Fox amongst the chickens!

I hate foxes! Until you see the decapitated bodies of your own hens strewn around the farmyard in the middle of the afternoon you could be forgiven for thinking them attractive creatures, but their wanton killing is not on, nor is coming in the afternoon, it’s not playing the game. If we’d left them out late, after dark, it would have been our fault, but the middle of the afternoon is not on!


2 thoughts on “Fox amongst the chickens!

    • I agree – but our hens free-range around a grassy ‘farmyard’ that would be impossible to fence as it has so many gates in and out of it and covers almost half an acre with its building inside the area. Truth is we’ve had (touch wood) very little fox predation in this area up until this date – but it only takes one cheeky fox to come in the middle of the day and we are wide-open! Ah! well, as my father says ‘keep livestock – you have to expect deaths’ but it still rankles eh?

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