The weirdest thing …. PRIZE RE-DRAW

So this is the weirdest thing … the winner of the main prize has not contacted me back to give me an address to send the prize to. The draw was made on the 10th of July – it is now the 10th of September.

The winner drawn on the 10th of July was Deborah.Kennedy2@ …    This much information I placed on the blog and then sent an email to the full address, asking for her to send me an address to send the kindle to.

No reply.

I repeated this a number of times that week.

And the next.

Then I wondered if my blog address was getting sent to her spam bin – so I sent the message from two other personal addresses as well and, thinking that she may not have been entering the draw ( as perhaps ineligible by virtue of living outside the UK  – how can you tell just with an email address?) asked for any reply – and waited

No reply – and no notifications of being unable to deliver the email either.

I have done this regularly since, the last time Monday.

As you will have noticed I have placed an appeal to contact me before today on the end of each blog – and her email is still signed up to receive the blog … and I have posted appeals on Facebook and Twitter too.

However, at last we come to it.  All prizes must be claimed within two months of the draw taking place and so by virtue of not claiming deborah.kennedy2 has effectively refused the prize. And so today I visited again and put in the details and called for a random number!

The new Winner of the Kindle Draw is  No: 1675 – LindsayHuggins a Fb entry

Please contact me with your address to receive your prize.   I shall be contacting you directly with this request as well.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised – after all the National Lottery says that 68 million pounds is left unclaimed each year – that is an unbelievable amount – they can’t all be lost tickets. Even Premium Bonds who, like I did,  contact people directly, have 39 million in unclaimed prizes.

Have you ever found that you’d won a prize but forfeited it by not claiming on time? Or had a winning raffle ticket at a local event, but kept quiet about it because you didn’t want the only prize left?

Finally, an update for my wonderful FWT cheerleaders – results for the past week are another half a pound down! So I am now at 9st 9 and a half pounds (that’s a long way from the 12 st on Jan first!) Waist measurements have remained the same this week – so the weight must be coming off other places – like my thighs 🙂


3 thoughts on “The weirdest thing …. PRIZE RE-DRAW

  1. Well I have to say I admire your persistence, I know alot of people/companys would not have taken that trouble to try and contact the winner! Well done on your weight loss!

    • Hi Hilda and Rose,
      Thanks, it’s reassuring to know that other people also think I have done as much as can be expected to contact the original winner. I’m pleased to say that the new winner has already contacted me back – so a happy ending here!

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