OK, hands up all those who thought this was going to be a blog about the Queen’s Jubilee!

I see ….. 🙂

Anyway – this is, and on time for once, NATURE NOTES for MAY.

May started quietly enough, a few blues already in the hedges, violets, birds-eye, bluebells.

Red Campions
White Stitchwort

but then ..  my favourite display – the red,white and blue.  Red Campions, White Stitchwort  and the Bluebells                            – all mixed together!

No matter what I do the camera cannot capture the beauty of this brief time, usually about two weeks, rarely longer, often shorter, when these three plants are most noticeable all along our Cornish hedgerows.  All too soon the large umbilifers, like cow-parsley, and the ferns unfurl and take  over

Cow-Parsley takes over.


Unfurling fern









Other whites have come and gone – the pretty starry flowers of the Ramsons (wild garlic) are found in large patches in this area and even lining the lanes. I hear that they are valued in the restaurant kitchens of London … here they are abundant and free!


The other blooms that have come and gone is the apple blossom on the orchard trees, again it is brief, but the scent as you walk past a tree absolutely laden with blossom, as they were this year, is delicious!

Also in the hedgerow is this plant – known as Bastard Balm – not a common plant despite it’s name (Just means it isn’t the real balm by the way)


So that’s my cheer, Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue – colours of our May hedgerows.

And talking of Cheer – just to let all my FWT? cheerleaders know, I am now at 10st !! and my reward is a time of stabilising before I decide on the next goal! Thanks for all the cheering from the sidelines – the day by day notes will continue.

My Win a Kindle draw is still running – just  – though it really is the last chance for you to let your friends and family know, as of today there are only  99  places leftClick Here for all the details!

What do you like about the month of  May? I’d love to hear from you on your favourite signs of spring where-ever you are in the world!


6 thoughts on “HURRAH! For the RED, WHITE and BLUE!!

  1. I’ve been out and about alot walking, trying to shed a few pounds. Its beautiful right now and the smell of hawthorn and honeysuckle is just great! Well done with your weight loss!

  2. Those photos are exquisite. Last time I was in England it was April. Many flowers were in bloom, but not those. I guess next time I get back to your country I know I need to go in May. And congratulations on the weight loss.

    • Thank you so much Julie.
      Yes, the hedgerows in this area really are something.. and we can easily forget that it isn’t like this all over the country – as a new-moved-the-area neighbour mentioned just last month!

    • Thank you so much for your comments. Having looked up the flowers of the pacific northwest, they are good! I do think ours are a quintessentially British (or perhaps Cornish) show – pretty & unassuming!

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