer you garner experiences where you can, gather your feelings and impressions, make notes, take photos, and pack them away for a day when one of your characters walks into just such a situation, and 2, I felt I’d work a better interview face to face – rather than on the end of a telephone – and as it was my first I did want to mess it up. So I went to the studios instead.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
BBC Radio Cornwall Studios
VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100
The Truro river, looking away from the city, beside Phoenix Wharf

BBC Radio Cornwall’s studio is situated at Phoenix Wharf, on the river at the edge of the city centre – a lovely setting as you can see.

I was early … I am nearly always early … can’t bear being late! And I was nervous – I have to admit this. I can stand up and talk to a class – I can address meetings as president of the WI or as Secretary of this group or that… but to be ME as myself – Author – no other ‘hat’ to hide beneath – this makes me nervous – definitely out of my comfort zone! Add in that this was a live broadcast and, obviously, I wanted it to go well .. and well.. you may understand how I was feeling.

I had ‘packed’ for the session, a bottle of water (filled with water from our spring at home) mints, tissues, glasses, some notes, a camera, lip-balm…so my small handbag was bulging with ‘bits’ when I arrived at the studios.

I waited, chatting with the receptionist, and then the presenter popped out to say hello; Tiffany Truscott, looking younger and prettier than her official photo shows her, was warm and welcoming and that made me feel a little better!

I was soon called through to the ante-room to the studio and after a short time was taken through into the Studio.

Having been sat down by a mike, I settled my glasses and notes down where they would not rustle (not that I had time to refer to them in the end anyway).  Tiffany then asked me a few questions – to warm up – as it were, making me feel a little more relaxed. Now whether this was also being monitored for sound levels or what I have no idea, but it seems likely.

The record  she was playing finished and she introduced me and ‘The Angel Bug’ to the whole of Cornwall…. well – I’m not going to write it all here.. Just click start > and listen TO THE 10 mins YOUTUBE AUDIO CLIP BELOW !! IF YOU ARE READING THIS ON THE EMAIL CLICK ON THE MAIN BLOG TITLE ABOVE AND IT WILL TAKE YOU TO THE BLOG WHERE THE CLIP CAN BE HEARD!! (the youtube links do not go through the email version)

There will always be things I would have liked to have said, that I didn’t, or names and words I should have memorised, that eluded me at the time – but in the end I felt it went well, that it was good, and I can tell why Tiffany is so good at her job – she made the interview process feel so natural – like a conversation (albeit with time pressures).

Have you done anything recently that has taken you out of your comfort zone?

Did you feel drained or energised by the experience?

What did you think of the interview? Do share – you know I love to hear from you!


6 thoughts on “New experiences? … all grist to the mill

  1. Well, Congratulations indeed!

    It’s a good interview, especially for a novice! As you say, you might listen to it and think, why didn’t I say such-and-such, or mention so-and-so, but you could do that until the cows come home, I’m sure! So well done again!

    So the next novel features someone with a job at a radio station….an ordinary person to whom extraordinary things happen 🙂

    All the best!

    • Thanks Christine,
      Plots for the next two books don’t have someone working in a radio station – yet – but the life-role for the one after that is still open 😉 so you never know!
      and Yes! That is one thing I wish I had said – as it is a feature of all my novels – ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events *sigh* maybe next time 🙂

  2. I think your interview went great. The thought of sounding coherent under such circumstances terrifies me – I would have been far more than merely nervous. Also, I too would have driven hours to the studio. I’m sure the interview went at least twice as well as it would have otherwise. Congratulations!

    • Thank you Ellen,
      Having read that on radio interviews your answers should not be too long – thus letting the radio presenter do their bit – I was aware that if on the phone I could ‘ramble on’ in my enthusiasm – at least at the studio I was able to read ‘visual clues’ as to when I’d said enough on any one point 🙂 and the presenter was Sooo nice to meet too:)

  3. Well done indeed. You sounded relaxed and happy and not a bit nervous. Makes me want to read it yet again! Let’s hope that everyone listening will want to too.

    • Thank you Joan!
      As you will know it is tricky to say much about the plot without giving too much away.. but I hope it will have piqued some interest! 🙂

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