WEEK 7 A bit of a Wobble?

Welcome to week 7 of my fat woman thinning? blog – if you are new to this you need to know that I first just kept this as a log on the pages – to motivate myself and so my ‘cheerleaders’ that is my sons, could see how I was getting on.Then a few weeks ago I got brave enough to post it all as a blog

I had to do something, menopause seemed to have changed the way my body dealt with things – my usual way of maintaining my weight no longer worked and the weight crept on… and on. So, now I am using resistance weights as well as some aerobic and stretching, and watching what I eat (writing everything down as well) – but Not Dieting!

Also, I don’t go to a gym.  I don’t have time to spend getting there, nor the inclination to flaunt my lumpy body in front of others, so I have worked out what I can do at home and it doesn’t take long – the weights never more than 15 mins and the aerobics and stretching is worked to follow a strict half hour of music. If you want to know what keeps me so busy visit my website  where you will also find my novels ‘Divining the Line’, ‘Nothing Ever Happens Here’ and ‘Some Kind Of Synchrony’ just click HERE to be able to the first 3 chapters in pdf !

Well, truth be told, though I can feel my hip bones now if I press against the fat lumps there, or my rib cage if I breathe in, the wobble is all over. The flesh is soft and pliable, no longer pressed tight by the layers of fat. My belly feels like risen bread dough, squishy and soft, and my boobs have definitely lost some of their former glory! My concern is that the skin is not so elastic after menopause, and I do so want it to shrink back to fit my former size – the size I am aiming for. So lets see how I got on this week. 


Sunday: The question is… is the Sunday blow-out (larger meals than the rest of the week) a balance and stimulus for the system (so it doesn’t go into ‘starvation’ mode) or a minor weekly set back that I could do without?

Monday: Bit weird food record for today – but as I am Not Dieting I guess it doesn’t matter

Tuesday: Legs wobbly for a good hour after the squats and lunges!

Wednesday: Eating late with friends seems not to be a good idea for losing weight and eating healthily – but when it comes to it, there is more to life than just losing weight 🙂

Thursday: Today started with small-holder duties (in addition to normal work). 4 cockerels had to be dispatched and plucked ready for tomorrow. It is surprising how much work this can be.

Friday: Day started with Smallholder duties. 4 cockerels had to find their way into the freezer. Quite a job but well worth it. Keep thinking today is Saturday – must check if I did the right set of exercises or not? (Yes, I had)

Saturday: So as the step- ups were taking too long – even holding the 10kg plate – I upped this to 15kg (2 x 7.5 plates) and the squats were getting easy to do lots too, so I upped this to holding the 10kg plate. Certainly made a difference – and my arms knew what I’d been holding too as I had to cradle these weights in my arms rather than supporting them on my shoulders as I did with the total of the 5kg  on the dumbells!

Results:  Weigh-in at the end of week 7:

weight 11 st 1 lb (70.2 kg) waist measurement (belly button level) relaxed 39.5 inches (100.5 cm) pulled in: 36.5 (92.5 cm)

Another pound down! and another half inch off both measurements! and only 1 pound to go to the first milestone of 11st!

Now I am thinking ‘only 1 lb to go to my first milestone’ and I am thinking I could reward myself. I don’t want to go out to eat, no sir, and I don’t want to buy something to wear that will be too big by the end of the year – but I have decided to reward myself… so I’m thinking… what sort of small reward do you give yourself for achieving a milestone? Do let me know your ideas ….. or join me on the journey… or join me as a cheerleader….. I love to hear from you – please do post a comment or a question.


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