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I decided it was about time I started a blog… after all I’ve been writing one in my head for ages.

I didn’t realise how tricky finding a title for my blog was going to be, I considered many pithy and wise sounding names, only to find others had the same idea before me. I considered a list, ‘my blog on writing novels, keeping chickens and goats, sand sculpting, body-boarding, slate-ware, belly-dancing , cake-decorating, poetry and life….’ Too long winded I thought, but that’s what its going to be about. My life and my passions within in it…. so welcome to

Ann Foweraker – Publishing my novels and other Passions


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  1. Hello Ann, I am a friend of your proof reader, Krissi. Thank you for letting me read your ‘Divining the Line’ which I enjoyed and was sad to have reached the last page, I wanted more.

    I understand you would welcome comments and a revue, I do have a few queries. which I hope to do in the next few days. Would you like it posted here or in an email?


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