Proof of the Pudding – and the Best Excuse …

Well they do say the  proof of the pudding is in the eating – and in this case the proof of the eating ( and not exercising) seems to be a pound and a half over three days. ‘What on earth is she rabbiting on about?’ you might say. However, if you’ve been following my journey to lose weight in ‘FatWomanThinning?’ you’ll understand, if not then all you need to know is on the FWT? drop down from the top bar.  Dear reader, it happened like this….

My excuse for this blog being really late ( as opposed to just late) is that I was on holiday in France (that’s the excuse for being late) but then, as we were about to return to dear old Blighty IT happened.

There we were, the husband, our friend Christine and me, waiting at the ferry port perfectly in time and we were told that there might not be a sailing after all. That ‘they’ were holding a meeting on board to decide if they were going on strike or not.

An hour later – and they had decided – they were going on strike and there was nothing else that Brittany Ferries could tell us about when we might get a crossing. Hearing another couple, who had merely come over from Cornwall for a couple of days special-offer holiday as foot-passengers, wonder what they would do and where they would stay – we invited them to come back with us to our place for the night.

Back in chez nous we rustled up some soup and sandwiches, opened a bottle and had a pleasant evening all in all. Next day, having used all the eggs up, I had to start the day with muesli – at least there was wholegrain in that – better than toasted french bread I figured. We called the ferry port but they knew nothing at that time, so we  had shopped and begun to prepare a lunch when, in response to a second phone call, we were told that the ferry would definitely not be running that day and, after a bit of  questioning, we were told that foot passengers would be bussed up to Cherbourg and taken across to Poole from there. The only problem being that we had to be back at the ferry port within two hours to check-in and our journey from house to port takes about an hour and a half!

Cue, hasty storing of half-cooked meal into freezer, gathering of belongings, beds left as they were, washing up left to drain and piling back into the car to get us up to the ferry port in time.

Coach from Roscoff to Cherbourg

Later, after a lunch of fish and chips, we climbed into a cramped coach and set off up to Cherbourg – a journey of about four and a half hours, plus a 25 minute break.  From the Cherbourg ferry terminal, where we were left by the coach, we were taken in groups of eight to various small hotels scattered around the town of Cherbourg and left to sort out our own meal for the evening.  Having been separated from our ‘new’ friends in this manner it was only the next day that we found that people were still being taken to their hotels as late as half past nine that evening.

 As for us, the hotel was two star,  pleasant, clean if a bit ‘retro’ (photos taken next morning) and by the ‘recommendation’ of the nearby brasserie being busy,  (as is usual – if a place is well patronised by the locals it is usually good in value and quality) we found a good place to eat and dined on Hache Bouef, Salad and chips. (FWT cheerleaders – are you seeing a pattern here?) 

After, for me, a sleepless night (the bed was hard and I find I cannot get comfortable if my curves are not accommodated by the slight softness of the bed, the husband says the bed was ‘perfect’ and he slept well, but then he doesn’t have curves!) we had a typical French breakfast with croissant, a large chunk of fresh baguette, confitures and tea, coffee or chocolate. The also had a sort of cornflakes on offer and  a crunchy whole grain cereal (like Jordans) with small pieces of chocolate in it.  Working on the basis of something wholegrain better than nothing wholegrain and knowing that whole grain keeps you feeling full longer and would be better than both the croissant and the baguette I went for a small amount of the wholegrain crunchy cereal and backed it up by the rather nice, flaky and buttery croissant.  Not exactly my FWT ‘fast egg’ that I usually have for breakfast!

I had this odd feeling that I should make sure I felt full as ‘I didn’t know when we would eat again’ (ridiculous, I know, but persistent all the same) – and this perhaps because we knew nothing about the crossing we would be on except that it was a ‘fast crossing to Poole’ and via Condor Ferries. I needn’t have worried. Condor Ferries were up to feeding us even on a fast crossing and with more passengers than they usually have (We had been joined by other Brittany Ferries passengers, some who had cars to go back to the UK in and other foot passengers too.) Dear FWT cheerleaders – I ate Fish and Chips – yes chips – again! Each time I was giving away a serious portion of my chips, but where I usually have no problem just eating six – I had this weird ‘need’ to eat more than just those! Hmmm !!

Coach from Poole to Plymouth

And what was worse – far, far worse. Was that I had been unable to do my exercises since Wednesday, as I had packed away my set of milk-bottle weights on Wednesday and was going to carry on as usual once home on Thursday – no problem. Now here I was, on the road, and ‘weights-less’ AND, And.. under this compulsion to eat that bit more ‘in case’.

Once we arrived in Poole it was off again in another coach and the three and half hour trip back down to Plymouth. Our ‘new’ friends had offered to drop us off at our home as they were travelling our way as they lived further down into Cornwall, so we were back by Saturday evening.

As my FWT cheerleaders will know Sunday morning is my weigh-in day. Not even time to get a day’s weights and normal eating in before the check up… and that’s what it told me, a pound and a half UP!

