What do you get after Week of Feasting? FWT? Week 12

Well, to be honest, it wasn’t quite a whole week of feasting, but when you eat out or eat rather too well for four days out of seven it sure begins to feel like all you have done is eat … rather too well.

As you’ll know if you have been following FWT? I’ve been doing this blog since a few weeks after I started keeping a record on the drop-down pages, from Jan 1st 2012, weighing in at 12 stone and deciding to DO something about it. I am far too busy with my business annmade slateware, and my novel-writing, to take time out to visit a gym or run around the roads, so this is my solution, less than 15 mins of resistance weight training a day and some stretching and aerobics (max half an hour) yes – that’s it, Not Dieting – though not overeating (supposedly) and keeping an eye on the carbohydrate consumption. All details on the drop down pages from Fat Woman Thinning?

The week began as usual with Sunday, which I have noted before is quite food- heavy, right from the fry-up of egg, bacon, mushrooms and tomato followed by (thin) toast butter and marmalade – through a full traditional English Roast dinner with dessert to follow! yep – that’s a full foody day. So when I add to that a meal out with friends on Tuesday evening of a well-endowed mixed grill, even with restricting the chips to 6 [ok – yes – they were large chips 🙁 ] and that after having eaten a main meal at lunch time (though no tea)

As if this were not enough, Wednesday being my parents 59th wedding anniversary we took them out for lunch. I chose wisely – I thought, chicken breast wrapped in bacon and topped with a slab of melted brie. With plenty of salad, a few carrots, calabrese and 2 small new potatoes. Then I came unstuck  as I plumped (get it) for a pavlova! (enough sugar in that to launch a space rocket)

Which brings me to this weekend… family .. I mean FAMILY down for the anniversary. Lunch (mid afternoon type) for 20, Turkey, salmon en croute, new potatoes, calabrese, salad,.. followed by Pavlova (yes I know – but if I say so myself I do make a very nice pavlova) and Mille feuille, and Anniversary cake ( a chocolate and vanilla marbled sponge cake – iced) and clotted cream.


Oh and then a wide range of cheeses to select from with crackers and grapes.……



BTW – all photos of food on Slate – show annmade slate products.

So am I surprised that I did not show any weight loss this week?

No, not really. Especially as, though I kept up most of my weights I had missed more aerobic and stretching sessions than I had completed.

So – still at 10 stone 9lbs.

Waist measurements ?  Well, as you would expect, on the relaxed measurement – no change….. BUT  to my amazement …..

on the pulled in tight measurement  HALF and INCH loss. Now every time I ‘pull in’ as TIGHT as I can .. so last week would have been pulled in tight, I can assure you ..

yet half an inch .. yes I double checked.

I shall hang on to that measurement as a sign! And make sure next week is 1, normal in eating pattern, and 2, well exercised.

Ok, then cheerleaders .. I’d love to hear you comments on this week!

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7 thoughts on “What do you get after Week of Feasting? FWT? Week 12

  1. Ann, we all understand. The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men…get tossed when waltzing through special events like your parents’ 59th anniversary. I seem to have a similar pattern in that I eat very properly for losing weight for about four days out of seven, which causes the scale needle to stay very comfortable right where it has been for way too long. Keep trying! I shall keep trying. One day, we will win!

  2. Hi. Jodie.
    Thanks for the words of solace and encouragement! ‘They’ say we are hard-wired to maintain the weight we are at and our minds/bodies try to ensure we retain the ‘reserves’ we have in place in case of ‘famine’. So, yes, we are on a up-hill struggle — though a week like this does harden resolve not to let it slip next week. I only hope the downward trend re-asserts itself, and we win!

  3. We are all allowed a little relaxation occasionally Ann. Indeed, it’s all the more pleasurable when you’ve been ‘good’ for a while. Just so long as the rewards don’t outweigh the normal times, if you’ll excuse the pun! I’m in awe of your determination and discipline, and, I have to say, you are looking really good at your new weight. Good luck to Jodi too.

    • Hi Joan, Thanks for the encouragement! All the more welcome as it comes just when I need the reassurance that its still going the right way, albeit slower this week!

  4. Hi Liv,
    Thanks for your comments! And I’m glad you like my slate ware – it’s my own handcrafted business that I started from scratch about five years ago, so I do the lot: design, make, package and post 🙂

  5. It’s okay to go off our diets once in a while–give us some pleasure for all our hard work and then causes us to strengthen our resolve even more-especially since you did lose an inch (1/2). You are doing amazingly well–so don’t fret over a few well-deserved indulgences. You didn’t gain after all.

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