So, the proof of the pudding, they say, is in the eating.  And one, I ate far more than my usual carbohydrate amount over the two and a half days we were ‘on our way home’ and two, I was not doing my usual weights programme. Result – weight gain! The combination of too much carbohydrate and not doing the weights exercises was a gain – which proves that the method I have been using since January works!

Writing this (Monday) I am already feeling better.  I did Saturday’s sets of exercises on Sunday morning and then Sunday’s in the evening, I am back to my normal eating pattern, one that under usual circumstances is absolutely fine and never leaves me hungry, and already I am feeling less bloated. However, I am resisting using the scales – and will report as usual next Sunday!

I am still considering the strange effect that not knowing when or where we would be eating had upon my psyche. Logically, I knew we weren’t ever going to really go hungry – but there was a definitely ‘panic+eat while you can’ thing going on that was hard to resist. It also showed me that the food available on such journeys is not always of the highest nutritional value – even the salads on offer were not protein and green-stuff type salads but were pasta salads and so loaded with carbohydrates.

Have you ever been caught up in unexpected journeys? How did affect you? What was the worst bit for you? – do share I love to hear your comments


The weirdest thing …. PRIZE RE-DRAW

So this is the weirdest thing … the winner of the main prize has not contacted me back to give me an address to send the prize to. The draw was made on the 10th of July – it is now the 10th of September.

The winner drawn on the 10th of July was Deborah.Kennedy2@ …    This much information I placed on the blog and then sent an email to the full address, asking for her to send me an address to send the kindle to.

No reply.

I repeated this a number of times that week.

And the next.

Then I wondered if my blog address was getting sent to her spam bin – so I sent the message from two other personal addresses as well and, thinking that she may not have been entering the draw ( as perhaps ineligible by virtue of living outside the UK  – how can you tell just with an email address?) asked for any reply – and waited

No reply – and no notifications of being unable to deliver the email either.

I have done this regularly since, the last time Monday.

As you will have noticed I have placed an appeal to contact me before today on the end of each blog – and her email is still signed up to receive the blog … and I have posted appeals on Facebook and Twitter too.

However, at last we come to it.  All prizes must be claimed within two months of the draw taking place and so by virtue of not claiming deborah.kennedy2 has effectively refused the prize. And so today I visited again and put in the details and called for a random number!

The new Winner of the Kindle Draw is  No: 1675 – LindsayHuggins a Fb entry

Please contact me with your address to receive your prize.   I shall be contacting you directly with this request as well.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised – after all the National Lottery says that 68 million pounds is left unclaimed each year – that is an unbelievable amount – they can’t all be lost tickets. Even Premium Bonds who, like I did,  contact people directly, have 39 million in unclaimed prizes.

Have you ever found that you’d won a prize but forfeited it by not claiming on time? Or had a winning raffle ticket at a local event, but kept quiet about it because you didn’t want the only prize left?

Finally, an update for my wonderful FWT cheerleaders – results for the past week are another half a pound down! So I am now at 9st 9 and a half pounds (that’s a long way from the 12 st on Jan first!) Waist measurements have remained the same this week – so the weight must be coming off other places – like my thighs 🙂


Music While You Work….?

One of the things I hate about vacuuming is the noise it makes. Too much noise to hear music playing, which otherwise might make it bearable. (Yes, I’m sitting here blogging when I ought to be vacuuming the swathes of grass-cuttings that have been brought in and spread all over the carpet by our hairy-footed dog)

Who me? Ha Ha Ha!

And I know some of you are saying ‘just plug the music into your ears!’ – well,  it may be the shape of my ears – but I have yet to find earphones that are comfortable enough!

Whenever I am working on manual stuff I like to either have a Radio 4 programme on (Talk-radio for my US readers – and usually interesting stuff) or music from CDs, so it’s under my control and not disturbed by aimless, inane chatter (ooops is my age showing 😉 )

So if you walked into my kitchen you’d find radio 4 on, or if you came up to my slate workshop, you’d find it on there too most of the time.

But when I am writing my novels I MUST have music playing – but always the same CD.

I suspect it acts in two ways, one, as comfort blanket – I always know what’s coming up on the tracks, two, a block to ‘interesting’ outside noises that might distract me.. oh OK then, it works in THREE ways, three, it has such a range of tempos and styles that keep me awake, toe-tapping or swaying and seems to build a natural rhythm into my writing.

What is this marvellous album that works for me ?

Fleetwood Mac - TUSK

Click on picture to listen – it takes you to YouTube as for some reason it doesn’t want to embed into the blogpost this time.  If you don’t already know this album I hope you enjoy it – but don’t forget to come back to the blog and tell me!

What is your favourite Album? What kind of music works for you?  Why do you like it and when do you play it? Do share – I love to hear from you all.

For my FWT cheerleaders – down half a pound this week! Full details on the FWT dropdown!

Finally – today, the very last call for Deborah.Kennedy2@…..   please contact me back before 10/9/12 after which I must deem that you have refused the prize offered and make a re-draw.



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